Catching Up Chapter 5: Steamy Romance Chapter is Upon Us, Surely
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Kyoko, still laying on her wife’s lap, rotated her body and turned her head upwards to look at her face.

“Anyone ever say you look as sexy as you ever have?” Kyoko asked.

“Just you...”

“Good. I mean, good in the sense that I get to have you with no pangs of jealousy for anybody else pining you even if it’s petty to feel that way, not that it’s good nobody... compliments you...”

“Oh, I still get compliments,” Madoka said. “But the drunk-at-3 AM Danbooru commenters usually talk about how sexy I was back when I was a ‘teenaged loli goddess’ or whatever.”

“My Haruhi, you still look at your own tag on imageboards?” Kyoko asked “You’ve never told me that before.”

Madoka’s cheeks flushed red.

“I thought I was the only one,” Kyoko said.

“I... I can’t look away. It’s like a head-on collision between two oil tankers.”

“Or those scenes in John Carpenter’s The Thing where the alien is transforming and growing fleshy bits and stuff.”

“Yeah... that... Can you believe that, nearly a decade after our show and five years the movie, a majority of my hentai fanart is dudes putting their things inside me? In what possible universe am I heterosexual, or even bisexual for that matter?”

“I mean, The Rebellion only heavily implied my gayness,” Kyoko said. “But you? Damn I wish you could braid my hair like that.”

“Oh, do you want that? You’ve never asked before?”

“Not really, but it’d sure be sensual, wouldn’t it? With the glowing orbs of light floating up around us and stuff.”

“Oh, come on!”


“Sorry, it’s the show. One of the contestants just HAPPENED to steal a half-eaten pie off a busboy cart and toss it at her fake partner’s face. Totally staged.”

“I think it’s about time for this show to be over with,” Kyoko said while massaging Madoka’s thigh.

“Yeah, it should totally be cancelled.”


“Just kidding. Are you ready for some passionate lovemaking?”

“You bet I am! I’m as ready as a symbiote ready to latch onto someone and sap their energy, like Venom, from the Spider-Man Series!”

“Whatever that means, I’m ready for you to do that to me,” Madoka said. She tried to growl like a lioness, coming off more like a perturbed house cat.

“No furry stuff,” Kyoko said.

“That’s not what I-- dammit. Furries really do ruin everything.”

“Just about.”

Madoka pushed Kyoko off of her and made her sit up. They started kissing, like with tongue and stuff. They tried wrapping their arms around each other but in their current position on the couch that was a bit awkward and they had to move around a bit to make it work.

“Ah, yeah, a little over there, and-- oof.” Madoka accidentally smashed her hand on the TV remote, turning the volume way up and switching the channel to HBO, which has an upcoming season of the hit TV comedy/drama Ballers coming next month (AT&T pls sponsor this chapter)!

The channel was blaring. “ He's happy to see me. Every time. Every day. Now, I can either save him... or let him die.”

Kyoko saw the TV and her ears started twitching with curiosity. “Hey, this is Shape of Water, the Academy Award-winning romance movie by director Guillermo del Toro!”

Madoka turned the power off on the TV and tossed the remote aside. “Enough of this! Do me already!”

“But... that’s a pretty good movie,” Kyoko said. “Wait, that kinda counts as furry stuff too.”

Guillermo del Toro was absolutely insturmental in the development of Caribbean Rim and would surely be mentioned in Thedude3445’s acceptance speech for Best Comedy Series, Long-Form, at the 2019 Fan Fiction Awards, but he had no place in the love lives of these two Japanese women.

Not even on roleplay night.

Madoka and Kyoko continued to kiss, Madoka unbuttoning Kyoko’s top and locking her legs around her waist. She then slipped off her own T-shirt, the really comfy Hidamari Sketch one she usually wore to bed.

Kyoko really hoped one topless girl wasn’t enough to push the story into a Mature rating.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Madoka said in between kisses.

“What? It’s only been five days.”

“Shut up and ravish my body.”

Kyoko REALLY didn’t want to leave their really comfy T-rating spot.

But she was also incredibly aroused.

Buttons undone, she let her shirt fall to the floor. Madoka moved quickly to undo her bra from behind her back.

Kyoko kissed her on the neck. “I love you.”

Madoka let out a soft groan. “I love you too.”

Kyoko’s bra slipped off her back and onto the floor, synchronized perfectly with Madoka’s panties slipping down and hanging off of her left foot.

Then there was a rattling sound in the kitchen.

They froze.


Madoka wrapped herself up in a nearby blanket while Kyoko put back on her button-up shirt.

Yep, right in the kitchen was Makoto in her pajamas, holding a glass of water.

“Are you... okay?”

“I heard a loud sound from down here, so I went to check it out,” said Makoto. “Then I got thirsty.”

“You know there’s a sink upstairs if you need it...” Kyoko said.

“The kitchen tapwater tastes better than the bathroom tapwater.”

“They’re the exact same-- okay, honey. Let’s go to bed now so you can be ready for picture day tomorrow.”

“Wait, let me say goodnight to Kaasan.” Makoto went over to the couch and sat her glass of water on the coffee table. “Goodnight, Kaasan.”

“I love you, sweetie,” said Madoka. “Have a good night.”

“Give me a goodnight hug.”

“Uhh...” Madoka looked at the blanket wrapped around her naked body. “How about a goodnight kiss instead?”

Instantly, tears welled up in the girl’s eyes.

“Momma, Kaasan doesn’t love me!” Makoto yelled.

“That’s not true,” Madoka said. “That’s not--”


“Three goodnight kisses!” Madoka quickly moved in and pecked her daughter on the forehead and both cheeks. “Three! Isn’t that awesome?”

“Y..Yeah,” Makoto sniffled. And then, just as quickly, her demeanor shifted entirely. “Well, goodnight Moms.” She took her water and went back upstairs.

Kyoko approached the couch from behind, where Madoka let go of the blanket and pulled her underwear back on.

“That was mortifying,” Madoka said.

“Tell me about it.” She came over and sat back on the couch next to her.

“Can we settle for a shoulder massage?” Madoka asked, with a hint of bitterness in her voice.

“Will do...”

Kyoko turned the TV back on and flipped it to a different channel, where a new episode of Yuruyuri Season 11 was playing, and began rubbing her wife’s shoulders.

Another night in the Kaname household...