Do You Remember…? – Chapter 1: Shopping for Groceries, Holy Crap Why is It Always Slice of Life
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Kyoko was at the local grocery store. The name of the store was going to be an anime reference, but there didn’t seem to be any animes set in a grocery store for some reason, so this grocery store would remain nameless until a good enough joke came upon it.

Let’s see what they needed today...

You know, basically the entire previous story arc was about Kyoko’s reflections on how much her life had changed in the past fifteen years since she married into the Kaname Family [oops and then Madoka’s 30th Birthday Special was the same thing but more in tune with Madoka’s eccentric personality traits], so she was very reluctant to share this, but......... Somewhere along the lines, Kyoko had learned to love to cook. How weird?? She spent her entire life eating ravenously and stealing junk food out of convenience stores. Now that she had a family to support, though, she actually started to enjoy making food that took ingredients and preparation and care. It was a very inefficient use of her time-to-calories ratio, but having food that tasted not like garbage was.... actually nice.

So let’s look at that list of hers and see what she wanted to cook:

  • Eggs.
  • Addendum: Get Lots of Eggs
  • Sack of Onions
  • Sack of Potatos
  • Sack of Carrots
  • Sack of Cocoa
  • Curry Sauce Salt Block Things
  • Pork Cutlets (Katsu) But Bread It Yourself So Buy the Breading Too
  • Ume
  • Some Salmon
  • Extra Powerful-Brand Soy Sauce
  • Ya Probably Shoulda Gone to the Asian Grocery Store, I Bet You Didn’t Though, Did Ya
  • Yep, I Knew It. Ha, Future Self. Just Get Out and Drive the Extra Fifteen Minutes So You Can Actually Get All the Stuff You Want Without Having To Improvise and Explain that To Your Wife and Child Why You Are Using Tomatoes In Your Sushi Again
  • You’re Not Going To? Wow. Okay Then, Tomatoes
  • Tomato Paste
  • Spaghetti Noodles
  • Spaghetti Sauce, At This Point, You Lazy Hag

Wow, uh... Kyoko really didn’t remember writing any of this stuff. Or why it was all capitalized. She was, uh, starting to feel a little bit guilty about coming to this grocery store when she really could have just gone to H Mart and picked all the stuff up to make Katsu Curry. But yeah she was totally just going to improvise it, as she always did. It was cooler that way. To the tomatoes!


Why was there a life-sized Mr. Potato Head standing in the middle of the canned vegetable aisle? Was this one of those Monopoly tie-in giveaway things again?

No... this was different.

The Mr. Potato Head turned around and delighted at Kyoko’s presence. “Oh, hello there! Remember me? I’m from Toy Story , and your childhood favorite toy! Or, if you were a true patrician, you might remember my short-lived TV series on Fox Kids! Wanna come with me?”

“Uh... Huh? Hah?”

Mr. Potato Head smiled and his mustache fell off. “Whoopsie Daisy! Ha, remember how those slight defects in your toy made playing with it just a little bit more difficult than you would have liked? So many memories, Ah...”


Kyoko was starting to get really freaked out. She looked around to the other customers in the grocery store and realized none of them were moving. They were standing, staring, swirls coming out of their eyes, very vague smiles forming on the edges of their lips.


She started to step away towards the front entrance, when she saw two more figures enter the store. One was Bumblebee from Transformers, but the Gen 1 version that was still blocky and harder to get transformed. The other was Wacko the Animaniac. Wacko by himself, with Yakko and Dot nowhere to be found.

“Don’t you want to come with us?” Wacko said in his weird slightly-British accent.

Kyoko needed to run. And fast. Something was terribly wrong.