Do You Remember…? Chapter 3: It’s Not Quite Nostalgic, But…
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They reached Sayaka’s house a short time later, thinking that it was the best place to hide out and plan out the next move.

“Sayaka is probably asleep right now,” Madoka said. “On off days she usually passes out around ten in the morning, sometimes eleven, so if she’s awake now it means she’s either drunk or she got on an obsessive binge of reading Yuri mangas on Dynasty Reader.

“Man, I know exactly what you mean,” Kyoko said. “That site has so many good comics, and even though they’re all translated into English so it’s a bit inconvenient for a Japanese reader like me, I still love to go through the stories.”

“Have you ever read the story Wife and Wife ?” Madoka asked. “It’s about a contemporary lesbian couple in Japan living in a domestic partnership, a makeshift marriage, and the trials that come with moving in with your lover and making a new life together.”

“So it’s like our autobiography. Except that gay marriage is legal in Mexico because Mexico isn’t a shithole like Japan so we don’t have to have a makeshift marriage, just a real one.”

“Yeah, exactly,” Madoka said. “Have you ever gotten stuck on Dynasty Reader going through every single doujin for a couple you like?”

“Like NozoEli?”

“Exactly the one.”

“It’s a bit embarrassing. You’d think reading fluff-filled fan comics for hours on end would be a complete waste of time, and yet...”

“And yet...”

“Wait, what are we talking about again?”

“I forget. Let’s actually go in Sayaka’s house so we can plan on how to fight nostalgia.”

In all of this, Makoto was extremely confused about her mothers’ conversation.