Do you Remember…? – Chapter 5: Makoto Has Uncovered a Dark Secret. What Will She Do?
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Makoto was very confused about what was going on. Her mothers, Sayaka, and Asumaru were all sitting there staring at a blank TV screen, and none of them were smiling or talking or doing much of anything.

She tapped Asumaru on the shoulder a few times to try and get his attention but it didn't work. Usually she was able to make him do what she wanted by saying really mean and hurtful things to him, but she didn't want to do that with a bunch of moms around.

Not only did it not work, but Makoto was starting to get seriously bored, and she knew that the more bored she got, the more likely she was to start crying and pitching a temper tantrum, which would also get her in trouble.

"A-su-ma-ru..." she whined. "Come play with me. TV is boring."

"Makoto, don't you remember when we were kids?" Asumaru asked. "We watched Barney & Friends all the time. Wasn't Barney so silly? Not very educational at all."

"What are you talking about?" Makoto asked. "I'm confused..."

There was some banging against the front door. None of them answered because they were all fixated on the television set, but Makoto ventured over to take a peek at who might be entering. Hopefully it was Mrs. Momoe, because she really liked her. She was really fun.

But before Makoto could reach the door, it was kicked down by force. Several brightly colored, inexplicably happy figures emerged and began stumbling forward. She shrieked and cowered behind Kaasan.

Makoto, being a seven-year-old Japanese-Mexican girl, did not recognize any of these monstrous-looking beings advancing towards her, but an acute viewer would surely recognize them: among the group were Binya Binya the yellow monster dude from Gullah Gullah Island, Rotor from Sonic the Hedgehog, both of the SWAT Kats, C-3PO with rusty silver plating from Attack of the Clones, and Wario but with his deep German accent from the Nintendo 64 games. The group was large, and they were about to seize the five of them with ease.

"We'll take them, we'll keep them," Rotor said.

"They'll fetch a high price on the nostalgia market," said C-3PO, his classy British accent not appearing whatsoever and being replaced by that of a greasy used car salesman. "We oughta milk some more out of them first."

"No need," a voice from afar said.

"Yes, we much need," said the German Wario.

"You won't be taking them, or anyone else," the voice said. "Your reign of reminiscence-based terror has ended."

Just then, another figure crashed in from the window, someone Makoto didn't recognize at first either. She looked like a magical girl, though- she came complete with a black, white, and gray uniform, but she had her hair cut in a bob and had a shining red eye.

Wait... was this... Nope, Makoto had no idea.

Still, it looked like she meant business- she was currently wielding two machine guns.