Do You Remember…? – Chapter 6: The Cyber-Arrival of Our Cyber-Favorite Character
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Neoakemi Homura was here, and she was not going to let herself fail, not again.

As soon as the monstrous beasts realized that she had entered, they turned their gazes in unison towards her, and away from the ones held captive in this house by whatever magical spell this all way.

"I've gotten four cities cleaned out this afternoon alone," Neoakemi said. "You'd better say your last words now."

"We don't have last words," one said. "Our existences begin and end with memory, and memory is eternal."

"That's what they all say."

She fired her machine guns and obliterated about four of them, running her guns until they went dry.

Instead of reloading she simply cast them aside and pulled out her cyber weapons- a holographic disc and a translucent red bowcaster. She tossed the disc into the crowd of automaton evils, decapitating a Darkwing Duck and then exploding to destroy each of the Three Blind Mice from Shrek 1. She took care of the rest by firing her bowcaster at the remaining foes, killing most of them.

When they died, they left behind no remains, no blood or clothing or anything to ever signify their existence. Instead, they simply dissolved into atoms. This was how Neoakemi identified which were monsters and which were merely Furries. So far she had only killed six Furries today.

Now that they were all gone, Neoakemi could rest easy. She disappeared her cybernet weapons and took a deep breath.

The young girl with purple hair, the only one still not affixed to the blank television screen in the living room, looked at her with eyes of deep appreciation. "T-thank you, miss," she said.

Neoakemi wasn't good with children. She wasn't sure what to say... so she simply gave a small bow and prepared to leave-

Another one of these creatures landed right in front of her, in between the girl and herself. He was a cyborg ninja, holding a katana backwards in his hand and crouching a little bit.

"Name's Frank Jaegar," he said. "Gray Fox."


"I'm from Metal Gear Solid. Remember me? I bet you've always wanted to spar with me. I'm so cool that you put poster of me up on your wall when you were a kid. You drew fanart of me and Snake kissing. Come on, wanna fight?"

Neoakemi raised a holographic pistol to his head. "No."


He, too, dissolved instantly.

Neoakemi then shot the television set, breaking its screen, and bowed to the purple-haired girl again. Her eyes were sparkling.