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[How many deaths would it take for us to live a happy life?]


Unwilling to live, my first life ended in a suicide.


After seeing her execution, the image of her pale skin and wavy black hair was tainted with blood that lingered upon my dreams. At that time, I couldn’t do anything. Nothing at all but watch. For a few days I couldn’t eat, sleep, or even breathe without thinking of her, sometimes I would hear her voice whisper my name into my ears— “Lucas!”. In the end I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t handle a world without Beatrice in it— because she was the only one I had, the only one I could keep living for, and now she’s gone. So after a few weeks after her death, I hanged myself in my room.

But instead of seeing heaven or hell— I was greeted by a familiar voice

"Hey- are you even listening? Lucas stop daydreaming!"

I saw my beloved lady again.