Chapter 1
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Was this god’s will?

Again, I have seen my master get killed. The image of her pale skin and wavy black hair haunted my dreams.


Seeing Beatrice’s dead body lying on the floor reminded me of a doll that was abandoned by its owner. Maybe she was a doll- for most of her life, her sole purpose was to get her father’s appreciation— for her father to even look her way. But all of her efforts were futile, at the end of the day, her sister was the one who got all of the love. Her sister- Iris Clarilel, was considered the ‘pride’ of the family.

Perhaps her sister was favored because of her looks. After all, to the outsiders- her silver hair, pure white skin, and her natural pink blush was ideal for a noble family. Or maybe because she got better grades and had more skills than her. Regardless of the reason, it was an indisputable fact that most people thought that Beatrice was a disgrace compared to her sister. But she didn’t care about them- the strong lady I’ve always known  ignored the rumors around her and worked hard to appease her father.


And now, her own father ordered for her to be killed.


How ironic. For my master who has worked endless of hours to appease her father, and then dying by his orders.

 Maybe she wanted this? No— of course not, but on that day, she was at her limit. Dropping poison on her sister’s tea and then soon getting caught a few days after.

= = = = = = =

“I beg of you spare my life!”


Those were the last words for my master in my first life. However, even with her cries of agony, her father did not hold a single trace of sympathy towards her, and just simply looked down at her tear-stained face with his cold eyes, bearing no emotion at all.


“Kill her now”


After those 3 words, my master who I was in love with lost her life.

At first, I couldn’t do anything without thinking of her, and since I was her personal butler, Caspian Clarilel- the master of the house and the father of Beatrice and Iris, reappointed me as the personal butler of her sister. I was disgusted. I felt like I had betrayed my old master by working for the sister she had hated. But I couldn’t do anything. Nothing at all. So, at the peak of my despair, I, who couldn’t live without Beatrice— hanged myself during a stormy night.


But instead of seeing heaven or hell— I was greeted by a familiar voice


“Hey- are you even listening to me? Lucas stop daydreaming!”

Ah. It was my precious lady.

Suddenly, tears started to roll down my cheeks while I softly muttered her name.


Making a worried expression, she asked-

“Huh? What’s wrong? Did I say anything that hurt you?”


“My lady, I missed you”

My kind lady who did not have a clue what was going on, simply said-

“I missed you too”

= = = = = = 

[Beatrice Clarilel POV]


…odd, very odd.


This situation is very odd.

My red-haired butler, who would rarely show a trace of emotion, is now crying in front of me. But I don’t know why. Is it something I said?

All of the sudden, while crying, his murky brown eyes stared at me

“My lady, I missed you”

My lady? Usually he’d call me by my first name when we’re alone? And why is he suddenly saying this?  

“I missed you too”

Agh- I blurted that out, and I can't believe I said those embarrasing words... Well, it is a fitting answer right? (even though I have no idea why he's acting like this). However, after I replied to him, he had the sweetest smile on his face, and then shortly after, I felt my face getting flushed.

... ...I guess I can continue saying those embarrassing words if he's happy

This is my first story so please go easy on me. Also, if my grammar is wrong in some sentences, please tell me!