Chapter 2: How we met
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[7 years ago]

“Lucas, Don’t cry”

She smiled softly as her hands gradually grasps mine.

“I’m sorry for being such a failure of a mother”

My mother sacrificed everything for me. She would look after me when I was sick, and when we lacked food- she would sacrifice her own meal to feed me. However, the more effort she took to take care of me, the more she’d ignore her own health. It was hard for a single mother to care for her child’s health and her own, especially given that we lived in the slums. My mother would pick up bits of trash that would seem useful to give us some money to get by if she sold them. The money she would get by selling in a day was barely enough for one person to eat. Sometimes she wouldn’t even get a single penny, and she also couldn’t get a job due to her shabby looking appearance. Thinking about it now, that lifestyle was horrible, but back then, I didn't think much of it and was grateful to have such a selfless mother by my side.


During those days I wanted to tell her- that she was never a failure, that she did her best to raise me on her own. But alas, I was too late, she had already passed.

On that day onwards, I tried my best to live accordingly in the slums on my own. My luck soon faded as I was caught stealing bread from a bakery in the main street. The storeowner caught me red handed and started to beat me up. Nobody bothered to stop him because I was a child.

 A child from the slums. A child that didn’t even have a last name.


That afternoon, I was left to die on the side of the street. Until my lady came.


“Poor you…”


My eyes slowly opened to see where that voice came from- a petite black-haired girl my age, who wore frilly and expensive-looking clothes, stood before me.


Is she a noble? But why would a noble girl like her speak to me? Or even notice me?

“Do you want to come with me? I can aid you with a doctor if you like”

She stretched out her hand, directing it to me. I had no other choice to take it, because I knew I’d die without her help.


That strange girl ordered her attendant to carry me to the mansion and then to the guest room. The helpers around the mansion started whispering to each other. I woke up to the sight of a white ceiling and the tender voice of the girl.


“Oh good you’re awake!”

Her eyes glistened while she stared at me

“While you were asleep, I talked to my parents if you can stay here for a while- they said yes!” 


“Well to be more detailed, after I argued with them for an hour, my mother finally gave in and convinced my father”

That spoiled brat had a proud looking grin on her face and made that decision herself.

“…I don’t want to stay here”

Softly muttering those words, she looked at me with wide eyes.

“And why do you even want me here? A rich person like you would have no need for me”

And to my surprise, instead of being angry, she looked at me with a soft smile

“I won’t tell you my exact reason- but when I saw you like that on the street, I did feel a bit of sympathy for you… However, if you have someone waiting for you, I won’t force you to stay”


Someone waiting for me… no one was waiting for me. After all, the only person that cared about me before was gone. If I go back now, will I live a comfortable life?


“Ah I forgot to tell you! There’s one catch- even though my mother managed to convince my father, he said that you’ll need to do chores around the house if you want to stay” 

Chores? That’s no problem, I needed to help out with my mother a lot during my time in the slums, I doubt it’ll be hard.

“So, are you going to stay?”

She looked at me with her dark eyes, expecting an answer.


“…I’ll stay”


Staying here is better than going back to that hellhole. Even though I had a hint of guilt in my heart leaving my house that I was raised in for years, I knew If I go back, I don’t know If I could manage to live.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you my name- my name is Beatrice, the eldest daughter of the Clarilel family. Nice to meet you!”

The Clarilel Family? Aren’t they one of the high-ranking noble family’s in this kingdom? She’s the eldest daughter of such a high-ranking family and yet she’s talking to me so comfortably. What a weird girl.  

Shortly after her introduction, she beamed a bright smile to me while waiting for my response

“I-Im Lucas… Nice to meet you too”


And that was my first formal introduction to Beatrice.