Chapter 4
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[3rd Life]


At the start of this life, I was shocked. I killed myself two times in a row, yet I still happened to open my eyes to the exact scene in the start of my last life.

Last night, I planned how I was going to save Beatrice.

I spent some hours thinking of a solution to help Beatrice. At first, I was thinking of doing the same thing I did before, the only difference is that I would be visiting her during the night so I could stop her from getting poisoned. Then I realized how hard it’ll be to go past the guards at night, it’s also very suspicious if I went to Beatrice’s room when it’s midnight. I also thought of trying to get medicine beforehand, but unfortunately, I would need to get permission from Caspian— it’s very odd for a personal butler of one of his daughters to have to go out. The food, medicine, and the usual necessities are normally handled by the other servants. I have no excuse to go outside so I doubt he’d let me.

Another idea was to stop Beatrice from going to the tea party. However, how can I- a mere servant, stop my master from going to a tea party with her own sister? It’s not like I can go up to her and say, “You can’t have tea with your sister because I don’t want you to poison her”. And even if I did successfully stop her from going to the tea party, how will I be sure to stop her in the future?

As I was brainstorming these ideas, my eyelids started getting heavy. I soon fell asleep that night.


[Tea party]

“Lucas, could you do me a favor? I want to have tea with my sister in private, would you mind leaving us?”

This is the third time I’ve heard Beatrice saying that.

How should I reply?

Last time, I refused- which made the tea party be cancelled, and then afterwards Beatrice gets poisoned. But if I leave, she would poison her sister, and later get caught and then die by her father’s orders.

… So whatever I say now, it’s going to lead to a bad ending huh?

My main objective here is to save Beatrice from getting killed. But how? How can I help her?

Lost on what to do, I suddenly heard her soft voice enter my ear.

“…Lucas? You look a bit pale, are you okay?”

She looked at me with a worried expression

“I’m fine my lady- I will leave now.”

Not knowing how to reply, I blurted that out.

As I left the garden, my hands started shaking. I felt my legs becoming weaker whilst my heart gradually started to beat faster and faster. What do I do? Now that I left, my lady will poison her sister and will soon die. My heart cried out in pain as I imagined her dead body again.

How can I help her? I clenched my fists harder as my nails started digging in my skin. I slowly felt a sharp pain and realized that blood was trickling down my fingers. I opened my hand and looked at the blood. It reminded me of Beatrice’s blood from the first time I saw her die. Her pale skin stained with dark red still haunts me.

Suddenly, I remembered my real objective.

[Stop Beatrice from getting killed.]

…Even if Iris gets poisoned, it doesn’t mean that Beatrice immediately dies.

There’s no doubt Iris will probably die. I don’t really care about her though. The real worry is Beatrice. How can I stop her from dying?

Then it struck me—

…What if I help her? What if I help Beatrice cover for her sister’s death?

It’s hard but it certainly isn’t impossible. And this is the only thing I’ve got- If I don’t do anything, my lady will meet her end again.

Around 2 days after Iris gets poisoned, there was a witness who claimed that she saw Beatrice putting in an unknown liquid in her sister’s tea. Caspian then started an investigation and soon learnt that she had poisoned her.  Naturally, he was furious, and tried to appoint an execution for Beatrice. It was odd for a father to try and call an execution for his own daughter, so he disowned her a day before.

The other nobles whispered to each other about the Clarilel Family. Unsurprisingly, they were all talking about how horrible Beatrice was and how she deserved it.

Disgusting nobles. They didn’t even know her personally and yet they were acting so haughty when she died.


There was an apparent witness that had claimed to see Beatrice adding some liquid into her sister’s drink. But who was that witness?

I walked back into the garden avoiding the area where Beatrice and Iris were in. I peeped around the big bushes with colorful flowers.

After around ten minutes of searching, my eyes looked around the garden one last time, expecting to see someone. However, to my surprise no one was there.

…What? That can’t be possible. I distinctly remember Caspian saying that there was someone who witnessed them in the garden. And I couldn’t have missed anyone- I searched each and every corner of this place …unless the witness already saw it before I checked.

Was I too late?

At that moment, my body rushed to the tea party. I stared at Beatrice and noticed that Iris was a bit pale.

Blood drained from my head as I clenched my hands in a fist.

…I was too late

Suddenly, Beatrice looked at me dumbfounded

“Why are you here?”

I didn’t answer.

“Lucas why are you here? I ordered you to leave us.”

She gazed at me with dismay

“M-my lady, I need to speak to you.”

My hands started trembling when I spoke those words

“…Okay. Iris can I leave you for a moment?”

“It’s fine big sister. However, I don’t feel so well- may I head back to my room?”

As Beatrice said goodbye to her sister, I glimpsed at her face. She had a lonely yet bitter look on her face while staring at Iris. She clenched her hands with great force as she saw her leave.

After Iris left, she had an expressionless face as she turned to me.

“What is it Lucas?”

Her cold eyes stared at me while heavy air fell upon us.

Even though I was nervous, I knew that I needed to tell her.

“I know you poisoned her.”

As I spoke those words, she looked at me with a shaken expression while gritting her teeth anxiously.

After I said that, there was an air of silence engulfed around us. I was the first to break that silence.

“I won’t tell anyone”

Her black eyes opened wide while I held a tiny smile to her.


Her lips trembled as her face flushed with a hint of red.

Anyone could see that she was panicked right now. She was biting her bottom lip as she tried to suppress her tears. Her body started shaking as her bleak eyes met mine.

“I poisoned her! I poisoned my own sister!

…yet why—?”

Tears raced down her ashen cheeks as her voice cracked.

“I want to help you”

As soon as I said those words, her body trembled.

“Help me? You want to help such an awful human being?”

She started choking at her sobs while her tears stained her face. I gently put my hand against her soft cheeks.

“You're not an awful human being”

I calmly looked at her

“Lucas stop— Stop lying!

…please stop”

She tried to look away with her weeping face

“Beatrice look at me.”

As I touched her cheeks, I calmly directed her face near mine, our foreheads almost touching.

“If you were such a bad person, I wouldn’t be wanting to help you right now”

I cracked a small smile.

“Trust me.”

Her tears continued to fall as she gripped onto my shirt.

While she cried out in agony, numerous thoughts wandered in my head.

(I want to be here for her. I don’t want to leave her like this. I’ll help you, trust me.)

Beatrice I promise, I will never give up on you. No matter how tough it gets, I’m always here.

I realized my first 2 chapters are really short, sorry about that.