Chapter 1: Death?
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Sylphy a women of 31 is living just another day coming back from work when she found a strange hole opening up under her.

when she awoke she found herself in a strange place of metal that looked man made but also natural as if caused by some mistake.

'I thought I was dead.' She thought as she started inspecting her surroundings. 'Where am I?'

She slowly stood up; realizing she felt a lot lighter she frowned 'how long was I unconscious?'

Sylphy was at a healthy weight for her age while maintaining regular exercise, so when she's light enough to feel the difference she can only worry for her health.

She couldn't do anything about that where she was so she started wondering around. She looked at the walls with curiosity because of the lack of any obvious exit.

'Who...?' She found an especially reflective looking area of wall and saw a beautiful girl of around 11-12 years of age with shoulder length white hair that glowed and ethereal light blue that made the hair look like it was almost silver in color with two long and pointed ears poking out, eyes were like lapis lazuli in color, finishing off with the skin that was jade white without fault. She wore a white lab coat with lolita  style clothing that looked like they were styled off yukata, with white lilies embroidered onto them with black as a main color and blue and silver accents, that went until an inch above the knee, as well as black stocking running out of white high heels all the way till an inch above the knee catching up with the skirt of the yukata like clothing

'What...?!' She was prompted to look down to confirm what she saw in the reflection but what greeted her betrayed all of her expectations.She saw nothing but a haze that resembled a human body. It was white in color and if she tried she could move it outside of normal human movement. she was able to make it look like she had more or less appendages than normal and she could even spread it out to be like a mist surrounding the place she was in.

'AAAAAAAHHHH!!!' She felt an unimaginable pain surge through her as she tried to spread the mist to the wall she saw on the other side of the room she was in, as if she was being torn apart while no obvious sign of damage could be seen. Needless to say she pulled herself back together rather quickly.

Sylphy turned back to the reflective looking wall to see the back of the girl she saw earlier. The girl looked like they were writing something out of view. After a while the girl turned back around with some sort of crystal that radiated the same ethereal light as her hair.

"Seems you're active. I'm sure you may have many questions but as you may have notice you have no mouth, so don't worry about anything and relax. once all tests are done we will answer your questions as much as allowed."

After the voice, that seemed to be coming from the girl, stopped she felt an increasing sense of fear. *BANG* *ROOAAARR* after the sound of a piece of metal hitting metal a roar like some large animal.

As she turned she saw something that should have stayed in the zoo. It was a lion with pitch black fur, or rather it also had the large wings that were black with intricate patterns of white swirls.

'Is that the fabled griffin?' She thought until the the girl in the wall spoke again.

"This is our creation; it's a hybrid between a Wind eagle and a Nemean Lion. You will be contracting this beast to materialize. To do so just send some of yourself into the beast and concentrate on forming a connection. Good luck!"

'well that's as foreboding as the four horsemen' As she thought this Sylphy went to send a part of the mist into the beast's maw.

'AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!' Just as it entered the beast she felt like her mind was being dipped in acid. She tried her best to concentrate on the so called "connection" the girl talked about but the more she concentrated on it the worse the pain was.

"AAAHHH-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" A voice finally came from Sylphy after hours of pain. A voice that seemed to scream out all the pain she endured through making the contract. Sylphy passed out after letting the voice that could only be called a cry cursing the world out in it's entirety.

First story outside of necessity (school,etc.) hope it turned out as well as i thought. also if you ever see something that needs fixing thanks in advance (horrible with commas and such always have been)