[Arc 0] Chapter 1: Raiding the Office!
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After traveling through a damn long and dusty corridor after entering the door, I arrived at what appears to be someone's office. 

"Appears" is because this place looks like a mix of some Italian renaissance artist and a library. Tons of bookshelves filled to the brim are spread around the place, with some strange-looking statues. Alien statues?

The thing I like is the fancy desk in the middle of the room. It looks like something a billionaire would own. Kinda want one myself. If I had an office. But that super-fancy computer is a different story!

Give-me, give-me, give-me, NOT! Bet that thing's impossible to access anyway. I'll stick to these books... why's there dust in Heaven? I tried to blow it away, only to find out I lack lunges as a ghost. Awkward...

Hmm... the books are no good. I tried to read some of them after brushing away the dust, but whatever language this is supposed to be, it sure ain't from Earth. Maybe this world is the afterlife-kinda thing for multiple worlds? Like, all guys that die in every world gets sent here, then redistributed to another world?

There has to be some readable paper around here.

Alien language, no. Next.

Hieroglyphs, won't work. Next.

Binary code, close. Next.

Isekai-lish, have no clue. Next.

Hey, English! Yeah! But, ugh! Physics?! This is the worst of them all! Next.

Next. Next. Next. Next...


Nothing. 26,321 books, documents, and papers, and nothing that could help me. NOTHING!!

What's the point in shouting? It won't get me anywhere... but it helps me relieve my stress. AAAARGGGHHH!!

Okay, I'm done. But seriously, this joint has no related info on the subject of reincarnation. What the hell must a ghost do to get some service around here? A translator would work.

I guess I have to try out the computer after all. It will only lead to thousands of alarms calling in those guards from before, which will lead to me getting thrown into the depths of hell.

Let's see, where's the start button... ooh. Touch-screen keyboard!


... No alarms. Heck, this thing was just in sleep mode!

This place's security... Nah, I won't say anything. That joke's gotten too old already.


I've fiddled with the machine for a while, and to my surprise, I can understand what's written here! It's not that the symbols here are something I recognize, but I still get what they are trying to tell me.

Even so, the only program this bucket of bits has is some kinda character creation program. You know, like the one you use to make a character for an MMORPG. 

Quite the funny little thing, but not helpful with my revival-plans. Tsk.


Hmm? My feet(?) kicked something. That was the plan, but I was aiming for the underside of the desk.

This is... a stack of documents? Who stores their documents underneath their desk? 

Let's see, one, two... four stables of docs. What are these things-!? I can understand what's written on these! Do these work under the same principle as the computer?

One of them has a post-it note on it. I hope it can light up the situation here.


Get those race-requests done before the next millennia, or you can kiss your pension goodbye!

Love Ria-chan.♡

... That was weird. And what's this about race-requests?

I looked at one of the docs on the stable to see what was going on.

... So that's what it was. All these papers are requests for different races. The owner of this room, this "Skvalv" guy, must have been some sort of godly designer or something.

The papers said that the races were for some other world with high levels of aether... whatever that is. Due to that, the gods there needed to make some sort of World System, which is something like adding game-elements to reality. Stuff like levels, skills, classes, even evolutions!

The last part's the important stuff here. The "Skvalv" guy needed to design several new species that people, and monsters, could evolve to when they reached certain levels and other stuff. Thing is, he never got started. All the papers are untouched. So are the memory banks of the designer program. 

... Well, I got nothing else to do, so why not? I've always wanted to create my own, original character.

Let's see. This first request is... a humanoid demon with high fighting abilities? It says something about "required attributes and traits", but what are those? Ah, there's info about them in the designer program. Thank you, help button.

First, attributes. In the world these races are gonna be used on, species, items, and even skills can have an elemental attribute of either fire, water, wind, earth, light, darkness, ice, metal, life, death, order, and chaos.

Also, there are combination attributes that take two-to-three of the base attributes I just mentioned and create a new attribute of them both. Like "Fire" plus "Earth" equals "Magma", or "Water" plus "Wind" becomes "Mist".

"Order" and "Chaos" aren't used on their own. They are only used in combination attributes that are essentially other states of the base attributes. "Wind" and "Order" becomes "Air", like oxygen, but if you swap "Order" with "Chaos", you get the "Storm" attribute. So, "Order" is static, while "Chaos" is dynamic. 

It's also written about something called, the Karma Value. It detects whenever people act orderly, or chaotic, and respectively increases and decreases the Karma Value between -200 and +200. Someone with a high positive Karma Value will have more proficiency with combination attributes that include the Order attribute. Negative value's for the Chaos attributes.

One combination attribute is exempt from this rule, and that's the Heretic attribute, which is a combination of both Order, and Chaos. It says here that this attribute is related to the damage of souls... damage of souls?! What are you telling to a soul-only ghost?!

Anyway, that's the deal with attributes. Over to traits.

These guys tell what kinda creature the thing in question is. For example, humans have the "Humanoid" trait, while dwarfs also have that, plus the "Short Size" trait. 

Traits have special bonuses related to "status growth", as the information calls it. The "Humanoid" trait I just mentioned has a trait that increases the growth of "classes", while the "Short Size" trait of the dwarfs reduces the growth of speed, but increases the growth of vitality and strength, whatever that's supposed to mean.

Back to the request, this one wants a... Darkness attribute monster with the following traits: Humanoid, Arch Demon, Lewd Demon, and Deathbringer?

I sure don't wanna meet something like that in a dark alley.

Still, this "Lewd Demon" thing... ain't that a succubus? It can also be an incubus. So, a race that's related to those, but someone that leans more on R-18G instead of only R-18?

Hmm, thing is, "Lewd Demon" restricts the race to one gender... if I let it be male, succuss won't be able to evolve to it, and the opposite is true for incubuses.

Isn't there something to fit both races... oh? It's possible to have that race's gender be something else than just male and female? Tell me about that first then! Both genderless and hermaphrodite are possible... then our only choice is the latter one then!

Alright, moving on to the race's average body measurements... since it's a Lewd Demon and all, shouldn't their proportions be on the more lecherous side? Then...

Crap! I almost forgot about the whole "Deathbringer" thing! Let's see, a creature with this trait gains immunity to miasma and gains more experience through kills... I thought it was only possible to get EXP through killing. 

I should prioritize this trait over the Lewd Demon. If the one who sent the request had both this and Lewd Demon on the same race, then they probably want something capable of doing both parts. 

Someone with "mature" charm, and still an exceptional murderer... an assassin? Like how they can use a honey trap? I did make the race more feminine than anything after all... 

Let's go with that. The "Arch Demon" trait gives a boost in black magic, so this will be an assassin race that can also use curses to kill the target? Sweet! Something like that's right up my alley!

Then, I need to make this race's average measurements alluring, but still nimble. I'll make it so that their muscles don't show as well, to trick the target. Then there's selecting possible hair and skin colors. As for the attributes, this one needs the Darkness attribute, and since both succubus and incubus both have it, why not Heretic attribute as well? 

Mhm. A good result if I have to say it myself. It's up to the one who delivered the request to add skills and potential more traits to this thing, that is if they ever get to see it. 

All that remains is a short description of the race, then the name... something like "hell" since it's a demon? Or, something related to the underworld? It is a Deathbringer after all.

Hmm... Hades? Nah, too overused.

Something related to assassins? No, I like the idea of having it related to the underworld better.

Then, instead of the more mainstream religion, how about one of the less known ones? We have Mayan, Indian, African, Mesopotamian...

Kur. Kur Kigal. 

That's this race's name. I don't know why, but the sound of it just sits well with me.

After adding the name and description to the character page of that race, I saved it and started on the next request sheet.

 A fish-type series that's possible to live in the wasteland? In that case...


I'm on a roll now! Time to finish this last one! And-


Argh! Pop-up! I hate them! Wait, how's a pop-up possible when this machine only has the designer program on it?

Let me save first. And... done. Now there will be some happy zombie dragons on that world. What was that thing from before?

? A mail?

To: The insolent, trespassing whelp.

From: Alvatria, Ultimate Goddess of Darkness.