[Arc 0] Chapter 2: Character Creation
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Hello, you shameless little soul in the office of one of my subordinate gods.

My name is Alvatria. One of the rulers of Terra Sol, the world that those races you have designed are going to be used on.

Alright, I'm in trouble. But how did she know I was here?

Friendly advice: never uses a computer without checking if it's got cloud save or not.

Wow, she's good. I mean, crap, this is bad!

Do not be alarmed. The trash-talking is just me following the Evil Goddess 101.

Oh, phew... what was that about "evil"?

Moving on, I was the one who received those designs for the new races to be added to the Terra Sol World System. And I love them! Especially the first one. It struck my heartstrings right there and then. 

So, I have a suggestion: will you be reincarnated to the world of Terra Sol as my subordinate?

What is she talking about?

The thing is, on Terra Sol, there are twelve really bad pieces of news. Like, bad enough to destroy all of Terra Sol. They came to birth due to some minor programming faults with the World System, the power that grants skills and evolutions if you don't remember, and they are kinda impossible for even us to get rid of, without, you know, destroying all of Terra Sol.

That's counterproductive, alright.

So, when we first got to know about these Ultimate Disasters (we named them such since they have the same numbers and represent the same attributes as us, the twelve Ultimate Gods of Terra Sol), we informed the mortals about those monsters.

Still, that wasn't enough, as one of these Disasters showed itself during a war between two nations, and almost destroyed them both! Then, one of my colleagues, Qulux (urgh) came with the idea to grant several individuals there on the battlefield a blessing from us Ultimate Gods.

The idea worked, and the Disaster was defeated. After that, we decided to call these fellows "the Champions of the Ultimate Gods". But here's the kicker: not all the gods granted powers to people.

The problem is that there are not many people that can accept our blessings. Putting it bluntly, we Ultimate Gods are too clumsy to grant small amounts of power. Forcing someone unfit for the blessing would lead to them blowing up like a pinata with a stick of dynamite in it. Just gorier.

You don't need to describe it.

So, we other gods, except the Wind, Light, Metal, and Water gods, started to look for people that could accept our blessings without being blown sky-high, but the last one in question now is poor little me!

There was this one guy that had some potential, but he refused! Can you believe it!?

So, I thought of another idea: If no one can accept my powers, why not build one from scratch?

Say what now? And why's this goddess so weak to group-pressure?

But before I could do that, I needed the all-important content, meaning a soul and mind, that could pull out the stunt of being my Champion. I mean, even if I made a creature right now, it would still be a baby, right?

And I haven't the time to wait for it to grow up. Together with the decision of creating the Champions of the Ultimate Gods, we also decided to have a bet: which Champion could prove themselves to be the best of them all?

The rules are simple: the Champions are gonna prove their worth, not only against the Disasters but against any kind of peril on Terra Sol. The other eleven Ultimate gods are going to judge their performance, and if the Champion does well, one of the other Gods are going to grant that Champion a special blessing, which is practically an add-on to the one they already have, so they won't explode to many tiny bits.

When a Champion has collected the blessings from every other Ultimate Gods, the God in charge of that Champion has won the bet and obtains the right to customize a special Dreadnought-class Dungeon that we are planning on setting loose on Terra Sol after their attribute!

So, it's some kinda status thing? Honor and all that?

I get why she's got no time to waste though... But couldn't she just refuse to give a blessing?

The worst part is, I can't refuse to give the blessings! I've already given one blessing to the Champions of both the Death God and the Chaos God!

Ah, so she can't.

Therefore, I need a soul that has matured to a reasonable level. You, who lost your memories when you crashed on your head, for then dying because you broke your neck right after that, are perfect for that job! Also, I like your work with the character-charts of the new races.

... Hey, why does she know that? Don't tell me...

Besides, unless you know some other gods, there's no way for you to reincarnate anywhere with your sense of self intact. Accepting my proposal your best bet here.

Tsk. She's right.

Anyway, do you wish to accept this deal?


The last part of the message must be acting as buttons.

However, despite my doubts, I've got no other choice here. Just as she said, she's my only hope of getting a new life, even if she's shady as heck... Fine. Yes.

Half a second after I pushed the button came the so-called evil goddess's answer. Did she wait all the time, or would the message automatically pop up when I pushed the button? I'm not sure if I wanna know what would happen if I said no.

What does she write back?

Excellent! Here is the info about the races I've handpicked for you to reincarnate to. They were all monster races, but there was no one else that I could temper with to withstand my blessing. 

Information about the blessing, such as its abilities and skills, is also included.

As a bonus, Champions have their unique item! In your case, it will be a special grimoire that holds information about all the stuff on Terra Sol, so read that if you're in doubt.

Oh, and one final thing, about your initial skills.

Initial skills?

After being born, people can gain 5 skills free of charge. What these skills are is decided by their actions until they have received them all. A kid that trains with the sword in their childhood will get the [Swordsmanship] skill, for example.

You, however, can pick 10 skills of your choice as your initial skills. This means that you won't get any random skills due to a random action you do. You can also pick them later on Terra Sol, but I recommend that you take up the [Identification] skill at once, no matter what race you chose. That one can be used to see the target's status and information from the World System.

Also, you can even select a high-tier skill, meaning a skill that's rarer, and more powerful, than other skills that your everyday chump owns! It's limited to those of the Darkness, Death, and Chaos attributes, and combination attributes that include those three, and those that are only available through evolving other skills are not part of the deal either. 

Hmm, ignoring the limitations, doesn't this mean I can obtain high-ranking skills right away? Cool!

P.S: I've locked all the races to the female gender, 'cause I want it, and you will start with an adult body, 'cause I hate to wait. Please thank me.


Who would thank you for that?! Besides, it's "do not thank me"!

I like the fact that I can skip going goo-goo-ga-ga, but that's not enough to compensate for this treatment of my rights as a man!!

Anyway, I expect great things from you. Get entangled in as much trouble as much as possible.

Do not disappoint me.

Don't give me that! Urgh. Better a life as a girl than no life at all..., I think.

And thinking about it, she never said she would punish me either, despite this

Now that's out of the way, what are my options here? Clicking on this link, will...

Available Starter Races:
  • Dusk Bat
    • A normal bat with a little more aether in it than others. 
    • It comes with flight and a power-up when exposed to the moonlight.
    • The bad news is that they take damage from the sun even as a bat.
    • Take this if you want to become a Vampire or Werebat in the future.
  • Lesser Zombie
    • The lowest of the low zombies that you can find.
    • While having many weaknesses to fire, light, and holy, people aren't hunting this one down as actively as other Undeads, unless it's the one who issued the challenge. Mostly because of the stench, and that it gives almost no EXP. Slaying a simple rat would be more productive.
    • Undeads don't need to eat or sleep, but some do it anyway as a hobby. This is true even for this weakling zombie here.
    • Take this if you want to live your new life as an undead. Future normal evolutions are Zombie, High Zombie, and Living Dead.
  • Lesser Fiend Goblin
    • The weakest of the monstrous goblins.
    • These guys can only work well when they're cooperating, so being alone is the same as a death sentence. 
    • I only added this one because it was so weak it could survive the machinations needed for it to survive the blessing.
    • It evolves into the regular Fiend Goblin, then it can take a class to become a kind of Worker Goblin.
    • But seriously, I don't recommend it.
  • Grey Demon
    • Something that escaped from some guy's nightmare.
    • A mix-up of different aether that has converged and resulted in this literal freak of nature.
    • It can learn Monster Skills from any species, but after you've picked one, you have to stay on the same route as the creatures that already have those skills.
    • Other than that, it's tragically fragile, to the point it's not even funny. That, and it looks like something that came crawling out of a nightmare.
    • The evolution of the Grey Demon is determined by the skills it obtains, as it does not have a natural evolution like the three from before. And due to its traits, it can only evolve into a demon species.

Hmm, the best bet here would be the bat... but wouldn't that mean I would have to live my life as a gender-bended Dracula... or would Carmilla be more right? Still sounds kinda cool.

The zombie... ain't that bad. Other people would doubt my sanity for picking an undead as my new race in my new life, but it's a freaking undead! Still, the massive weakness and smell that comes with it are killing my will to take it.

The gob's just out. It's way too weak. When something's so weak, they can survive stuff that other, higher-ranked species can't, then they're so weak, it's not even funny. I'm not planning on spending my life with fighting adventurers as a day job anyway.

Then, it was this guy. The demon. To be honest, most of the explanation didn't give me much info, except that I can turn into whatever demonic monster I want after becoming one. Is there more info about them?

Name: Grey Demon
Rank: G-
Type: Demon (Monster)
Lifespan: 200 Years
Attribute: none
Traits: Lesser Demon, Empty Demon Vessel

A Grey Demon consists of a deformed piece of semi-fluid, grey flesh ball as the trunk of its body.

It has four spider-legs that end in deformed talon-shaped claws.

The face of the Grey Demon consists of two, coal-like eyes and a mouth filled with fangs.


The Grey Demon is a particular type of demon, created when many random types of aether merge. In other words, the Grey Demon is the leftover of several types of monsters. Due to their instability as a demon, the Grey Demons are extremely frail.

Due to its nature, the Grey Demon is said to be a vessel of the grudges of the dead monsters. 

True to those words, the most promising feature of the Grey Demon race is that all individuals of this race have some sort of Monster Skill. Another common point is that all Grey Demons seem to focus on one "style" of Monster Skills, having researchers believe the Grey Demon's selection of available skills gets reduced each time this demon obtains such a skill.

There was! And it comes with a picture of it as well. Except for the mouth and eyes, it looked kinda cool. But I don't wanna meet it on a dark, lonely night. Heck, not even if it was in the middle of the day, and I had the whole American army behind my back as support.

Hmm, there's something about traits along with the explanation. Can I see... I can see the info about them too!

Trait: Lesser Demon
  • Increases the difficulty in obtaining positive Karma Value: [Small]
  • Decreases the difficulty in obtaining negative Karma Value: [Small]
  • Increased Holy attribute damage: *4
Trait: Empty Demon Vessel
  • Inheritable trait
  • Negating Holy- and Curse attribute damage increase due to traits
  • Eased acquisition of Monster Skills
  • Demon species evolution only

... This one's... probably the best till now. I mean, all of the choices have some sort of weakness, but the Grey Demon negates one of its greatest weaknesses.

When I worked with the documents before, I learned that creatures ranked G all evolve when they reach Lv.10, so even if this species' weak, it's only a temporary weakness at best. 

The bad news, except for the race's fragility, is that Karma Value thing, but that's probably just 'cause demons are like that from the beginning. That I can't become anything other than demons are kinda frustrating, but hey. No increase in Holy- and Curse attribute damage is worth it. Wonder why Curse is included?

Even so, I've learned a little about these skills by designing all those races from before, and I can conclude that obtaining Monster Skills is way more difficult than the other types of skills. You can't obtain them as an initial skill for example, except when you're of a species that has the skill normally.

Speaking of which, this thing's got an inborn skill attached to it. It will take up one of the slots for the initial skills, so let's see if it's worth it.

Skill: Magic Sight
Skill Type: Perception Skill
Attribute: none
  • A Magic Eye skill that visualizes magic power.
    • Attributes are divided by color.
    • The denser the color, the higher the magic power.

?! Magic Eye skill!! Oh, this thing's worth just went to the roof! 

But seriously, this skill is somewhat useful. With this thing, I can see how strong the other guys are... or is it limited to magicians only? Can't I get a better explanation, please?

Anyway, I need to see what this thing here does before I decided on anything at all here.

Blessing: Champion of Alvatria
  • Darkness attribute enhancement: [Huge]
  • Darkness attribute resistance: [Huge]
  • Darkness attribute growth: [Max]
  • Doubled Skill Point gain.
  • Potential Starting Item pack obtained when evolving.
Skills obtained:
  • [Darkness Element Lv.1]
  • [Darkness Reinforcement Lv.1]
  • [Darkness Resistance Lv.1]
  • [Aura of Darkness Lv.1]
  • [Debuff Reinforcement Lv.1]
  • [Identification Lv.1]
  • [Language Adaption]

What's with this? Darkness, darkness, and darkness! And those abilities, ain't them broken? Heck, the growth boost ability is at level "Max" instead of "Huge"!

And ain't Skill Points the stuff you use to get skills normally? I get them double as fast as others? The item pack sounds more like a present for a well-done evolution than anything. Don't tell me that all Champions get these privileges? 

A quick right-click festival later, and the seven skills of mysteries were solved in a blink! The Element skill works like the inborn attribute in giving a boost to skills of the same attribute, the Reinforcement- and Resistance skills are just like on the paper, and [Language Adaption] is just like it says on the fine print. Good.

The real golden eggs were these guys though:

Skill: Aura of Darkness
Skill Type: Active Skill
Attribute: Darkness
  • Inflicts Darkness attribute damage to targets except for the skill holder.
  • Temporarily reduces the target's status values by the amount of exposure of the aura generated by the skill.
  • Applies Status Ailments: Poison, Curse, Weakness.
  • The probability of inflicting Status Ailments increases with each skill level.
    • The skill also includes the skill levels of other skills that applies Poison, Curse, Weakness.
Skill: Identification
Skill Type: Perception Skill
Attribute: none
  • Allows access to the World System's database to obtain information about the target.
    • The amount of available information is determined by the skill level.

[Aura of Darkness] is wicked! Everyone can guess what the Poison ailment does. The Curse ailment does the same as Poison, only that it works on MP instead of HP, and some stats get reduced as well. Weakness also reduces stats. And all this on top of the reduction from the Aura itself? Oh yeah! I think this is going to be my favorite skill.

[Identification] is your everyday appraisal skill. I'm so gonna get this up to a high level!


Alright. I've decided now. This is my new race and skills that I plan on reincarnation to:

Name: Garami
Race: Grey Demon
Initial Skills:
  1. Inborn - [Magic Sight Lv.1]
  2. [Stealth Lv.1]
  3. [Camouflage Lv.1]
  4. [Auto-Mapping Lv.1]
  5. [Heretic Immunity Lv.1]
  6. Undecided
  7. Undecided
  8. Undecided
  9. Undecided
  10. Undecided

All Undecided initial skills can be selected on Terra Sol at any time.

Final Confirmation:

Are you sure that you want to use this race and skills?


I've used a long time to think about them, so my answer is obvious.

The bat was tempting, with flight and all, but the demon race has a much wider variety in species to evolve to. I just have to endure 10 levels looking like a Lovecraftian monster, then I'm free to take any evolution I want!

As for the skills, since I don't know what monster skills are available for me down there, I decided to focus on stealth while figuring the rest of my skills... "on-ground", if I have to call it that. The [Stealth] skill that improves one's ability to hide one's presence is obvious, but the appearance-changing [Camouflage] is also important for hiding. 

[Auto-Mapping], which records the places you've been on a special mental map, is also useful right at the beginning. Then what about [Heretic Immunity]? I got damn scared of that attribute when I read about it previously. It's fine to have one skill for my own pleasure you know!

As for my name, it's based on a certain female character from a manga I remember reading about. A damn awesome one as well. If I have to live my life as a woman, then I wanna be at least half as awesome as her. That, and it's also to please that goddess. "Garami" means entanglement after all...

Jokes aside, I've postponed this for too long now. Time for my new life to start!