[Arc 0] Epilogue: The Frivolous Goddess
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Realm of the Ultimate Gods: Celestial World, Nibiru

A floating island located in Terra Sol's stratosphere. With 590,200 square kilometers, this island is the record-holder amongst the Celestial Island with the largest landmass.

Located on the island was a massive palace, one worthy of the gods. It is where the Ultimate Gods, rulers over Terra Sol, spent their lives whenever they decided to visit the plane of the mortals. 

In one of the incredible gardens inside the palace, underneath one of the great trees there, laid a young girl. With straight black hair and pale skin, neatly dressed in a modern sweater and skirt, playing around with what appeared to be a portable game console, people would think she was a high-school student taking a break under the tree.

They could not be more wrong.

"Alvatria. Your 'Champion', was successfully reincarnated." 

The one who just talked was a Caucasian woman in her early thirties, dressed in a white business suit. However, just like her partner, this appearance was a hoax.

They were two of the twelve Ultimate Gods. The teenager-looking girl was the goddess of Darkness, Alvatria, and the sixth born Ultimate God. The woman in the business suit was Order, the Ultimate Goddess of Order, and the eleventh born of them.

"Thank you, little sister, but I already knew." - Alvatria

"Do not call me that. Why do you even have your Avatar to look like that?" - Order

The Avatar is a special power of the Ultimate Gods that allows them to gain a body that they can use to walk around on Terra Sol.

"Why not? It's cute." - Alvatria

"And when did something like you care about being 'cute'? Besides, what happened to the rules that the only Avatars we could make were those of the races we are patron gods for?" - Order

Along with their respective attributes, the Ultimate Gods each governed a race of their own, with the gods of Order and Chaos ruling over respectively the humanoids and monster that was left. As the human race was one of those, Order had the appearance of a normal human, which begs the question about Alvatria, the patron goddess of demons, would look like one.

"That is for me to know, and you to find out." - Alvatria

"Always the show-off. Anyway, your girl was sent to that place out of anywhere she could have been sent off to. Is that alright? Won't she get killed before even debuting to the rest of the world?" - Order

"She's got a late start, so if she can't take care of that snake-in-the-sand, then she's not worth my sponsorship." - Alvatria

Order made a face as if having swallowed something bitter, but she kept her mouth shut and left. Alvatria ignored her younger sibling's reaction and turned her attention on the game console again.

The words "Connection Lost" flashed in red letters on the screen. Seeing that, the goddess smiled a wicked smile, anticipation showing on her face.