[Arc 1] Prologue: Beginning in the Dark
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Uuuuhhh... where am I?

It's pitch black... and my body feels weird... ah!

The reincarnation! But why can't I see anything? I know that I should have eyes at least. 

Let me get a sec to think. Why's there so dark here? If I rule out the possibility of my eyes failing me, then the most likely answer is... it's a pitch-black place without any lights...

Then that would answer my first question as well. Thinking about it, all those choices I got for my reincarnation were all monsters. No wonder I got reincarnated in a dark... cave? Dungeon? The ground feels like it's made of rock, so I'll stick to "cave" for now. 

... I need that skill, don't I? Fiiiine. I just needed to think about it, then...

Initial Skills selection:

Numbers of initial Skill slots remaining: 5

Search for Skills:[]

Available Skills:

That was easy. I just need to describe what kinda Skill I want, then this thing fill list up the skills I want! This would be awesome to misuse to get more info about every skill out there, but sadly, I HAVE to pick one of the available skills, if anyone pops up.

Therefore, let's make this request as easy to understand as possible. "I want a skill that lets me see in the dark". There.

Initial Skills selection:

Numbers of initial Skill slots remaining: 5

Search for Skills: [I want a skill that lets me see in the dark]

Available Skills:

  • [Night Vision Lv.1]
    • Ability to see in the dark. 
  • [Vibration Sense Lv.1]
    • Ability to feel vibrations in the air and the earth. 

And there it is. The text in the hologram window that appeared is in a language that I don't remember having seen before, but thanks to that [Language Adaption] skill, I can read it without any trouble. Or any other language in that case. I still need to remember learning this world's letters if I want others to understand what I write.

And FYI, the hologram is only visible to me. It doesn't even light up the cave. Tsk.

Back to the point, I've got two options available here. I expected to see the first one, but [Vibration Sense]? That sounds good for someone that's lost their eyes or never had them in the beginning...


Giyyaaa! My feet touched something! Oh wait, it's just a book... what's a book doing here? 

Wait... ain't this the grimoire that the goddess talked about? It came here along with me...

Then doesn't it mean that I have no other choice but to take [Night Vision]? The other skill sounds cool and all, but it won't be of any use for reading a book. No other choice then.


Acquired skill: [Night Vision Lv.1]

Ugh... don't look at it as a wasted free skill... 

Cheapskate mindset aside, my surroundings have become more visible. Still, it's only to the point of the whole place is lit up by a weak candle. And it feels like I'm watching at some images taken from an old-fashioned black-white camera. A bad-quality one to boot.

It's better than before I got the skill though. And I can see much farther than I thought I would. Maybe the skill level only dictates how well you can see, and not the distance? Then my eyesight must be pretty good already. 

Not that there is too much to look at. I'm inside a small cave, or maybe it's a dead-end inside a cave? There's nothing special inside here, except for me, and the book right beside me. This must be... 

Good thing I got [Identification] for just this type of situation. 

Item Type:


Not helpful! 

As the skill didn't do any good, I tried opening the book to take a look... Not working. The problem ain't the book though.

It's me. When I tried to open the book, I lost my balance and tumbled down. Turns out that this body needs all the limbs to stay standing. Not to mention that my "hands" ain't the best to turn pages.

I managed to do it after some tries while laying on the floor and looked over the first page, which explained the book itself.

I see, so it's called the "Kigal-Note". That goddess said she liked my designs, but to think it went to this extent...

Oh well. Nothing I can do about that. I tried out that trick that the book told me about, and it suddenly turned to black smog and entered the body.

Any problems with the foreign object entering the system? Nope, all green. 

Jokes aside, I need to get outta here. Or, at least find me something to eat. I've just been born, despite my body being that of an adult, not that I know the difference for this race. Thinking about it...


Grey Demon

Tsk, no luck.


After exiting the dead-end cave, I entered a massive cave that housed an underground lake. 

I used the [Stealth] skill, or, I kept on thinking "have [Stealth] active!" the whole time, since I had no way to figure out if it worked or not. Because the stupid [Investigation] doesn't show skills! I need to fix that once I get the chance.

Back to the present. Remember that I said that I could only see in black and white due to the faulty [Night Vision]? Well, the lake's blue. Like, glowing blue. Don't tell me the lake's radioactive!? Or, is radioactive radiation blue at all?

Whatever it is, I'm staying away from this lake. It may be a natural piece of beauty, but I don't care. I'm probably looking too freaky as it is, and I don't want to increase the freakishness level. 

Besides, the lake's not the only thing glowing here. On the roof of the cave's tons of wriggling lights. Like there were tons of illuminating caterpillars crawling up there. If it was possible to glow black. 

All these strange colors must be because of that [Magic Sight] skill. Unfortunately, that's bad news for me.

Why? Because those lights on the roof look like vengeful ghosts! Have you seen a ghost picture before? These guys look like the ghosts on those pictures!

Wait a sec. If the lights are due to the skill, which lets me see strong magic in the form of equal strong light, then this lake...

Where's the exit out of this hell-difficulty stage? There it is.


Kigal-Note: Introduction

The Kigal-Note

The Kigal-Note is the Unique Item of the Champion of Alvatria. It is named after a certain demon race that the goddess has a liking to.

It is a grimoire that takes the shape of a black notebook with a lilac strap and lock. The book can change in size according to the wishes of its owner.


The Kigal-Note can be used to read up on every subject, item, and species on Terra Sol. Simply asking the grimoire will have it automatically find the page you seek.

It is also impermeable to any kind of damage, as it turns itself into an aether form to escape damage. It can be stored inside the body of the Champion by using the aether form. 

The book can also store living creatures into it, and then use whatever abilities those creatures may have, for a payment of the owner's MP. 

Some creatures may resist the absorption, as the effect requires the MP from the owner. If the creature is too strong, then the owner's MP may not be enough.

Alvatria's comment: "Well, all the Unique Items have some whacked-up effect after all."