[Arc 3] Extra Chapter 1: An Impossible Opponent (R-18)
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This Extra Chapter is solely for R-18 fanservice. Skipping it will not create a hole in the story.


Ahh... the bed's so sooooft...

"Good work today. Was General Damrung that stressful to deal with?" asked Mira, who had entered my bedroom along with me.

The room's damn fancy, even without me doing anything special redecoration, sans for changing the sheets, duvets, and pillows with my handmade ones. There's a large, king-sized bed, a closet so big that a Cave Scorpion could fit there, and a bunch of fancy furniture that seems like they would cost a few thousand Sols for each.

"More like tiresome. The invasion lasted for a whole day!" - Garami

"Ah, that part." - Mira

We took some breaks, but that damn Odin-wannabe managed to watch the whole thing from the beginning to the end, without even taking a toilet break! All of the Ten Generals are monsters... and I know that I'm included there. We're just cut out for different tasks.

"Anyway~, Garami~" - Mira

"You're only getting one try tomorrow." - Garami

"...We're doing it again?" - Mira

"If you wanna make people believe you're against it, then try to sound more displeased as a start." - Garami

Mira looked grumpy for a second till she quickly changed to a naughty grin.

"What~? You think I have nothing against selling my body for more tries with Random Creation~?" - Mira

"I don't, and that's a fact! Lately, I feel like a reverse rape victim, you sexually frustrated Sprite!" - Garami

"Then what? You want a handicap or something?" - Mira

That's an idea I can live with.

I created some threads and handcuffed Mira with them while dragging her down onto the bed. Mira looked confused for a moment, before starting to act like some sorta tragic heroine... I've never seen more obvious crocodile tears. 

I kissed Mira's lips, intertwining my tongue with hers while fondling her large breasts. Mira returned the favor and kissed back as fiercely as she could in her bound state. After seeing her enthusiasm, I removed her bikini, revealing her big assets. 

Being the one in charge for once, I felt that more foreplay would spoil the fun, so I removed my own clothes and used the skill that had proven to be most enjoyable during these sessions: [Demonic Alteration (Humanoid)]. A body-shaping power, that while being limited to humanoid forms only, has nothing against different genders.

"You demons are real cheats. Getting to enjoy the pleasure of sex in any ways possible," complained Mira as she stared down the dick that had appeared on me. It's fully erect and probably bigger than anything I had in my previous life, not that I remember. The size has been steadily increasing due to Mira's requests in the previous nights, so much that it's safe to say that she really grew up in a country of demons.

As I placed the penis in front of her mouth, Mira wasted no time in starting kissing its tip, for then hungrily licking the shaft. After giving her a few seconds of this, I forced myself into her mouth, stopping only when it looked like she was starting to choke, then I started to fuck her mouth while Mira sucked it with such force that I was starting to wonder why she always took the lead the previous times. She's so more for being on the receiving end!

Then, after a few five-minutes of this, I couldn't hold it in. I shoved my dick even further into her mouth, so much that her throat must be bulging by now, and released a current of hot cum into her. And we're not talking about amounts a regular human can manage. Yeah, demons are cheaters. 

Mira gulped loudly down the cum, trying to get as much down as possible, but even then, a large amount escaped outta her mouth and drenched her lips. After the worst load had finished, I pulled out my dick and released the last rounds onto her face and chest, before putting the tip back into her mouth to let her suck out the last bits.

Mira's eyes rolled up in an ahoge-face, but that didn't stop her from swallowing my cum like a wanderer in the desert finally arriving at an oasis. Just how far does her greed reach...?

With the first round done, I moved down to Mira's nether regions, which had turned dank due to her heavy climax. I slowly forced my dick into her vagina, a little at a time, enjoying the tightness that shouldn't have been possible by how wild the latest nights had been. As I reached her cervix, Mira gave a slight shiver of pleasure, and her vagina started to tighten even further.

"What's up? Done already?" asked Mira, with a slutty- and mocking voice.

I didn't say anything back and started to thrust into her pussy, forcing more and more moans outta the slutty Sprite until she started to grasp my hips with her legs, trying to force me even further into her. After a good 10 minutes, I came again, releasing enough sperm into Mira's womb to cause her belly to inflate a little. On queue, Mira's orgasm came, clenching her pussy even more as she tried to milk out even more cum outta my cock.

After I had finished dumping my load and tried to take out my cock, Mira grabbed my waist with her legs and forced it back in. If that's how you wanna play...

I made some new threads and attached them to the handcuffs and the roof, forcing Mira's body into the air. Then, I started the second round... or is it the third now? 

 I fucked Mira so hard that all the cum that was in her pussy leaked out during the thrusts. Mira, for her part, shook her hips while forcing more strength into her leg-lock, not giving me a single chance to get a moment to rest. A shorter while than the second round and I was already at my limit, forcing myself so far in that I half-way penetrated even her cervix and released my cum straight into it. 

After that... well..., my switch flipped? I pushed her down and fucked her in a mating press, strung her up to take her from behind, released her hands so she could give me a boobjob... and I took it all a tad too much...


M-my stamina...

"Ahh, that was refreshing~. We should let you lead more often~." - Mira

"S-sure... my pleasure..." - Garami

"Oh, and about tomorrow's Random Creation~..." - Mira

"...Three rounds." - Garami

"Ehh~? After Garami almost losing my mind back there~?" - Mira

Just what is she talking about? She's completely a-okay! How're you even able to stand after that!? 

"...Then five." - Garami

"Tch. Well, there's the damage from those intruders, so I'll be fair and let you go with that~. Give me a call when you want another round~." - Mira

So said Mira, after casting Cleaning on her body and leaving the room. 

...maybe I'll take a week free from "nightly activities". Getting more "enlightened" after this will be deadly for me, demon or not. Crap..., no good..., *Collapse!*, zzzzzz...

Kigal-Note/Active Skills: [Charm]

Skill: Charm
Skill Type: Active Skill
Skill Tier: 1
Attribute: None
  • Adds a small increase to charming the target when used.
  • Small chance to inflict the Charm-ailment on a target when used.


[Charm] is a basic skill that increases the natural charm a being has to allure the target to do the skill user's bidding. 

As this is simply a type of suggestion rather than brainwashing, the skill's effect may not always work in the way the skill user had predicted. Also, the natural beauty of the skill user, plus the "tastes" of the target(s), plays a big part in whenever this skill can inflict the Charm-ailment or not.

The above-mentioned fact leads to only people with confidence in their beauty and charms to take this skill. Succubi and Incubi are obvious examples, but many small animal-type monsters may have this skill, which they use to create a "cute"-based charm, rather than the demons' lust-based ones.

An interesting fact is that this skill only gains proficiency when the increased portion of the user's charm is responsible for the skill's second effect to work. Meaning that people with an incredible appeal will have more trouble in gaining proficiency with this skill than others.

Mira's comment: That's strange~. I can never get to increase the level of this skill~.