[Arc 3] Chapter 10: Crafty Conquest
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Ahh, the forest is so calming to look at. Beautiful trees, delicious air, leaves dancing in the wind, combatants training with boulders on their back...

I shouldn't have let Damrung use the fourth floor to "retrain" the goons that tried to invade the Dungeon two days ago. It's ruining the scenery big time!

"Garami! Concentrate!" - Alf

Yes, yes~. Let me have a moment of escapism now and then.

"Ehem, let's get back to business. Meaning, combining the information gathered during the many scouting trips." - Alf

Well, this had to come sooner than later. I looked at the map over the desert-region, with a white Queen- and Pawn piece placed close to each other-, hey, wait! Why's the first Dungeon the Queen!? Are you picking a fight with me?

"The result is... we're surrounded from all directions except for the east." - Alf

Surrounded? What's that supposed to mean?

Iron started to place black chess-pieces around the board. One on each cardinal direction of the Pawn-piece, the second Dungeon, plus one more south of the first Dungeon...

"Wow, we're splendidly surrounded~." - Garami

I can't do anything but laugh at this horrible situation. Rather, it's damn impressive that we managed to ignore these guys and go to the werewolf-ruins.

Alf gave me the documents with the collected info about the five enemy Dungeons. Please let them be pushovers...

  1. Volcano Dungeon (found by Iron)
    • Location: East of the second Dungeon.
    • A huge mountain that spews smoke. No lava was detected outside.
    • Flare Lizards have been spotted.
    • Subordinates-rank is likely at least D, going by the existence of the D-ranked Flare Lizards.
    • No info regarding Dungeon Level.
    • Strange shadows have been seen at the top of the volcano.
  2. Cave Dungeon (found by Alf)
    • Location: West of the second Dungeon/North of the first Dungeon.
    • A lonesome cave. Looks the same as our Dungeon.
    • Many different snake-type monsters were found. Mostly Sand attribute snakes.
    • Subordinates-rank is believed to be high. However, due to the lack of any races that specializes in certain status-values, it's assumed that the Strength-, Mystic-, and Movement stats are low.
    • Dungeon Level is unknown. Presumably 1, due to the snake's low level.
  3. Bamboo Dungeon (found by Mira)
    • Location: South of the first Dungeon.
    • A bamboo forest in the middle of the desert(?).
    • Many Dungeon Goblins and Automatas have been spotted. They were all armed with strong items.
    • It's believed that both the Strength- and Treasure-stats are high due to the quality of the weapons.
    • The Dungeon Core has been located on the ground floor, making this a Level 1 Dungeon.
    • Strange smoke has been seen close to the Dungeon Core's location.
  4. Lake Dungeon (found by Mira)
    • Location: South of the second Dungeon/East of the first Dungeon.
    • A gigantic lake with various paths made of solid rock. Looks similar to the third floor of the first Dungeon.
    • No monsters located. Probably underwater.
    • The Dungeon Core has been located in the middle of the lake, inside a fancy building on that island.
  5. Temple Dungeon (found by Noire)
    • Location: North of the second Dungeon.
    • A massive temple. 
    • Several mummies have been seen walking around the temple grounds. For some reason, they're not affected by the sun.
    • Beast-type creatures are also been seen. Mostly canines, or more precisely, jackals.
    • From watching the monsters, the Subordinate-stat is probably high. Same with the Mystic-stat.
    • The Dungeon Core is yet to be seen. The Dungeon Level is therefore unknown. Likely to be above 1.

Yikes. What a mess to be in the middle of...

"Hey, isn't this kind of bad?" asked Noire, the last of us four in the Mansion's strategy room. 

"It's not 'kind of', it IS bad." - Alf

True that. And if my theory is correct, then the Dungeons with status values at D-rank or higher will have a special ability.

The werewolf probably had one, a "power-up within the Dungeon domain"-kind. That would explain the stupid-power of his, and why he waited until we arrived at the building that concealed the Dungeon Core, instead of facing us head-on. It must have come from either Strength or Mobility, but I'm betting on Strength.

My own Dungeon has the Facility-stat at D, and that allows me to customize the Dungeon even when people not related to the Dungeon is inside it, as long as they don't have hostile intents. Plus, "that" thing.

And as a finisher, the highest "natural" status value a Dungeon can start with is E, making it all more possible for the D-rank to be connected to something special. I told this to the others.

"Then, we should snuff these lovely neighbors out before they can grow to the point where they can amass D-rank stats?" - Noire

"Pretty much. We gotta squash them like ants." - Garami

"You girls are damn scary!" - Alf

"More importantly, what are our plans?" - Iron

Alf gave Iron a wordless smack with the harisen we got from one of Mira's failed draws. Hmm, a plan...

"Then, how about this:" - Garami


Mira's PoV

Out to the desert, we go~!

"H-how can you stay so happy while walking in this natural oven?" - Lily

"You have to keep your tension high~!" - Mira

"That's not answering my question at all!" - Lily

Tch, this junior is pretty snappy... and fashionable, now that I get a good look at her.

The Chimera-girl is wearing a dark-red vest on top of a black t-shirt and short pants. It's an outfit that focuses heavily on easy movement. Even so, she's got some fancy accessories like a fang-earring and a tribal necklace. She gives a "wild"-image, so to say.

Speaking of wild, her appearance, in general, is the same. She's got long, dark-brown hair that she's tied into a braid at the end, striking orange eyes, and she's having a bull-like horn and a reptilian tail. That's a chimera for you...

"This may come outta the blue, but what are your thoughts about Garami?" - Mira

"That's really outta the blue!" - Lily

Well.., that's 'cause...

"But, if you have to ask... she's cool. As in, incredibly cool! She's got the Assassin class AND Necromancer! And she's got those severing threads, can control poison like she's an Esper, and she commands dragons of darkness! Dragons! Of! Darkness!! And-" - Lily

...Now I get why Chimeras are being used as the animal to represent the Ultimate God of Chaos.

"Then, what is Mira's relationship with leader Garami?" - Lily

She's being called "leader"...

"What, you say... partners? Yes, partners for life." - Mira

"FOR LIFE!?" - Lily

"Why the horrified reaction?" - Mira

"I'm going to protect Leader's purity... rather! Her wallet!" - Lily

Garami's got no purity left to protect...

"What are you talking about? And put away those claws. And fangs. And the horn." - Mira

"Y-y-y-y-you a-a-a-are o-o-offering y-y-y-your b-b-b-body t-t-t-to t-t-trick l-l-l-lea-" - Lily

"Ah, that? That's just to give Garami a reason for using Random Creation. She seemed interested in it herself, and the monsters are just added to the Dungeon's workforce, so it's not like I'm tricking her or something." - Mira

I mean, most of my draws end up in monsters, meaning they're losses for me...

"Th-th-then, y-y-you-" - Lily

"As for the other part, it's to train up Garami. What if someone with those intentions appeared one day? Despite looking aloof all day, Garami's got quite the perverted mind." - Mira

"...Is that the real reason?" - Lily

"Well, it's 95% because I enjoyed it more than I had thought I would. Compared to those three times I was short on money... but that's a different story. Forget I said anything." - Mira

"...Miss Mira, do you fancy girls more than men?" - Lily

"Well... I've got nothing against either pretty boys and cute girls~." - Mira

"So, is that the reason why you joined with Garami?" - Lily

Her face is turning more and more into someone looking at some useless person, this rude Chimera.

"Not exactly. Well, it's partly the reason, along with that I thought she could help me earn some easy money and good food." - Mira

"...Hedonist-Sprite." - Lily

Don't tell that to anyone, please. 

"Anyway, the main reason is that she looked so lonely, alright?" - Mira

"Lonely?" - Lily

"Yes. From what I heard, the closest thing she had to a friend was a bird that was planning on going back home to a Celestial continent, a place demons have trouble living at. And then there's Alf and Noire, who were practically borrowed by the organization. Garami had no one she could borrow their shoulder from. A feeling I'm well experienced with." - Mira

"...And that's why you wanted to help leader?" - Lily

"Hmm... not a 100% like that. Maybe it was more like love at first sight?" - Mira

"Love? Now you're taking things too far..." - Lily

"No, I'm serious at that point. Or maybe 'soulmates' is a better word for it? There was a spark I can't explain so well with words, but there was definitely something I felt back then." - Mira

I'm just true to my other desires alongside that feeling. Even if I'm keeping a small secret here and there, but Garami's doing the same, so we're square. It's nothing important to her anyway. So stop staring at me while looking like a tomato.

"Not that I'm unwilling to share. So, wanna join~?" - Mira

"Wha-!? N-n-n-n-n-n-!" - Lily

Tch~. Just joking. While it would be enjoyable, I rather keep things like it is at the moment. Garami seems stressed by managing the Dungeon lately, so putting more on her shoulders...

*Thug, thug*

"Boss, we got a problem, ~ssu." 

Ah, the goblin-guy. He got stuck on my search-party and evolved, so I dragged him along this time as well.

"Your story got the waterwork of the others' working ~ssu." - Goblin

Huh? Wait, why're the rest of the group crying!? We're in the desert so save your body fluids! Especially when we're about to crash a Dungeon!

"...Huh? One, two... we're missing one." - Mira

My party, consisting of the Dungeon Goblin Rogue, the first Dark Elf Garami created, a Grotto Scorpion (evolved from the Cave Scorpion), an Ushi-Oni, and a Greater Demonia Bat, are all present. Lily's party should be made of two Cave Scorpions, a Lesser Fiend, a Zerbreus, and...

"Where did that samurai-spider walk off to!?" - Mira

"Over there, ~ssu." - Goblin

Over that hill? Just you wait, you damn......

"Hey, that thing over there," I started, after seeing the spectacle behind the dune, "isn't that the E-ranked Sandworm monster?"

The Goblin and Chimera-girl joined me on the top of the dune and paled when they saw the horrible remains of the chopped-up Sandworm. No, isn't it closer to mince-meat by now? I have to praise myself for figuring out what its identity was before.

Around it was the samurai-spider, the Minimum-Nacha, dancing around the corpse while wearing that "haori" and headband with a cartoon-spider on it. Why did Garami go all the way to make that? And you, don't swing those katanas around like that! It's dangerous!

"...That thing's definitely something only Garami could draw out from the Random Creation." - Mira

"*Nod, nod*" - Lily & Goblin

"Argh, we're wasting enough time here! The bamboo forest-Dungeon is close by, so step on it! The other guys are going to beat us to it!" - Mira

No way I'm going to end up last in this "Dungeon Conquest Race"!


Skill List: Lily

Name: Lily Katraka
Race: Growth Chimera (Human)  | Gender: Female
Level: 18
Karma Value: 76
Main Class:  Pugilist Lv.40
Skills: 39
Titles: 11
Blessings: 0
Skill Points: 7.6
HP: 121/121 MP: 78/78 SP: 162/162
STR: 134 VIT: 115 MAG: 72
RES: 112 SPD: 100 DEX: 89
INT: 89 LUC: 140
Skill List:
Ability Skills:
[Health Increase (Small) Lv.16] [Stamina Increase (Small) Lv.22] [Resistance Increase (Small) Lv.6]
[Speed Increase (Small) Lv.10] [Dexterity Increase (Small) Lv.5]  
Attack Skills:
[Martial Arts: Fist Lv.24] [Martial Arts: Kick Lv.25] [Martial Arts: Combination Lv.3]
[Rampage Lv.2]
Magic Skills:
[Fire Magic Lv.1]    
Active Skills:
[Elemental Fist Lv.2] [Ki Manipulation Lv.7] [Energy Warfare Lv.15]
Passive Skills:
[Close Quarters Combat Lv.31] [Overeating Lv.25]
[Battle Continuation Lv.9]
[Vital Point Knowledge Lv.14] [Clear Breathing Lv.4]  
Resistance Skills:
[Death Resistance Lv.1] [Poison Resistance Lv.4] [Cut Resistance Lv.7]
[Fear Resistance Lv.15] [Hunger Resistance Lv.37]
[Thirst Resistance Lv.41]
[Heat Resistance Lv.45] [Control Nullification]  
Perception Skills:
[Night Vision Lv.22] [Vision Reinforcement Lv.12] [Auditory Reinforcement Lv.5]
[Olfactory Reinforcement Lv.3] [Tactile Reinforcement Lv.5] [Taste Reinforcement Lv.34]
Leadership Skills:
[Party Lv.8]    
[Lesser Fire Element Lv.3]    
Monster Skills:
[Flare Breath Lv.10] [Flare Bite Lv.16] [Spider's Thread Lv.1]
[Underworld's Fur Lv.4] [Ever-Growing Chimera]  
Title List:
Achievement Titles:
[Foul Eater] [Daredevil] [Pinch Breaker]
[Achiver of Freedom] [Fire Technique User]  
Hunting Titles:
[Monster Slayer] [Reptile Slayer] [Beast Slayer]
[Insect Slayer] [Arachnid Slayer]
Status Titles:
[F-Rank Adventurer]    


Iron's PoV

"Urgh..." - Revi

The Dragonoid made another groan. Everything is as normal. Then, there are no problems...?

"Ugh..." - Revi

...Sticking my nose in will be rude, and bothersome. Continue moving to the destination.

"UUUGHHH-" - Revi


Alf jumped out of his coffin carried by the Grotto Scorpion. Temporarily suspending the march... as Garami would say: "tch".

"Seriously, what's wrong with you? People's going to leave the party if you don't get yourself into shape." - Alf

...Members currently in the three parties: 4 Lesser Fiends, 1 Grotto Scorpion, 2 Cave Scorpions, 2 Dark Elves, 2 Zerbreuses, 1 Reha Phraga, 2 Greater Demonia Bats...

"All members are present. We have no missing children." - Iron



The harisen... a dangerous item indeed. This Iron is yet again amazed by Garami's wisdom.

"And you? What's wrong? Your stomach's acting up?" - Alf

"Ugh... my head... it hurts..." - Revi

The dragon-witch is trying to hide her eyes from the sun while holding her temple. Signs of sun-induced migraine. Looking for remedies...

"Don't make trouble just because-HOOOOT!!" - Alf

...Problem detected. Taking the parasol that Alf's carrier-Grotto Scorpion was holding seems to have created a chain-reaction towards trouble.

"Hey, Iron! What's the big idea!" - Alf

"Trying to prevent further headaches." - Iron

"By sun-scorching a vampire!? Speaking of, why're your head hurting? You are supposed to be the most sun-loving undead-girl in Velantas' history, weren't you?" - Alf

"...After I got that skill..." - Revi

"Huh? What skill?" - Alf

"[Corruption Resistance]...ouch." - Revi

"...Corruption... as in..." - Alf

Re-starting the march-

"Now stop right there, tin can!" - Alf

"Refusing. With all my heart." - Iron

"Sorry to say it, but you got no thump-thump!" - Alf

Damn, logic. 

"...If she experiences pain due the Resistance Skill, it must be due to her being so influenced by the source of the pain that she never noticed the damage before now." - Iron

"That's it! So, little Revi, please hold out until we return. Hey, you bastards! Get this dragon-girl back to-!" - Alf

"No... need..., ouch..." - Revi

This must be the "pattern" where the subject refuses any form of assistance due to them not wishing to cause any difficulties to the other party. As Garami would say it: "crap". 

"...Let's get this over with as fast as possible. Where's the cave?" asked Alf one of the Dark Elves.

"Sir! It's just across that dune... but should you not-" 

"Alright, time to get this party started!!" - Alf

And Alf ran towards where the Dungeon, not caring whenever the sun-scorched him or not. Is he going to be alright? He forgot the parasol.

I carried the ill dragon-with on my shoulder and ran after the dustcloud/vampire along with the monsters of Garami's Dungeon.

As we entered the cave, we were met with the corpses of several serpent-type monsters, both F- and E-ranks. Further in the cave, we could see snake-type monsters being preyed on by large swarms of bats and wolves made out of shadows, some snakes are turned into popsicles, and some are simply smashed to paste, quite literally.

"...! F-for Lady Garami!" 

The other monsters, inspired by the scene of carnage, started to run wild in the tunnels leading deeper into the Dungeon. Are they going to be alright?

"Let us walk at our own pace." - Iron

"Yes, please... huh? It doesn't hurt so bad anymore?" - Revi

"...Try to ask Garami for those black glasses she tried to pack on Alfred before." - Iron

"? Okay." - Revi

Then, it was durable until now, but the headache induced by the strong sunlight tipped the scale. The group's morale would plump if I mentioned this to them, so I will dedicate myself to the role of a shield to protect the dragon-witch.

Also, a quick memo: slackers turn extremely productive when a cute girl needs their help. 


Skill List: Alf

Name: Alfred Loxley
Race: Vampire | Gender: Male
Level: 12 
Karma Value: 37
Main Class:  Polearm Master Lv.4
Sub Class: Angler Lv.31 
Sub Class: Hunter Lv.11
Skills: 75
Titles: 21
Blessings: 2
Skill Points: 11.2
HP: 420/420 MP: 336/336 SP: 465/465
STR: 558 VIT: 387 MAG: 214
RES: 291 SPD: 368 DEX: 476
INT: 112 LUC: 105
Skill List:
Ability Skills:
[Health Increase Lv.4] UP1 [Mana Increase Lv.4] NEW1From title: Undead Slaughter. [Reduced Mana Consumption Lv.21] UP18
[Stamina Increase (Small) Lv.Max] 
[Reduced Stamina Consumption Lv.38] UP18 [Strength Increase (Small) Lv.41] UP30
[Vitality Increase (Small) Lv.33] UP20 [Resistance Increase (Small) Lv.23] UP6 [Speed Increase Lv.2] UP1
[Dexterity Increase (Small) Lv.Max] UP32    
 Attack Skills:
[Polearm Lord Arts Lv.4] NEW2From Polearm Master Lv.1. [Spear Lord Arts Lv.3] EVOLVED36 Skill Points. From [Spear Arts]. [Hammer Arts Lv.41] UP17
[Guard Lv.Max] 
[Parry Lv.10] UP8
[Ice Attack Lv.8] UP5
[Break Blow Lv.41] UP20 [Heavy Blow Lv.Max] UP2 [Icicle Wall Lv.15] UP5
Magic Skills:
[Ice Magic Lv.2] UP1 [Magic Ability Lv.4] NEW41 Skill Point. [Summon Kin Lv.8] UP7
Crafting Skills:
[Create Bait Lv.12] NEW5From Angler Lv.20.    
Active Skills:
[Element Spear Lv.32] UP9 [Mystic Warfare Lv.11] UP9 [Energy Warfare Lv.34] UP6
[Quick Step Lv.48] UP5 [Sky Jump Lv.3] NEW6From Polearm Master Lv.1. [Brute Force Lv.8] NEW7From title: Destroyer.
[Swingby Lv.15] UP10
[Heavy Body Lv.4] NEW8From Crusher Lv.30.  [Hate Lure Lv.19] UP17
[Fish Storage Lv.2] NEW9From Angler Lv.30.     
Passive Skills:
[Halberd Lv.28] UP7 [Hammersmanship Lv.47] UP16 [Light Armor Lv.14] UP3
[Close Quarters Combat Lv.31] UP8
[Magic Power Operation Lv.8] NEW103 Skill Points. [Aiming Lv.4] NEW111 Skill Point.
[Evasion Lv.8] UP5 [Covert Movement Lv.9] NEW12From Hunter Lv.1. [Ambush Lv.3] NEW13From Hunter Lv.10.
[Leaching Cold Lv.33] UP2 [Battle Healing Lv.11] UP6
[Battle Survivor Lv.4] NEW14From Polearm Master Lv.1.
[Ice Reinforcement Lv.41] UP5 [Mist Reinforcement Lv.2]  [Destruction Reinforcement Lv.11] NEW15From title: Destroyer.
[Pierce Intensification Lv.2] EVOLVED166 Skill Points. From [Pierce Reinforcement]. [Impact Reinforcement Lv.44] UP17 [Weapon Reinforcement Lv.26] UP12
[Damage Area Lv.9] NEW17From Crusher Lv.40. [Recovery Trait Lv.8] NEW [Slumber Lv.16] EVOLVED186 Skill Points. From [Rest].
[Footwork Lv.30] UP8 [Fishing Lv.Max]  [Gutting Lv.26] UP12
[Concentration Lv.14] UP11    
Resistance Skills:
[Ice Resistance Lv.37] UP4 [Ice Immunity Lv.2] NEW196 Skill Points. [Sun Resistance Lv.3] NEW2012 Skill Points.
[Fear Resistance Lv.Max]
[Pain Resistance Lv.Max] 
[Pain Mitigation Lv.12] UP3
Perception Skills:
[Prediction Lv.23] UP21 [Tracking Lv.15] NEW21From Hunter Lv.1. [Danger Sense Lv.Max] 
Leadership Skills:
[Full Command Lv.1] EVOLVED226 Skill Points. From [Cooperation]. [Teamwork Lv.6] EVOLVED236 Skill Points. From [Cooperation]. [Encouragement Lv.3] NEW243 Skill Points.
[Party Lv.Max]  [Clan Lv.5] NEW256 Skill Points.  
[Ice Element Lv.19] UP11    
Monster Skills:
[Vampiric Body Lv.15] UP13 [Vampiric Vision Lv.5] EVOLVED268 Skill Points. From [Night Vision]. [Mist Form (Vampire) Lv.6] UP4
[Blood-Sucking Lv.1]  [Shadow Familiar (Vampire) Lv.11] UP10  
Title List:
Achievement Titles:
[Daredevil] [Pinch Breaker] [Legion of One] 
[Vermin Bane]  [Ice Technique User]  [Novice Angler] 
[Giant Killer]  [Dungeon Raider]  [Destroyer] NEW
[Quest Taker] NEW    
Hunting Titles:
[Monster Slaughter]  [Fish Slayer] [Beast Slayer] 
[Rodent Slayer]  [Undead Slaughter] ADVANCED [Skeleton Slaugther] 
[Zombie Slayer]  [Demi-Monster Slayer]   
Status Titles:
[D-Rank Adventurer] ADVANCED [Liberator of Tir na Nog]  [True Ancestor]


Meanwhile, the Lake Dungeon was having a nice and peaceful day. The many E-ranked Knuckers, a type of Sea Serpents, were dazing around in the large lake filled with islands and rock-bridges made of marble-like bedrock. 

Not for long, suckers!!

"Fire!" - Garami

The Skeleton Dragons, Greater Demonia Bats, Lesser Fiends, and you name it(!) dropped their load of bombs into the lake, creating large explosions of purple smoke.

Mwa-ha-ha-ha! Who said we ever needed to take care of these pests one at a time? A blitzkrieg that's finished before something bad invades our Dungeons is all we need!

"Hey, are you sure it is safe to take out all the main members?" asked Noire who had joined this group.

"Sure as a gun. We even spent 5 days to complete those Paralyze-poison bombs to finish the battle as fast as possible." - Garami

"That is what I am getting at. Why are we doing this forced charge when we could ask General Damrung for assistance?" - Noire

"Because it's probably only when Dungeon-related personal that conquers the Dungeon that it gets added to our count. And that guy refused to be even a temporary Mercenary." - Garami

"...If you say so." - Noire

I'm not gonna say that I extended the production time to after that General had left. Colleague or not, I'm afraid of leaving someone like him close to the Dungeon Core. The other two combat-related Generals I've met were a few cards short of a deck.

The smoke generated from the bombs had faded and the waters were filled with paralyzed sea serpents... serpents? When they've got fin-like limbs? Eh, whatever. Skeleton Dragon, GET US DOWN!!

Sweet ground. Sweet, sweet, lovely ground!

"...If you are afraid of flying, then you should have stayed in the Dungeon." - Noire

Shut it! Who would command the Skeleton Dragons!? Still, I never expected to be that weak to heights... or is it that I can't stand being in the air? In any case, an unexpected weakness.

"Who are the insolent curs that dare poison my lake!?" 

Speaking of unexpected... or not. Any Dungeon Masters would come out if we messed their Dungeon... still, this is one fancy lady. Or, maybe I should say "lamia"?

It's a dark-skinned woman with blue hair and with her lower half being that of a snake with scales of the same color as her hair. She's dressed in something that can't be anything but a chainmail bikini. And she's huge! Even her human-half alone is around 2 meters high! 

"Stay still, wretched child of the demons, and accept your fate!"

...Yeah, don't need her. The assault may be to also confirm that "Separated Formation"-thing. Especially the part where we can take command over the Dungeon's monsters. That's why we used the poison bombs this time around.


But I don't want a whore that tries to blast me with Water Magic. Her aim's as bad as the Minimum-Nacha's SAN-points to boot.

"Tch! Stand still, you-" 


An arrow struck the lamia's extended hand before she could finish her sentence, also preventing the next magic blast. I looked up in the air and saw Noire, who looked angry enough to burst a vein.

"Another one... another stupid-large one... it was not enough with even the elves, now even a wretched snake..." - Noire

E-eeehh... You know, I think it's because her main body's so big... nope. Even if she's scaled down to Mira's height, she's still bigger than even her. Not to mention Noire...

"Pincushion, pincushion, pincushion, pincushion," - Noire

...Let's leave this place to Noire and the crew. That lamia's far from being a threat, compared to the werewolf.

...Do Celestials have something against snakes in addition to demons?

I had one of the Zerbreuses join me and we snuck around the lamia as she was aggroed by Noire. As we entered the building, we were met with a twirly passage... tch, a labyrinth? Did the Dungeon Master want to stall the invaders that reached so far? 

It took a while, but we managed to find our way through the labyrinth. It's solely made up of walls, so it's probably FP-free. A simple, yet effective method for stalling people. The lack of traps forces me to give the lamia some minus points... but I'll make sure to not repeat that mistake when I use the idea for my Dungeon.


Your Subordinate has subjugated Dungeon Master: Alifia Ar Gital.

Acquired 1 DP.

To perform [Separated Formation] on the Dungeon, locate the Dungeon Core.

[Unificate] the conquered Dungeon right away?


That's the lamia, right? Guess she can't receive any kinda points now. The goal here's the Separated Formation, so I chose "No" for now. Besides, the Skeleton Rats have found the exit. Glad I only made two Skeleton Dragons. Each of them needs three levels' worth with [Undead Servant], so I could only make five Rats now that the skill is at Lv.11.

At the end of the labyrinth, we found the Dungeon Core in the middle of a large pool. Since I've got no plans on getting drenched, I had the Zerbreus fly over and retrieve it.


Your Subordinate has acquired a Dungeon Core

Do you want to perform a [Separated Formation] of the Dungeons


Do you want to perform an [Unification] of the Dungeon?


This time it's a yes~. For the first one.


Please select the Sub-Master of the Territory.

Please select the CP and FP the Sub-Master is allowed to use.

Then... let's give it to the Zerbreus. The minimum FP and CP are... 10 and 100 respectively. There.


Taking control over Alifia Ar Gital's Dungeon.

Separated Formation Complete.

No Psuedo-Peace is though, but getting some unique subordinate monsters is gladly welcomed~. They'll listen to my orders, right? 

First thing first... let's hope the lamia's not turned too much into a pincushion for [Necromantic Ritual] to work. Or... maybe I could make use of it that way...

Kigal-Note/Warrior Classes: Pugilist

Type: Warrior Class
Rank: Intermediate
Unlock Requirements:
  • Having cleared the Legacy Quest: [The Path of the Fist].
  • Have the [Close Quarters Combat] skill at Lv.10 or higher
  • Alters the growth of mentioned stats:
    • SP growth increase [Small]
    • STR growth increase [Small]
  • Improves proficiency with martial arts-related skills.
Skills obtained by advancing in the Pugilist Class:
Obtained from Main Class only: [Elemental Fist Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.1: [Martial Arts: Fist Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.1: [Martial Arts: Kick Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.10: [Energy Warfare Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.20: [Vital Point Knowledge Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.30: [Ki Manipulation Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.40: [Martial Arts: Combination Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.50: [Combat Reinforcement Lv.1]


The Pugilist is a Warrior-line class that uses hand-to-hand combat over the choice of using a weapon.

Pugilists deal less damage with each attack compared to a swordsman, but due to not needing to take the time needed to swing a sword around, they can chain multiple attacks in the same time-span as it takes a swordsman to land a single slash.

The class does not come without demerits, as a Pugilist needs to be dressed light to be able to perform their more acrobatic, and powerful, martial arts. This makes it vital for them to learn the art of dodging enemy attacks, as their defenses will be extremely thin due to the lack of decent armor. 

On the other hand, thanks to the class focusing on using the body, one will be able to use even more of the "potential" that is better known to the world as "status values", even if it is not including the usage of weapons.

Mira's comment: Those with swordsman-classes will only be able to use their STR stat when attacking with a sword and will be no better than your average Joe regarding anything else unless they train themselves.