[Arc 3] Chapter 12: Silent Conquest
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Damn, failed to get a raise...


"Boss!! Great news!!" - Flint

"No salt-rubbing!!" - Garami

"Huh? Sorry, I guess?" - Flint

A certain red-scaled Lizardman entered my Alchemy-atelier and started to brag about something when I was in the dumps. Stupid lizard...

"...Mhm, so it didn't work," he concluded after seeing the opened letter on my desk. One with the seal of the Belial family on it.

"Nope." - Garami

Damn, when I finally got Treasure to rank D...

The reason why I chose that stat is due to the remaining hostile Dungeons, meaning the volcano and the temple, are still active, and we've got proof that they're at least above Lv.2. Kinda my own fault. The two remaining Dungeons must have been terrified as they saw their neighbors getting conquered all of a sudden. And at the same time. Whoops.

So we needed CP in a hurry to compete with them both, which made the allure of the money-to-CP ability that [Treasure: D] provides too much to resist.

Basically, we place Sols into a special container that's free to place wherever in each Dungeon, and for each 100 Sol, 1 CP is gained to the Dungeon. And hey, we're far from having problems with money after the payout for the Civil War in Velantas~.

Probably as a measurement to prevent an economic catastrophe, but special "Golden"-monsters are generated in the Dungeon at random. They're golden-colored versions of the monsters I can create normally, but weak enough for the original variant to defeat them without trouble. However, there's no EXP to get from them, sans for skill proficiency, but if an invader kills them, the Gold-monster will "drop" a certain amount of money, based on what's been used on the conversion-system. 

And to fuel this money-eater, I tried to get the organization to give us some more monetary support, but, well...

"...Should we move on?" - Flint

"Please do!" I answered with tears flowing.

"*Cough*, boss, I finished the baking oven you requested!" - Flint

Really!? Great! That means we can add baked goods to the menu now. Like pizza, or pizza, OR PIZZA-!!

*Gulp* almost lost myself there.

"Great work, Flint! You've long surpassed mere Swordsmiths." - Garami

"Wa-ha-ha! Don't tell such an obvious truth!" - Flint

"Oh, while we're at it, Iron asked for more Heat-warding Shields. 20 sets." - Garami

"Again!? What happened to the old ones!?" - Flint

"They melted." - Garami

"GWAAAA!! Give me ten minutes!!" - Flint


Have a fun time~. Wait, he needs just 10 min?

Now that's outta the way, what else should I do today? I'm dead tired of training with Alchemy for today, so should I use the Soul Coffin to train on making more Ghosts? 

I looked at the Coffin, placed up to the wall in the atelier, which had been custom-made for me, with purple boards and spider-shaped symbols. I especially like the spider-web motif~.

The Coffin allows me to "convert" the Materials stored in [Necromantic Ritual] into something akin to ectoplasm, which again lets me create Ghost-type undead. The problem is that I have to make the blueprints myself. Glad that the plans I already own give me a hand in understanding how to create the new one...

Alright, that exhausting memory killed all my will to study Necromancy for today. Even if the Unseen Ghosts are damn useful as scouts in areas without anti-Ghost measurements. They managed to map all of the volcano-Dungeon before they hit the Boss Room on the fifth-floor~. They were useless against the temple though...

...Let's inspect the Dungeon floors. To make sure I've gotten everything right.

When I obtained [Treasure: D], I also got the "Rare Treasure Chest" and the "Spring of Recovery" Facilities. 

The first gives me 5 FP, but it's a Treasure Chest that needs at least a rarity "Rare" item inside. Just threw the stuff that the Crafter-Trio (Noire, Flint, and Revi) created in their free time. The upper-limit of Treasure Chests are shared, so I have to take away the normal-ranked chests if I wanna place another Rare Chest.

Also, I got access to a Treasure Chamber, that lets me place 6 Treasure Chest of whatever rank I want outside the Dungeon-limits, but I can only place one on each Dungeon. Obviously, I've placed one on the last floor of each Dungeon, at the point where no one should ever reach. They're filled with Rare-rank Chests.

The Spring is more effective than the Weak Spring, and can even cure weaker status ailments. Both types of Springs can't be used several times in a row, so people will be searching for the higher-ranked Spring over the Weak Spring. It also hands over 40 FP, but I can only place one of them on each floor.

Back to the Dungeons.

Dungeon #1 is the same as before. The only change is that there's a new floor between the second floor and the former third floor (the Underground Lake). I filled the place with poisonous swamps and undead there, so it won't be easy for any normal creature to clear. Noire has her workshop placed on the fifth floor.

Dungeon #2 has a new first floor. It's an Underground Lake, but mostly due to it being the front-line in the battle against the two hostile Dungeons. Lots of stuff are placed there to support our defending forces.

Dungeon #3, the former Lake Dungeon, has retained its first Lake Floor. There are even Transfer Terminals on the bottom of the lake, so the aquatic monsters can use them to transfer to any other Lake-type floors. The second floor is a Cave-type with water leaking from the crack, but the third- and fourth floors are Graveyard-types! And the final floor is an Underground Lake, with my Atelier placed there. The islands are designed to supply me with various materials, such as sand or wood.

Dungeon #4, the former snake pit, is now a den of spiders. Three floors, with a Gate of Puzzles at the end! The small kids love to play around with the puzzle pieces before they're forcefully teleported back to their places. And the last two floors are transformed into Dark Plains. They're used mostly to cultivate veggies, and I've included Sun Orbs. Good thing those don't hurt the undead. Revi has her workshop on the fifth floor here.

Dungeon #5, the former Bamboo-Dungeon, is still bamboo-ish on the first floor. The second is a Graveyard floor of the worst possible difficulty, which's given it the nickname "Graveyard of Traps"..., but floor 3-to-5 has been turned into Mine-type floors! Mostly due to Flint's setting up his workshop on the fifth floor. He's got Skeletons and Goblins to mine ore for him.

And yes, the bonus reward for reaching Lv.5 is the Mine-type Dungeon. Now I can swap between Cave and Mine whenever I want with no extra costs. The Mines comes with 4 Mining Spots for free, and I'm also able to place free Lighting Crystals anywhere on that floor, along with the free Boulder items. This is a straight power-up of the Cave-type, isn't it?

Due to that, many of the floors have been swapped with Mines, but only those where free Mining Spots and lighting would be useful.

Glad I chose this over the Catacomb Dungeon. Maybe I'll take that when the Dungeon reaches Lv.10. Flint told me that the [Knowledge: D] informed that you would get a reward for every fifth Dungeon level…

Maybe I should get used to the Monsters I have access to at the moment so I'll be ready to take another Monster-line when that time comes? Mhm, let's do that.

Besides obtaining [Treasure: D], I spent the last 3 DP to obtain [Mystic: E]. The reason? Because I wanted some support monsters.

We've got Cave Scorpions and Lesser Fiends for muscle power, even D-ranks like the Grotto Scorpion and the Fiend. Glad those evolves fast. And the Dark Elves and Zerbreuses have also evolved, to Dark High Elves and Malpheruses respectively. But those are more Scout-line forces than Magician-lines. And "Mystic" sounds like the stuff closest to both undead and demons, so I went with that.

Subordinate Menu:

Rank: E

Creation Cost: 25 CP

Creation Requirements: [Mystic: E, Subordinates: E]

A demon of the Darkness attribute with the appearance of a humanoid goat. They excel in many fields of magic, especially the mind-disturbing types, but they are physically weak. They can cooperate greatly with other species.

Lesser Siren:

Rank: E

Creation Cost: 35 CP

Creation Requirement: [Mystic: E, Movement: F, Subordinates: F]

A demon of the Water attribute with an appearance similar to a Harpy. They are experts on luring sailors to crash on reefs. On a physical stage, they are weak for their racial rank. Strong with magic and disturbance skills. Tend to only rely on those of the same species.


Rank: E

Creation Cost: 45 CP

Creation Requirements: [Mystic: E, Subordinates: F]

An undead monster that lacks a corporal form. They wield strong magic and likes to mess with their opponent. However, they cannot survive in the sunlight.

These are the ones I already had... through evolutions. The Karikapros is the most expensive one, but it's damn useful for leading the other monsters. They're capable of using magic that disturbs the mind, which also means that they're capable of preventing it, making them useful troops against the temple-Dungeon. The others? Not that interested. Strange that I didn't get those Ghost-variants...

Then there are the new guys:

Subordinate Menu:
Garnet Demon:

Rank G

Creation Cost: 5 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: G]

A low-ranked demon species. Have the appearance of a dark-red bear cub. May excel in physical power, but still extremely weak.

Silver Demon:

Rank G

Creation Cost: 5 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: G]

A low-ranked demon species. Have the appearance of a silver-colored, bovine creature. May excel in toughness, but that is only when compared to its other stats.

Cyan Demon:

Rank G

Creation Cost: 5 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: G]

A low-ranked demon species. Have the appearance of a cyan-colored goat. Despite not having the ability to use it, they possess stats suited for magecraft.

Topaz Demon:

Rank G

Creation Cost: 5 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: G]

A low-ranked demon species. Have the appearance of a golden-yellow rat. They can withstand ailments and magic better than physical strikes... if that is anything to be impressed over.

Jade Demon:

Rank G

Creation Cost: 5 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: G]

A low-ranked demon species. Have the appearance of a jade-colored wolf. Their greatest strength lies in their quick feet, but that's all they have.

Grey Demon:

Rank G

Creation Cost: 5 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: G]

A low-ranked demon species. Have the appearance of a four-legged, grey-colored spider-creature. They have flexible legs but are still weak enough to end up as lunch for any other creature, that is if they were even the slightest appetizing.

Demonia Rororo:

Rank F

Creation Cost: 10 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: F, Treasure: F]

A demon species of the Earth attribute. They take the appearance of a stone with hidden, spider-like legs. Eat rocks for their diet, are capable of camouflaging themselves as real rocks, and they are surprisingly durable for their racial rank.


Rank: E

Creation Cost: 45 CP

Creation Requirements: [Mystic: E, Knowledge: E, Subordinates: F]

A spider-type monster that is born with great knowledge and has a natural talent for magic. They lay traps both with webs and spells, often ordering other spider-species to work alongside them. They specialize in [Poison Magic].

Lake Crab:

Rank E

Creation Cost: 35 FP

Creation Requirements: [Strength: F, Subordinates: E]

A crab-type monster that lives in lakes and other large bodies with fresh water. Their shells are extremely durable, their pincers have a grip even a dragon would not want to be exposed to, and they work surprisingly well with other creatures.

Lesser Incubus/Succubus:

Rank E

Creation Cost: 50 FP

Creation Requirements: [Mystic: E, Subordinates: E]

A Heretic attribute Demon that has the appearance of a beautiful human with devil wings and tails. They use their charm and Heretic Magic to allure humanoids.

Demonia Gorogol:

Rank E

Creation Cost: 45 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: F, Treasure: E]

A demon species of the Metal attribute. Takes the appearance of a large ore of metal, and they use hidden, spider-like legs to move around and kill their prey. They can camouflage themselves as normal rocks, and are spoken of in fear by miners as the "Assassins of the Mines".

Blue Skeleton:

Rank E

Creature Cost: 50 CP

Creation Requirements: [Mystic: E, Subordinates: E]

A Skeleton-type undead that is better geared towards the art of magic. While physically frail, they make it up with their long-ranged magic spells.


Rank D

Creation Cost: 95

Creation Requirements: [Mystic: E, Subordinates: E, Treasure: D]

A Gem attribute Demon that can freely take the appearance of anything valuable, such as Treasure Chests or precious gems. They can also mimic the appearance of walls and even humanoid corpses to attract other monsters. Excels in support magic and surprise attack.

Demonia Peretot:

Rank D

Creation Cost: 100 CP

Creation Requirements: [Subordinates: E, Treasure: D]

A demon species of the Crystal attribute. They look like large clusters of crystals, but their real identity is that of a spider-like creature and one of the main predators in old, forgotten mines. 

And there's also the undead that has Magician-line classes, but the list is so stupid-long that it's not funny.

First, the G-rank demons. Better known as the "Color Demon". Why did I unlock those all of a sudden? They were suddenly added right after the Dungeon reached Lv.5. Is this also a bonus of some sort? Can't use them though, and I've received complaints that "they're somewhat creepy", so there are only a few of them walking around. Sniff...

As for the newly added... "gem demons", I think they were added because of the added Mine-type... rather, this is an evolutionary line, ain't it? Rororo the rock, Gorogol the metals, and Peretot the crystals... yup. They've gotta be an evolution line! I even got proofs for that, as some Rororos have evolved into Gorogols. Is the next one gonna be a gem? Could I use them as Trojan jewelry?

Their evolutions taught me something important. If a Dungeon monster evolves into a monster that I also can summon, the basic stats of the evolved monster's entry in the Subordinate Creation menu will be updated. So instead of mass-producing the higher-ranked monsters right away, I'll gain more by evolving the weaker species first! Good thing that we have so many D-ranked Flare Lizards invading us lately.

Then, for the magician-spider with the long name... it's surprisingly good as a commander, so I have some to order around the spider swarms. As a magician... it needs some more training. Can't compare to the demons in that field.

The Lake Crab is the same species as those I won from the Lake Dungeon, along with the Knockers. Think I unlocked them because I created so many Lake-typed floors, or maybe cause I conquered a Lake-type Dungeon? Or both? They're strong at least, and a great source of Water attribute monsters. Iron especially requested them as troops in the defense against the volcano Dungeon.

The ero-demons? I wanna mass-produce them (the female variant). Sadly, they've got poor cost performance compared to the Lesser Sirens. Tch. I've still got some around as maids... and butlers, after a request from Mira and Noire. But why do they have to wear the maid uniform I was forced to take in that forgotten castle in the Water-Knot!? Why was Noire even in the possession of that!? And why was I forced to mass-produce them!? Glad the Incubi's wearing butler uniforms...

The Blue Skeleton is kinda the same as the Red Skeleton that one of the Skeletons evolved to. The difference is that Red is more physical-based, while Blue aims to be a magician. Is there a movement-type as well? Can I create a Skeleton Rangers team?

And the Mimic... is on hold for now. Same with Blue. That's because I wanna evolve a Skeleton and a Lesser Mimic first, so to improve the stats of the monsters before summoning them. I especially want the Mimic, as the Lesser Mimics have shown to be awesome supporters in the defense against the two Dungeons. Huh? I improved Mystic with the intent of getting supporters, but Treasure is doing a way better job.

Including these monsters, I've also got 58 D.Goblins (evolved variants included) from Flint's Dungeon, along with 16 surviving Automats (which are "programmed" with [Party] even!), 15 Wolves, 10 Greentree Rats, 10 Greentree Lizards, and 35 Slimes. I asked for so many Slimes so I could see whenever I should go for the Mucus-line or not when the Dungeon reaches Lv.10. Many of them are bound to get snuffed out before evolving. 

Level 10... that's far. Just as far as rank B for the stats. 50 DP. A steep difference from the 10 DP needed to reach rank C. I have to seriously decide whenever I wanna have the Dungeon specialize in a single stat or not. Just how much would rank A need? Glad that Flint's Knowledge told me that.

...I'm just not getting out of the Atelier today, do I? Damn, there's too much stuff to think about. I should get an assistant. 

Eii! Stop the press! I'm getting outta this dusty place! Rather, isn't the Dungeons sturdy enough to withstand a few invaders without me watching over it all? Can't I make Alf or someone else do it while I get to go out hunting? Except for the two newbies, all the others are starting to be higher-leveled than me again!

Then, let's gather the others and start the counter-attack already. Wash your necks and be ready, damn Dungeons!!


"And therefore, I have gathered you all." - Garami

"No, what do you mean with 'therefore'?" - Noire

The peanut gallery needs to be quiet!

We're currently in the meeting room in the Mansion I placed on the first floor of the second Dungeon to use as an HQ in the battle against the two Dungeons. Everyone's gathered around the table, but strangely, no one's understanding what I'm talking about. How strange.

"If you're talking about striking back at those Dungeons, then I'm in. We've been grinding Mummies, Jackalmen, and Flare Lizards for a week already." - Mira

"Yeah! I'm sick of lizard meat!" - Lily

Hey, hey, stop that. You're turning our smith pale over there.

"In any case, we should select which Dungeon we want to attack first." - Noire

"Then, we need to strike the volcano. Their attacks are the roughest, even when we have the type advantage." - Alf

"Not to forget about all the weapons they wear out! Snuff them out! And give me a workshop inside that bubbling pit of magma!!" - Flint

"...Volcano. The desert is hot enough already." - Iron

"Yeah, yeah. And we have the maps for four of the Dungeon's five floors on hand, so we should strike before the Dungeon Master decided to renovate the place." - Mira

"No more lizard meat!!" - Lily

...Everyone seems to be favoring the volcano. Time to reveal my plan then.


Mira's PoV

No clouds. The night sky is decorated with the full moon. No sudden sandstorms... Time to invade, I guess? 

Me and Iron, along with a group of samurai-ish Automatas are standing outside the entrance that faced the volcano Dungeon that stood out in the dark desert, along with a group of Sandstalkers, Lake Crabs, and other monsters who are strong against the Fire monsters.

"Here they come," reported one of the Dark Elf scouts. And true to his words, a swarm of Flare Lizards, Hell Dogs, and Ember Wyverns came charging in.

"Another large group again..." - Mira

I couldn't do anything than to sigh at the volcano Dungeon's large number of combatants. They definitely have [Subordinates: D], considering Flint's info about that stat at rank D allowed the Dungeon Master to name some of their monsters, which gives the named monsters the [Party] skill as a bonus.

Garami said that D-ranked monsters should be worth 100 CP normally. If the volcano's Main Attribute is Fire, then each of those monsters equals 50 CP, an hour's worth for the volcano. And there's around 50 of them charging at us. Just where do they get all that CP from? Even the act of naming the leaders would cost a lot of CP...

"Firing squad, into position." - Iron

Iron ordered the monsters like an experienced general. He's been defending the second Dungeon ever since the first attacks. The Lake Crabs started with their long-ranged Water attacks, followed by the Dark Elves' explosive arrows. The Sandstalkers created antlion traps in the sand, and soon, most of the land-based invaders were trapped or routed.

Only the Wyverns had escaped most of the harm, but some of them had fallen due to the explosive arrows. Two Wyverns tried to attack the Dark Elves, but...

"[Cover Move]. [Challenge]." - Iron

Iron moved so fast it was like he had teleported in front of the Dark Elves, then he struck his shield and made a sound accompanied by a light effect that hit the two Wyverns. 

The Wyverns looked away from the Dark Elves, almost as if they had forgotten that they existed, and turned their attention to Iron. One of them struck Iron with its claws, but Iron caught the attack with his shield, then pushed the claw back with enough force that the Wyvern tumbled in midair.

The Wyvern tried to use this as an advantage and did a bodyslam on Iron, but he simply raised his suddenly red-glowing sword. The sword struck the belly of the Wyvern and started to burn the Fire attributed half-dragon, despite their inborn resistance to the heat.

Iron created some metal chains and chained the first Wyvern and stepped back, leaving his sword behind as the second Wyvern dive in to help its comrade. He then proceeded to block, parry, and dodge the attacks of the second Wyvern. And with each blow he blocked, his shield started to shine with a grey light, which grew stronger and stronger for each hit.

The second Wyvern, frustrated and anxious over the glowing shield and its ally's cry for help, started to rush its attacks on Iron, which only accelerated the intensity of the shield's light even more. Then, when the light had reached a certain level...

"[Ghostly Knight Order]." - Iron

The light left the shield and formed three humanoid shapes, each taking the appearance of a knight in armor and holding different weapons. 

Iron then parried the Wyvern's attack and knocked it to the ground beside him, for then creating more chains to hold the second Wyvern down. The ghostly figures, false monsters created by Iron's race-exclusive skill and the energy from the Wyvern's attacks, started to slash at the Wyvern's neck until it was beheaded completely. The job emptied the ghost knights for the energy that had created them, making them faded into nothing. Still, that had allowed Iron to take care of the second Wyvern, leaving the first one free for the other monsters to finish off.

Iron's gotten strong at this defensive play of his. Now I get why Garami told us to leave the volcano for last. The Fire monsters are not capable of defeating us at their current level, making it durable to leave them for last. They give more EXP as well. 

I turned my back to the battlefield and walked back into the Dungeon. While doing so, I noticed glints of light appearing in the north, where the temple should be. 

...Didn't the distraction work? Oh well, not that those guys needed it anyway.


Iron's Skill List:

Name: Iron Tirnog
Race: Phantom Mail  | Gender: Male
Level: 17 
Karma Value: 32
Main Class: Guardian Knight Lv.21 
Sub Class: Sentinel Lv.44 
Sub Class Pathfinder Lv.18 
Skills: 63
Titles: 18
Blessings: 0
Skill Points: 18.4
HP: 609/609 MP: 281/281 SP: 584/584
STR: 450 VIT: 755 MAG: 207
RES: 699 SPD: 286 DEX: 261
INT: 95 LUC: 104
Skill List:
Ability Skills:
[Health Increase Lv.5] NEW1From title: Monster Slaughter. [HP Greater-Recovery Lv.7] EVOLVED26 Skill Points. From [HP Auto-Recovery]. [Mana Increase Lv.4] UP3
[MP Auto-Recovery Lv.18] NEW33 Skill Points. [Stamina Increase (Small) Lv.Max] UP48
[Strength Increase (Small) Lv.45] UP34
[Vitality Increase Lv.7] NEW4From title: Guardian. [Resistance Increase Lv.8] NEW5From title: Guardian. [Speed Increase Lv.3] UP2
Attack Skills:
[Shield Lord Arts Lv.7] EVOLVED66 Skill Points. From [Shield Arts]. [Guard Lv.Max]  [Parry Lv.45] UP42
[Counter Lv.35] UP26 [Energy Drain Lv.37] UP34 [Magma Touch Lv.12] NEW
Magic Skills:
[Metal Magic Lv.5] UP4 [Ghost Magic Lv.8] NEW7From title: Undead Technique User. [Magic Ability Lv.6] NEW83 Skill Points.
Active Skills:
[Covering Lv.Max] UP40 [Cover Move Lv.32] NEW91 Skill Point. [Challenge Lv.4] EVOLVED106 Skill Points. From [Taunting].
[Defense Aura Lv.Max] UP39
[Steel Barricade Lv.18] EVOLVED116 Skill Points. From [Iron Defense].
[Iron Chain Lv.28] UP25
[Heavy Body Lv.3] NEW12From Guaridan Knight Lv.20.    
Passive Skills:
[One-Handed Sword Lv.3] EVOLVED136 Skill Points. From [Swordsmanship]. [Shield Mastery Lv.11] EVOLVED146 Skill Points. From [Shieldsmanship]. [Magic Power Operation Lv.12] NEW153 Skill Points.
[Equipment Weight Reduction Lv.32] NEW16From Guaridan Knight Lv.10.
[Battle Recovery Lv.10] EVOLVED176 Skill Points. From [Battle Healing].
[Battle Survivor Lv.6] NEW18From title: Destiny Defier.
[Metal Reinforcement Lv.32] UP28 [Destruction Reinforcement Lv.9] NEW19From title: Destroyer. [Stalwart Lv.7] NEW20From Sentinel Lv.40.
[Warrior's Knowledge Lv.41] UP31 [Recovery Trait Lv.23] NEW  
Resistance Skills:
[Fire Resistance Lv.Max] UP45 [Fire Immunity Lv.5] NEW216 Skill Point. [Earth Resistance Lv.7] NEW223 Skill Point.
[Death Resistance Lv.Max]
[Death Immunity Lv.2] NEW236 Skill Point.
[Magma Resistance Lv.22] UP18
[Sand Resistance Lv.11] NEW243 Skill Point. [Fear Resistance Lv.5] NEW25From title: Daredevil. [Daywalker] 
Perception Skills:
[Magic Power Detection Lv.15] NEW263 Skill Points. [Danger Sense Lv.45] NEW27From Sentinel Lv.20. [Presence Perception Lv.Max] NEW28From Pathfinder Lv.1.
[Lookout Lv.Max] UP47 [Prediction Lv.Max] UP45 [Discovery Lv.14] NEW29From Pathfinder Lv.1.
Leadership Skills:
[Leadership Lv.12] NEW303 Skill Points. [Teamwork Lv.11] EVOLVED316 Skill Points. From [Cooperation]. [Encouragement Lv.16] NEW323 Skill Points.
[Party Lv.Max] UP22
[Clan Lv.10] NEW336 Skill Points.
[Metal Element Lv.4] EVOLVED346 Skill Points. From [Lesser Metal Element]. [Undead Element Lv.25] UP21  
Monster Skills:
[Phantasm Body Lv.12] UP11 [Spectral Weapon Lv.5] UP4 [Living Armor Lv.15] EVOLVED356 Skill Points. From [Armor].
[Ghostly Knight Order Lv.5] NEW3610 Skill Points. [Soul Detection Lv.Max] UP33  
Title List:
Achievement Titles:
[Destiny Defier] ADVANCED [Guardian] ADVANCED [Master of Shields]
[Giant Killer]  [Dungeon Raider]  [Metal Technique User] 
[Undead Technique User] NEW [Destroyer] NEW [Daredevil] NEW
Hunting Titles:
[Undead Slaugther]  [Skeleton Slaugther]  [Zombie Slaughter] ADVANCED
[Monster Slaugther] ADVANCED [Demi-Monster Slayer]  [Lizard Slayer] NEW
[Beast Slayer] NEW    
Status Titles:
[Liberator of Tir na Nog]  [E-rank Adventurer] ADVANCED  

Kigal-Note/Monsters/Reptiles: Flare Lizards

Name: Flare Lizard
Rank: D-
Type: Lizard
Lifespan: 200 Years
Attribute: Fire
Traits: Reptile


Flare Lizards are a common monster to find in fiery environments, most commonly in volcanic areas. They tend to flood the areas they live in, and thanks to their relatively weak status, they are the perfect training opponents for adventurers who want to increase their ranks. However, this only applies to individuals, as a swarm of Flare Lizards can be a threat above what even experienced D-rank adventurers can handle.

They are a well-known monster species in cities that are close to volcanic territories, such as the city of Solomar on the Invidia continent.


Flare Lizards have the appearance of overgrown lizards with fiery, orange scales. They emit flames from their backs when they feel threatened. 


Average HP: D Average MP: E+ Average SP: E+
Average STR: D- Average VIT: D- Average MAG: E+
Average RES: E+ Average SPD: D+ Average DEX: D
Average INT: C Rarity: E+ Danger Rank: E+

The greatest strength of a Flare Lizard lies in their numbers. They can produce large numbers of offsprings and can infest an area that is rich with Fire attribute aether in no time.

Other than that, Flare Lizards are not that strong for a racial rank D monster, especially since they are too dependant on the Fire attribute, making their attacks predictable and easy to counter, same with their weaknesses. Of course, that does not make them weaker than monsters of lower racial rank, but as long as one is careful, they are not an impossible opponent.

Lily's comment: NO MORE LIZARDS!!