[Arc 3] Extra Chapter 3: God is Angry
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"Goddammit all!!" - Chaos

"Don't damn yourself." - Order

"I know! Just need to release some stress!" - Chaos

......Even the most vicious Ultimate Goddess had to pause as she entered the meeting room of the temple to the Ultimate Gods, located on the Celestial World, Nibiru.

"...Do I want to know what is going on?" - Alvatria

"Just my stupid little brother not being able to punish Alvatria's... Alvatria!?" - Order

"That's me, Ria-chan~. Who's going to get punished?" - Alvatria

"......Your Champion." - Order

"Her? Is that all?" - Alvatria

"You... you are not angry at my little brother?" - Order

"Why should I? Lux's not here, so it means he's following the rules of not directly interfering with the mortals... well, except for that one time when we needed someone to test my girl." - Alvatria

"...And it's because of that incident that he is going crazy now." - Order

"What? Did lil' Chaos's pride get hurt because he was K.O.-ed in one strike~?" - Alvatria

"...Just as you said." - Order

"Then I guess that the reason so many different Dungeons were created in the area around Garami's is due to Chaos giving some believer of his the power to distribute Dungeon Cores that unconsciously made the owners go to that place to build their Dungeons?" - Alvatria

"...Correct." - Order

"Hmm, then the snake in the city, as well as the Skeleton army that Garami faced right after building the Dungeon...~" - Alvatria

"The Vile Viper is the creation of his agent. The Desert Skeletons were a factor that my little brother didn't foresee." - Order

"And they gave the Dungeon enough experience to withstand the next attacks. Not to mention that my Garami is far more energic than that embarrassing little brother could ever imagine~." - Alvatria

"Please... have mercy..." - Order

The two goddesses kept on their "friendly" conversation while the god of Chaos was completely unaware of the distress he is causing his older twin sister while preparing for the final card he could play in his plot to avenge the humiliation he was given by a certain demon...

Kigal-Note/Warrior Classes: Brawler

Type: Warrior Class
Rank: Intermediate
Unlock Requirements:
  • Having cleared the Legacy Quest: [Bancho of Bruises].
  • Have the [Close Quarters Combat] skill at Lv.10 or higher
  • Alters the growth of mentioned stats:
    • STR growth increase [Small]
    • VIT growth increase [Small]
  • Improves proficiency with skills related to unarmed combat.
Skills obtained by advancing in the Brawler Class:
Obtained from Main Class only: [Elemental Fist Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.1: [Heavy Blow Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.1: [Parkour Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.10: [Endure Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.20: [Battle Continuation Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.30: [Energy Warfare Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.40: [Brute Force Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.50: [Combat Reinforcement Lv.1]


A Brawler is a Warrior that fights with their bare hand and willpower. Essentially, a muscle-headed class that attacks, attacks, and attacks once more. They forsake techniques in exchange for brute strength, making this class a rival to the Martial Artist class.

The Brawler class is special among the Warrior-line classes due to it granting no Art-related skills. Instead, it grants various skills to allow the Brawler to fight at their fullest potential, allowing this class to work as a supplement class for other Warrior-line classes. 

Garami's comment: So, it's a class to support classes. Even so, why didn't that Chimera chose this instead of Martial Artist...