Chapter 207: Excursion at the Beach ④ Operation Student Cooperation
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Chapter 207: ビーチの遠足④学生協力作戦

Made it in time. This should be the last release for the day. Hoping there will really be no work tomorrow to release some more.


“Okay! ‘A’ Group, follow me!” with an upbeat voice Sara urged some 15 students to join her.


“Ouhh!” the 15 students also imitated her energy and immediately followed her to where ever she was leading them.


Me, I am left with 10 students who shared my dumbfounded look.


Now, you might be wondering why I am tending to students when I should have been on a Dungeon Run to collect Crystallized Resmerian Essence. Then allow me to go back a few hours before this awkward situation was presented to 8 people who had the same irritated look.




After replacing Evanus’ bandages (soaked with the Grade S Restorative Potion) and made sure that he safely summons his familiars to tend to his everyday needs. I went down the mountain and surveyed the area where the dungeon entrance was supposedly located.


“Stop who goes there?” when I got closer a voice stops me. “This is restricted area, under the regulation of the Hunter’s Guild.”


I see of course, if this was already a known dungeon, guards should be stationed. The guild that supervises this area will establish regulation and stops those who are not affiliated with the Hunter’s Guild from entering.


“Only hunters or students of Levantis Royal Academy and their supervising instructor may enter here.” It would seem that I can only enter through 3 means, become a hunter, a student or an instructor.


The guard was very talkative and informed me that Levantis Royal Academy students were allowed entre this time as part of their excursion for class merits. It I definitely do not want trouble from the Guild as they have pretty nasty connections. So my only option for now is to consult with Sara.


“Sara.” After giving her a rundown of what happened, she looked genuinely concerned for Evanus’ injury, but as soon as I assured her that he is fine, her concern was filled with mischief. “Do you have a solution for me or are you messing with me.”


“On the contrary, my alchemy student...” There was definitely mischief on her voice. “I’ve come up of a brilliant way for you to enter the Star Cove Dungeon.”


Her brilliant plan involved me supervising students, it was already planned. I guess this was coming one way or the other, usually two teachers as supervisors were meant to come for this excursion, Sara was able to bend some rules (clearly stating that her authority in school is slightly higher).


“Everyone gather up.” Sara then calls up the students after they had their slight enjoyment upon our arrival in the afternoon yesterday and had fully rested last night. “I will now give you your assignment for this Class Excursion.”


The excursion was of course to enter and go deep inside the Star Cove Dungeon. They will be divided into two groups: A and B. Simple enough the group which gets farthest in the dungeon wins and gets full class credits and a special prize from Sara.


“Okay, take turns and pick up a number.” One by one the student’s complied. “Grouping will be done by lottery to ensure random groupmates.”


“Ehhhh.” Clearly the students were dismayed, I’m sure they have their own circle of friends they wanted to group with, some of them are even in those troublesome factions, a bad line up will be troublesome. But they have no power over Sara so they had no choice but to go with her selfishness.


“Lottery she says.” clearly that was a lie. Although she had more students to supervise with 15 and me having only 10, if you look at it in a bigger picture clearly mine is considered the end of the stick:


On the left corner, we have the Nobles’ Faction lead by Alfred Sanctis y Fritzer and three members of his clique;


On the right corner, opposite them is the Commoners’ Faction lead by Magnus Ramirez also with his three followers; and


In the middle, we have Princess Hisui M. Gulvan y Elmira and her best friend Sera Celesti.


The two opposing faction and the supposedly pacifier were clump into one group. This smelled trouble conspiracy no matter what, but as much as I want to retort, Sara was no longer in sight.


“Why the hell are we being supervised by a Janitor?” of course they will ask, though I am thinking just the same thing.


“What? Can’t get the comfortable that a Janitor is in control Mr. noble?” while it looks like this guys is protecting me, I am sure he just want to have a comeback on the noble boy’s bickering.


“Enough of this.” Sensing that this will lead to another brawl, the pacifying princess made her own opinion. “He may be a janitor, but he is tasked with our supervision, I hope you understand what that means.”


Instantly both factions closed their mouth, it was as the princess has said. Sara had given me the rights over their grades if they can’t get that through their heads they would definitely fail in this excursion earning them zero credits.


“Well.” Since it has already been given to me, and the fact that neither faction will really listen to what I have to say, might as well give them a lesson they will not forget. “Those who have qualms for me being your supervisor, you may come at me.”


While saying those words I instantly activated INTIMIDATION to provoke them.


“Come at me like you are going to kill me.”