Chapter 208: Excursion at the Beach ⑤ Hard Lesson
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Chapter 208: ビーチの遠足⑤ハード・レッスン

This chapter got a lot longer passing 1000 words. But here is today's release. Hope my brain activity and internet connection does not die down and allow me to continue writing.


With permission from Alfred and his clique, the mock battle against me started with the Commoner’s –The Fighting Eagles Faction. Their group was composed of three males with Magnus as leader and two females.


“Let’s get him!” a two boy acting like some thug started to cast his magic after me.


“Wait we need to have a strategy.” The girl beside Magnus wanted to call him back but he could no longer hear her through the explosions.


“Emi, let him do what he wants, we’ll get him on his flank.” Unable to control him, he decides to use it instead as distraction to attack me on the rear. While a smart move, as far as aesthetics goes he was no different than the other guy.


“…wha-t should I do?” looks like someone got left behind.


Contrary to their enthusiasm their battle against me however was short, although Magnus was hailed their leader his leadership skills are somewhat lacking, his group mates did whatever they wanted and among them was  a girl who did not even know what to do and was left behind.


All members where all over the place and could not coordinate a single attack. While the girl who was with Magnus tried to follow through his attacks, for some reason her spells did not suited her well. With their whimsical battle tactics they just got on everyone’s way and eventually led to their defeat.



“Ahahahah! I knew commoners could only amount to this!” a burst of laughter echoed where the nobles had waiting for their turn. “To be defeated by a mere janitor.”


There was one among the nobles who was not laughing though, Alfred must have seen through my strength.


“Then would the Noble Stallions care to have their turn?” with the Fighting Eagles’ turn over, it was time for the Noble’s Faction to have their own lesson and as usual I activated some Intimidation to provoke them.


“Emi you give support at the rear. Kent and Samson will handle defense in the middle.” Ohh, looks like this will be a decent battle, Alfred seem to have a good command at his own clique. “I will handle offense at the front!”


“By your command!” in unison Alfred’s group mates shouted indicating that they will follow their leader’s instruction.


The battle against the Noble Stallion was half decent compared to the battle against the Fighting eagles. Alfred, unleashed waves of offensive magic against me, the support in the rear made sure I will not move to any undesired spots disadvantageous to them and the defensive line were protecting the support line.


This would have been perfect strategy against me who has MIS, if I had to point out where they went wrong, was their attitude against me in the battlefield. While Alfred who had seen through my strength used all of his power to defeat me, the others just kept looking down on me and did not even bother to use 100% of their actual powers and the battle dragged down exhausting themselves that eventually led to their own downfall.


Beating the student's would have been a problem if they tell the school that I have roughed up some students, who knows what will happen, do not even bother when the Nobles make a move. However, the members of the Noble Stallion with their high pride will never allow anyone to hear about their defeat from a mere janitor and the Fighting Eagles although commoners are still chosen elites they should have the same pride with them and will keep this story under wraps.


The ones who are the most worrisome of the three factions in my care would be the two who would be the last to have their try.


“Would the Princess and Miss Sera like a try?” with the disappointment from the Commoners and disbelief from the nobles continued after the battle, I then tried to have the remaining two to have a turn as well.






The princess answered enthusiastically by raising both her fists at shoulder level while her best friend Sera approves by nodding once. The two had the right attitude in the battlefield and looks like they too have the skills to match it.


“Sera leave the support and defense to me” The princess takes the rear and summons a strong whirlwind to protect both her and Sera. “I will leave the offense to you.”


“Leave it to me…” Sera in affirmation, invokes a contract magic. She is probably a Summoner. “…Shilva.”


What are these two girls thinking? Right now in front of me is a strong wall of gale protecting the two and a 2 Meter tall Lady made of Crystallized Ice taking a solid offensive stance.


“I am not exactly a monster that needs to be subjugated you know?” Looks like these two are serious in this mock battle and their elements are somehow complementing each other making it more difficult to approach them.


“Ace here we go!”


The battle with the two was the most fulfilling, I was trying my best to hide my skills, but with their strong coordination and powerful attacks it was very hard to play the fool.


During the battle with the Fighting Eagles, I was able to hide my skills by letting them destroy each other, as for the Nobles I masked it by getting them exhausted 'till their defeat.


So I answered their serious mode with my own. While they were expert mages, they had one problem that led to their defeat: Experience. Since I had experience dealing with Strong Magical Creatures, dealing with the summoned being Shilva became somewhat doable.


Hisui’s wall was almost impenetrable combining a solid defense and a strong offensive wall, however there are way to exploit her wall using my own stronger opposing elements to counter and destroy it. With the wall gone, I was able to take down both of them.


Hisui’s partner, Sera’s control over her summoned being although almost perfect she could not follow through my speed and was instantly rendered incapable for combat.


“Looks like the only one who can survive the dungeon are these two.” After calming my excitement from the battle against the two I then give my preliminary evaluation. “I guess everyone other than these two are nothing but talk.”


I sure do hope am not riling them up too much, now how would they react?