Chapter 209: Excursion at the Beach ⑥ Change in Attittude and Environment
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Chapter 209: ビーチの遠足⑥態度と環境の変化

Second release for the day, if my brain keeps up I might write one week worth chapters.


After experiencing first hand their immaturity and lack of actual strength the students started to lay down their insults and defiance, with this they should to some extent listen to what I have to say.


This should be the first step if I want to supervise them properly, if they do not see me as a figure of authority, they will never follow my instructions. If this happens and prematurely enter the dungeon, they might do actions that will put theirs or others’ lives in danger.


Although there were many ways to make them listen to me, unfortunately, because of my background they will never see me past as being a Janitor, unless they first hand see how weak they are and so decided to undertake this solution.


“Looks like it went well.” Hisui and Sera both stood beside me, it would seem that they at least knew the logic for my actions, even though they really did try to kill me using their strongest magic. “As to be expected.”


“Eh!” really this girl for some reason she seems to know me. But I was only summoned a year ago, and this year I was living in Amarante and did not get acquainted with anyone else other than the Romarias and some villagers. “Your Highness, I’ve been meaning to ask, do you perhaps have me mistaken for someone else?”


“I see. Wee, it can’t be help.” The princess then stood in front of me and gave me a self-introduction stand. “I never did get to say my thanks my benefactors who had safely escort me here. My name is Hisui I was the noble lady at that time, please you may call me Hisui.”


“I see, then Princess Hisui I am humbled for having saved the princess of this kingdom, I am sure that the other escorts will feel the same way.” I can’t really represent myself for the whole party but since I am the only one here it can’t be helped.


The princess wanted me to drop the princess part but, of course I can’t really call her by name, while it might be okay with her it won’t be for those who are particular with formality. I definitely do not want to be hanged for lèse-majesté, instead I compromised and added her name after her official title.


Now I know why she was quite familiar with me and did not bother to question my strength, she saw my battle when we were attacked. Moving away from that topic, it looks like the princess is in quite a shaky situation. Well, for now I should focus on fixing the problem before me in the long run this might help her in dealing with her situation.


“So have you guys finally settled down.” after getting they have treated themselves with the restoratives and bandages Sara had given to them before hand, I then stood before them. “So are you ready to go under my supervision’?”


“…” they were silent; well, I will be taking their silence as their approval.


“As I have mentioned beforehand, the only ones who are ready to take on the Dungeon are standing beside me.” Hisui and Sera who have slightly gotten pink due to the attention they are now receiving smiled awkwardly at them. “If you do not focus worst case scenario will have you or your friends die on you.”


There was no need to sugarcoat my words. They need to understand that entering the dungeon will be riddled with danger and they need each other to be there for them,


“Right now you are one unit and need to move as one, if not you will only get yourselves killed in turn.”


But I also know that change cannot happen in a fortnight, they have hated each other for as long as they can remember, it might not even have started from them but instilled at them since birth, so asking them to change their attitude towards each other will not change unless they get to know more about each other.


According to leading psychologist in the previous world, there are two ways to change behavior: one is to change their actions and the behavior will follow; the other, is to change the environment and the changes will follow.


For the first condition to be met, the group will need to see that they are not entirely different from each other, that they have their own weaknesses and strengths.


For the nobles who looked down on the commoner and be defeated by a commoner should have mellowed their arrogance. For the commoners who could only see the nobles as a people seating lavishly in the chair, saw how Alfred and Hisui commanded an excellent battle. Their defeat earlier should have somehow changed their attitudes.


For the second condition, this little class excursion should have been the answer. Usually, trips like these are meant to encourage students to form new relationship with others. However this did not go too well when these students brought their environment with them. They kept clinging to the idea that they are members of the Noble Stallions or the Fighting Eagles which meant that their hate for each other remained.


When problems regarding the change of environment come to you what do you do? The answer is sports. There is nothing sports cannot change.


“Okay everyone, change to your swim wears.” While there were a lot of ‘eh?’, ‘ha?’ or confused look on the background, I continued my grand plan to change their environment. “Let’s play beach volleyball.”