Chapter 210: Excursion at the Beach ⑦ Of Friendships and Rivalries
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Chapter 210: ビーチの遠足⑦友情=競争

Work got especially demanding yesterday and was not able to even write a single draft. With blessings from my brain, I am hoping to release another one before going to bed.



That afternoon after taking their lunch, both the boys and the girls changed to their respective swim wear. All boys wore their trunks while the girls had their choice of one-piece and two-piece swim wears.


Now that they were in front of me, my head smacked some senses onto my brain, there really was no need for them to wear these kinky get up. I can’t believe I had my primal instinct won me over and decided to let these girls wear such outfit. But when I saw the boys’ bewildered and the girls’ lovely expressions, I decided to keep it that way. Boys will be boys a guess.


“Okay? Who among you here do not know how to play beach volleyball?” When I was still on the other side and imagined going to another world, I’ve always wanted to be able to teach another world something new from my world. But…


“It’s a game that went viral last year, right?” damn it, someone beat me to it. “I even brought a ball just to play on our next off.”


“Thank you Emi Savil. You have saved me.” damn, I was too full with myself that I forgot that I did not have a ball prepared for the event. Thank you person-whom-I-do-not-know for introducing beach volleyball earlier than I did.


“Okay, the rules are quite simple.” I started to hammer the rules to the group, especially to those who did not know about the sport.


It goes without saying that I had changed rules to maximize my main point to team play. Instead of the official two players the game will be played 5 on 5. It is also too easy to get heated when Magic is allowed so those who use it will be immediately to disqualification to ensure full enjoyment of the game.



“Shall we star with the game!” Thankfully we have got an even number and easily split the group into two opposing teams. “The battle is between boys and girls.”




I knew all of them will react this way, the overall purpose to this game is to change their environment it will be meaningless if I just go with ‘nobles vs commoners’. That is the reason I gave them a new environment, if they can’t go past this obstacle they will further boxed themselves and will never grow as individuals. So I needed another push to make them accept this new environment.


“I see, guess it won’t be fair…”


“Of course it won’t be...” I left my sentence hanging on purpose I knew someone will always dig a grave. A grave definitely not intended for me. “Girls are weaker than boys.”


“Ha!?” The lone girl on the Nobles Stallion Faction and the two girls in the Fighting Eagles Faction easily paced themselves to where Hisui and Sera were standing. “IT IS ON!”


…and the game started… or it should have.


“Why won’t you move like chess pieces, Magnus!”


“That’s right!”


“That is because we are human beings, Alfred!”


“That’s right!”


“Let’s crush their balls!”






“Hmm… hmm…”


Contrary to the one who said that girls are weaker than boys, the game had one obvious loser: from the boys who could only hate each other and the girls who found a common enemy –the boys.


“Game set! The winner goes to…” while it was obvious who the winner is, I needed to spark some inspiration in boys’ spirit, so I needed to say it. “…stronger than the boys, the Girls’ Team!”


“Yay!” the girls in full bloom and somewhat refreshed from their victory made a group high five, indicating that they had gone past the obstacles that was set up from their positions.


Thankfully, the two who called themselves leaders of their respective factions had finally noticed where they lacked. During the battle against me, Both Magnus and Alfred were of the same temperament this must be the reason why they constantly repel each other:

  • Alfred almost influenced by his Fire Element was a hot headed teen full of ambition and pride.
  • Magnus, contrary to his Water Attribute he boils in anger whenever his pride or ambition is stepped on.


What will reconcile them is the common factor in the equation. Although the same, the pride they hold are of two different things. One is the Pride which was just handed to him from his position. While the other, is the Pride that was grasped through hard work.


I have already set 2 days for this experiment, for the students to grow past their Social Statuses, but it seems it only took half a day. This goes to show that humans can and will adapt to the environment when push comes to shove.


“We would like another game!” and there it is, the Pride that will not allow defeat, the same yet different pride that will reconcile both of them. I know this time they will break that obstacle, this time the challenge was not directed to the girls or to me, rather to their past selves. “We will fight you with all we’ve got!”


There is nothing that makes an educator more satisfied than to see their students grow, not just physically or mentally, but holistically.


 “Okay, let’s go for round 4!”