Chapter 211: Excursion at the Beach ⑧ Night Before the Dungeon Run
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Chapter 211: ビーチの遠足⑧ダンジョン・ランの前夜

I almost missed the chance to release this.


The real battle started when both teams reconciled their animosity with each other. Although you can still hear runts from the boys from time to time, it only stoops to the level akin to childish bickering.


As the battle heated a gallery of crowds and stalls gathered to witness the game, some of the onlookers even started to take open and friendly bets summing up a large amount of money.


“The girl with the pony tail and her huge knockers sure are inviting.” They must be talking about Emi Savil, she is a noble and should be out of your reach boys.


“The one in the glasses is blooming cute, maybe a girl in love. That is so moe.” Some of the boys here had a weird choice of words, really ‘moe’?… they might right about her being in love though, she -Claire Falmot is the girl who is always with Magnus.


“The tall shy girl has good proportion, why don’t we make her a model.” some of the onlookers are probably and looking to scout the shy Rebecca Stuart.


“What is that child doing there?” I guess with her height and body proportion she could not get in their radar. But who’s to say, I’m sure there are a lot of people with different quirks out there so good luck Sera.


“You know, I think I’ve seen that girl before… right when I went to the palace 2 years ago… but…” better stop with your innuendo and all or you’re going to lose your life for Lèse-majesté.


While there is bound to be trouble for this kind of things, I left it be since they are healthy observation from healthy boys, as long as is it is only to the level of ogling and making fancy remarks there was no need to stop them. It would be different if they try to assault them though.


While there were fanboys ogling at our beautiful Girls Team, there were also fangirls looking for their favorite, ikemen.


“Those eyes, they are like the sun piercing me with its heat.” Poetic, the girls all fall one by one as they look at Alfred.


“I will go for those earnest eyes. Those are the eyes of love… Mi Amore.” Magnus also got his own fangirls falling one by one.


I could see it invincible tears masking itself as sweat, three boys who could not make girl fall to the ground for being good looking enough. Good luck you guys, I am rooting for you. Wait there are actually four…. ‘shine raijuu me’


“Okay, that will be the end for this session.” The 4th round ended with the boys win, they insisted on another game when the girls are full strength but, I told them to conserve their energy because tomorrow they will enter the dungeon. “You will have free time until then.”


That night, the changes were visible:


The 3 boys who could not get any girls during the game found camaraderie in them. They cried on the sides while consoling each other. It did not take too long though as they decided to fight their fate and together went chasing after girls. Just make it healthy guys.


The girls also found their own camaraderie by going to the bath to flush the sweat and had finally refreshed themselves, they talked about a lot of stuff involving beauty and lifestyle, after deciding to change to a bigger room, they went and converse together all night, their topic –boys.


The only ones who had a different itinerary are the two leaders of the warring factions, Magnus and Alfred. At the last minute before the 8th bell stroke the two asked me if I could watch their duel. While they needed to rest for the dungeon the next day, I also wanted them to finally settle their scores. So agreed to their duel, I guess true men will have their fists do the talking, well in their case their magic.


Their battle will be a short one, like those Fast Draws in the Wild West only no guns are involved but one single spell. Now who will get the first strike? The Cool Headed Flames of Alfred or the Hot Blooded Waters of Magnus, either way the two have already won.


“Good work today.” At midnight, while making sure that nothing out of the ordinary is happening in both the student’s rooms and the cabin at mountain. Two girls found their way to the balcony where I am standing. “Hmm… hmm…”


“Princess Hisui, Lady Sera. Not yet sleepy?” while the two were moving, Sera was really pushing herself as she was wobbling on her feet. I guess she wanted to be by the princess side.


“Mmm... I just wanted to thank you for what you have done today.” Well, she could have waited for tomorrow, but since I don’t really mind the company there was no need to push them away. But I am guessing she has a reason to be here.


“Ace, why did you not apply being a teacher?” while tending to the sleeping Sera, Princess Hisui then finally asked the question she wanted to ask for a while now. “With your abilities you could have become a good combat instructor.”


I guess so. I could also have been a student who excelled on the arts of combat. While the fault first lied with the Co-Head of the Registrar, I think not becoming either a student or an instructor work well for me and my circumstances and I was still able to learn a few important things regarding this world without being one so it should be fine.


“The moon sure is beautiful.” Urged by my words, Princess Hisui then looks at the blue full moon. “I am sure there is a reason why it is there.”


“I-I see.” By becoming a instructor or student in the first department, I would have not been able to meet her or have taught the her class the lesson they needed. So not becoming an instructor or a student had worked out fine for me, her and the rest of the class.


“Better take Lady Sera to her room, or she'll never grow.” I meant her height, but my eyes did stop on her breasts who were not even half of her older sister's.


“That is a bit sad, Sera will cry if she hears that." The princess could not laugh at the joke as she noticed the innocent sleeping Sera.


If she does hear me, she’d probably summon Shilva and seriously murder me. Will I even survive a serious Sera, I should not incur her complete wrath. So I urged the princess to escort her to their rooms.


“Good night Ace…” her sweet voice lingered on my head.


“Good night Princess.” Out from earshot I gave my response.