Chapter 212: Blessings from a Ghost Ship
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Chapter 212: 幽霊船の祝福

Work became too demanding this week, I could not write for two whole days. I was supposed to write two other character POVs, but I had trouble writing them so I decided to have them in the end of the arc instead. I am hoping my brain allows me to write another chapter. For now allow me to thank you for reading Journal from Another World. Please enjoy this release.



“Good morning, you all seem to have woken early?” Today was the third day since I took Sara’s whimsical ploy and became supervisor for these 10 students’ for their Dungeon Run as part of their School Excursion.


“Well there was a great commotion...” Sera who do not usually converse answered me. That was how great the commotion was.


“We are sorry for the noise.” The proprietress of the inn we were staying greeted as apologetically. “I will make sure to reprimand the employees…”


“It’s quite alright, these kids needed to wake up early anyways.” Seeing that the Sera tied to respond could only shake her head. She must have but lost to her shyness, so I responded for her stead and asked what caused the commotion in the first place. “So, what was the commotion all about?”


“I really don’t want to scare costumers away… so it is probably nothing… but.” from the way the proprietress said it, the news that made this much fuss could probably close businesses if not handled carefully. So I eased her mind by telling her that the students will stay her for another week, another volleyball match will probably kill this rumor faster than the current news. “…well it is just an old fisherman’s tale… but a Ghost Ship has been spotted last night.”


“Ha?” I was not really surprised that ghost ships are sighted in this fantasy world. In fact in some of the books I have read in both the Romaria and Levantis Royal Academy East Wing Library there are many indications that Ghost Ships are one of the most prominent Natural Haunts in Resmere.


The real shock that overcame me is the fact that it was probably the Grimoire Atelier that was seen last night. I was really careful summoning her making sure that no human presence was in the area. To think that some else still saw it.


“The Blessed Ghost Ship of Mary Cove saved me last night.” In the middle of the commotion was an elder employee of this very inn, speaking jubilantly at his tale. According to his story of last night’s Ghost Ship sighting, he was so drunk and almost drowned, but then a ship casted a great wave and pushed him to the shores. “Had it not for the Blessed Ghost Ship… she must be telling me to stop drinking and treasure life more.”


His words were shock after shock after I hear them. This elder really must have died on the water so did not show with my MANA and KI Perceptions Skills but somehow got resuscitated when he got back to shore after I summoned Grimoire Atelier.


“Don’t worry miss proprietress, I assure you will not loss customers from these.” Although I just wanted to save Grim-chan from being persecuted as bad omen, it did not change that the way this elder talked about it will probably call in tourist in the area. I remembered when sightings of UFO became natural tourist spots. “Allow him to speak his story for a while and this inn will probably have lots of customers.”


There is no mistake to it the Blessed Ghost Ship this elder employee was speaking off is definitely the Grimoire Atelier. Last night after lights out, I was thinking that my usual set up will not be okay for the Dungeon Run and so decided to summon Grimoire Atelier near the shores.


“Okay better get my preparations done.” After making sure that the princess and the others have finally slept, I made my way to the shores and summoned Grimoire Atelier. The sheer size of Grimoire Atelier casted a small wave in the surrounding waters but thankfully it did not make too much of a sound and so did not alert anyone nearby.

There is something different to this Dungeon Run that requires me to change to a different setup: First is that I am not alone, unlike when I challenged the Nameless Dungeon where I only needed to protect and thought of protecting myself, it will not be the same here. In the Dark Forest Dungeon I was with two others, but let me iterate that two is definitely not the same as ten.


The second most underlying reason is the presence of the princess of this kingdom. It will hamper my travels if I get myself hunted for causing death to royalty. Sara, I hope to answer your confidence in me but did you really have to push this responsibility to a non-academic staff to the school, no matter her authority this would be bad if something happens to her.


So I decided to make sure that I am in full gear in this Dungeon Run. First things first I should probably take off this troublesome Title and replace them with more helpful one.



  • LIFE FORCE 4,200 +        2,310 【6,510 】
  • MANA           147    +        88      【   235 】


  • Phys STR 248    +        430
  • Phys DEF             245    +        386
  • Mag POW 232    +        174
  • Mag DEF 213    +        243



These STATS were due to a change in my Titles which were as follows:






I also made sure to fill in new equipment in the Detachment room also since I still had some surplus of Magic Cores I decided to increase the Detachment Rooms allowing it to store from 15 items to 25. I still had some very small array of equipment to choose from, but after learning official Blacksmith Craft and Spiritual Blacksmith Craft I should have many weapons to choose from soon.



  1. Altivian Claymore (two handed)
  2. Ancient Kampilan (one-handed sword)
  3. Aradvil (great sword)
  4. Arc Bow (short bow)???
  5. Axe of Galmorad (battle axe)
  6. Fabnil (dagger)???
  7. Flaming Kris(one handed sword)
  8. Gungnir (spear)???
  9. Lune (long bow)???
  10. EXCALIBUR (one handed sword)
  11. RHONGOMIANT (spear)
  12. Muramasa (two handed sword)
  13. Spear of Epsilon (spear)
  14. SWORD OF BARBATOS (two-handed sword)???
  15. MUSKET (rifle)
  16. MIRROR SHIELD (shield)???
  17. FIREDRAKE SHIELD (shield)???
  18. AQUA SHIELD (shield)???
  19. TITAL WALL SHIELD (shield)???
  20. STORM SHIELD (shield)???
  21. “The Gun Powder Barrel” (container)
  22. “The Bullet Box” (container)
  23. “The Throwing Box” (container)
  24. “The Arrow Basket” (container)
  25. “The CABINET” (container)



After packing the weapons for my usage, there were still other things I needed for this dungeon run in fact this might be the most important. I need to hurry, if I am to make it.


While running to the middle deck, is it me or something seems different… it might just be my imagination, I have not been here for a more than 4 months now. Need to get to the Garden and get some wooded supply. I only have 5 hours to make them I hope I make it in time.


Thankfully I just barely made it and slept for 30 minutes in my room at the inn only to be woken by the commotion I had created last night. Well everything is ready and hopefully the students are too, for today we will start treading to the dungeon.