Chapter 213: Star Cove Dungeon ① First Floor
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Chapter 213: スター・コーブダンジョン①一階ダンジョン

Second release for the day. Yahoo, good for it brain.


The Elite Magic Class Excursion main event is to traverse a dungeon, and scheduled for two weeks. The first day was a bit troublesome since I had to make sure that they will see me as a supervisor which Sara had under her whims pushed on me. It was successful endeavor and though they do not completely trust me they at least listen to what I have to say.


“Okay everyone line up!” our morning was crazy after all we were waked by a strange commotion about a Ghost Ship and while the boys did not make too much of a fuss about it, the girls were making a slight commotion on their own. “We are lagging behind the Group A, so let me finish faster.”


Sara wanted to have a competition using the Dungeon Run and split the whole class with 25 students in two. She took 15 of these students under her supervisory and left me who a non-academic staff to supervisor to the remaining students.


“Okay, you might have already figured this out.” When they have finally gathered I made sure that they are prepared for what is in the dungeon and for that I needed to make sure they have what I scarcely made late last night and early this morning. “You are weak.”


Okay that might have been too blunt and not exactly accurate. Technically speaking they are not weak. In fact they are superior mages, instead of calling them weak more like they have a weakness, a weakness they can never overcome as long as they continue to become mages which is after all their ultimate goal.


“Our casting speed.” As to be expected from rank third in class. Right, mages in this world have invocation in a form of a song. To cast magic you have to sing that song in verses, each verse has an effect completing that the song will allow the caster to cast the strongest spell of that song.


But singing even one verse requires time, time in which in real battle no warrior would allow as to lead their defeat. During the mock battle I pitted myself in I did not hinder their invocation since I wanted them to be at their peaks when they realize that they are indeed weaker than they actually presume.


“Because of that, I have these prepared for all of you.” Thankfully, the others also noticed this weakness and headed my words. I now presented them the items I had prepared last night. “Since they are made of wood, they should not be too far as holding them as a staff.”


Well, they are indeed staffs. I was shocked when the logged appeared last night when I prepared one last night.


.LOG {

  • Crafted a WOODEN TRIAL MAGIC AIDE STAFF version Sword
  • Captain you created a staff that looks like a sword.
  • That is completely useless though, you should have created a staff instead.



Grim-chan’s last comment is true but somehow she has become a little bit mean, I guess I have not been summoning her too often. I should summon her often whenever I am at sea.


Well there you have it and I pulled out one by one STAFFs that have Weapon-like forms. What makes them Staff is that instead of raising mostly Phys STR, they raise Mag POW by 20.00% and only 10% for physical. I guess the image of me crafting them for mages changed the add-on from physical to magical.


“Wow!” While picking up the Staffs, Claire exclaimed upon inspecting it. “They have 20% add on to their Mag POW, where did you get this Rank B item?”


This is another shocker when I crafted them, my Wooden Trial Series should have been Rank E, which only have a 15% add-on. Well, I am guessing it stems from me finally getting my Level to 10 after I read more theories about the craft.


“Now equip yourselves so that we can enter the dungeon.” One by one they picked up staffs that suited their combat preferences, as Magic Aide Equipment their magical aptitude should have raised by 20%, but my goal is for them to be proficient in combat that will put them in disadvantage. “Once inside, I will provide you with more instructions.”


The Hunter guard, was the same guard that had stopped me from entering a day ago. And soon when he noticed that I had students with me, he nodded and allowed our entre. “Took a bit of time, the other group have left to train a day ago though.”


Of course we were lagging behind, under Sara’s supervision then Group ‘A’ should have cleared the 1st Area (first 10 floors). Okay I need to double our time to beat that.


“No one is to go to the second floor as long as you can’t defeat the monsters here without using your magic.” This is harsh, but my ultimate goal is to make them proficient mages by being able to protect their lives when they are most vulnerable –during their invocation time.


“Ohh…” the Hunter guard paced himself towards me when he heard my instructions. “I thought that I don’t need to stay since the bombshell instructor is not here, but you are amazing in a different way.”




“Don’t get the wrong idea. I love boobs more than anything else. But…” thankfully he was not what I had feared when said those words. “It’s just that, miss bombshell had ordered them to decapitate the monsters here in one go using their best magic before they could go to the second floor. I could not enjoy the view through that carnage.”


That is indeed weird. A teacher of her caliber should have made sure to inform her students of their weakness beforehand. But I guess she has another approach to that.


After 3 hours instructing them how to use their chosen weapons they were slicing, smashing and piercing their ways through the monsters. Once all of them were able to do it without flinching, I then allowed them to cast magic using the techniques they have come up with their Magic Aide Staff.


I got something out if this too:



  • Lan Romaria (Combat Staff)
  • Ran Romaria (Dual Wield Short Swords)
  • Alfred Sanctis y Fritzer (Magic Aide Staff v. Saber)
  • Emi Savil (Magic Aide Staff v. Saber)
  • Kent Ardvon (Magic Aide Staff v. One handed Sword)
  • Samson Gervis(Magic Aide Staff v. Spear)
  • Magnus Ramirez (Magic Aide Staff v. Two Handed Sword)
  • Claire Falmot (Magic Aide Staff v. Short Bow)
  • Rebecca Stuart (Magic Aide Staff v. Long Bow)
  • Ray Hastings (Magic Aide Staff v. Halberd)
  • Hisui M. Gulvan y Elmira (Magic Aide Staff v. Dual Wield Short Swords)
  • Sera Celesti (Magic Aide Staff v. Short Bow)



.LOG {

  • Obtaining more than 10 disciples you have leveled-up SENKIDOURYUU Master Level-up from 1 to 2
  • All Passive Combat Skills are added with 1 level.
  • Captain, started to walk the path of not just a master by name but a master by skills. Keep up the good work.
  • Ohhh! Master maybe we should start calling you Master now instead of Captain.



Hmmm… we? But anyway, with Grim-chan’s cheer, I now have gotten closer to the strength that might be able to protect not just myself but others… well I should not get this in my head and proceed as I’ve always have –carefully.


“Okay let’s go to the next floor.”