Chapter 214: Star Cove Dungeon ③ Masters and Disciples
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Chapter 214: スター・コーブダンジョン③マスターと弟子

Next chapter should be the climax for the Star Cove Dungeon, it was supposed to be this chapter but I got a flash of inspiration with my Master and Disciple Scheme and chose to include this chapter instead. Hopefully it will be to the readers' liking.


The time is 12th bell since it is already lunch I decided that before we proceed to the third floor, a 1 hour break was in order. I also made sure to give them instructions to service and maintain their equipment. While they don’t have to worry about stains they still need to ensure that chips, wear and tears are properly checked.


Thankfully although they were teamed up randomly, during this break they still found a way to reshuffle and talk with one another. I was really glad that Sera manage to associate with the other girls albeit always being with Princess Hisui.


On another side another commotion was happening:


“Ray!” There were some who were a bit dissatisfied with the teaming though, mainly the two boys, Kent and Samson. “You traitor get over here this instant.”


At first I thought that they had reverted to their old ‘faction-selves’ but, instantly understood where their anger stemmed from.


“I am so jealous. you have two hot girls as a teammate.”


“You should burn yourself in the stake for being a traitor and leaving us with nothing.”


“Ahahahaha…” an awkward laugh just escaped Ray’s mouth, his eyes those of a dead fish. “Just look at the girls I am with…”


The two who was with Ray were indeed beautiful girls, Emi Savil and Rebecca Stuart. Emi had a beautiful face and those well-endowed package that would make any boy want. Then there is Rebecca who was tall and had a balanced proportioned body that would easily become a runway model if she ever visits my previous world.


What then was he so awkward about…? Well one of the girls is madly in love with someone else while the other is too shy to get too close with a boy. There was no way he could betray whatever they have sworn among themselves.


The two then looked at the girl they were with and noticed they too were in a similar situation. The difference is that there was only shy and madly in love girl in their team. The three then renewed their sworn brotherhood and went to drink some juice which they complained to be very bitter.


In another corner were two who had a test of silence, they just kept drinking whatever was in their canteens and ate whatever was in their lunch basket. I can’t tell if they are in a good relationship or in a bad one… well as long as they don’t start killing each other, this should be a good change.


Since there was no bad commotion in the teams or the break I have to once again affirm that these kids have matured since the day I first had met them. A satisfied smile escapes my mouth.


Since we are on break, I also decided to check the menu about my Master and Disciple Relationship, due to the forgetfulness and clumsiness brought by the CARELESS ONE Title I completely disregarded the important info in them whe I first got my disciples.


In this MASTER and DISCIPLE Relationship menu the following columns are shown:

『Names』,『Level』,『Learning』,『Relationship』,『Perks』,『Skill Add-on』,『Life Force』,『MANA』,『Phys STR』,『Phys DEF』,『Mag POW』and『Mag RES』


I won’t go in complete detail since one hour will not be enough; that will be done in a different day when I have ample time to spare. So for now I will focus more on the most important columns, namely Learning, Perks and the Permanent STAT Boosts.


In the learning column, this details what they are learning from me or what I am learning from a master. To state an example I am currently learning Alchemy from Sara and Sera is learning Short Bow Arts from me.


‘Perks’ are the things I will gain from being their master or a disciple. Right now, I have the 3 Witch Link, 1 Noble Link, 1 Princess Link, 6 Mag RES Boosts and 2 Mag POW Boosts, Alchemy Link. Boosts are only enabled when I am partied with that specific master/disciple. Giving an example most of these kids are giving me a Mag RES Boost of 1.5% in my Permanent STATS Boost. As long as these disciples are in my party, I will have these Boosts activated.


Links is a step up to the ‘Boost’ and is enabled as long as the party member is the same Origin or Status regardless of them being my disciple or not. Same with the Boost, Links give a 1.5% to the Permanent STAT Boosts but is stackable.


For example, currently I have 3 Witch Links (Sara, Ran and Lan), if ever in my adventure I will be partied with another Witch (not my disciple), the three Links will be activated giving me a 4.5 Boost in my Mag POW and Mag RES. Think what will happen if that Witch becomes my disciple/master and gives me similar Perk


By the way, Noble Link gives me a 1.5% increase of Phys STR and Phys DEF in my Permanent STAT Boost. Princess Link gives me a 1.5% increment in my Source Experience Gain, Life Force and Mana. Alchemy Link increase my success rates and finished product Grades.


Lastly, is the ‘Permanent STAT Boosts’ this increases my own STATS relevant to their levels. For example Lan who is the highest leveled disciples at 35 will have that level directly converted to percentage (35%) and this percentage will determine how much add-on will be given to my raw STATS.


Right now my current STATS plus these boosts are as follow after I have manually activated them:



  • LIFE FORCE 4,200 +        20,581         【6,510 】
  • MANA           147    +        727              【   235 】


  • Phys STR 248    +        1,508
  • Phys DEF             245    +        1,451
  • Mag POW 232    +        1,204
  • Mag DEF 213    +        1,202



“One hour is up!” I wanted to get more into details, but one hour was really not enough for it, as the Magnus and Alfred who were quite a while ago stood and finally spoke in chorus.


“Then let us decide the next teams.”


“Ha?” two were disappointed


“Yay!” and 8 were jubilant.


It looks like some history must have caused these two’s disappointment, but I can’t have a single team be the same for the next 48 floors, now can I?