Chapter 215: Star Cove Dungeon ④ Speed Run
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Chapter 214: Chapter 213 スター・コーブダンジョン④スペード・ラン

Second Release for the day. I will release the continuation tomorrow since it is almost time for my sister to work. Hope you enjoy this chapter.



There will be some changes in our dungeon conquest starting at the 3rd floor until the 50th floor. First, I will no longer give them instructions, from here on out all decisions will be done through their cumulative ideas, to fight or to flee will be up to their discretion.


Second, to ensure that everyone’s cooperation level will increase the teams will be reshuffled every floor and will be especially done when on every Mid-boss and Boss Floors. But I reiterated that the ultimate goal for this dungeon run will be to reach the 50th floor. Fighting monsters will be a secondary.


“Okay, we will decide with our formation.” After giving them a rundown of my final supervised instructions, Alfred acted as a representative and consulted the group with his idea Magnus and members of the Fighting Eagles Faction did not interrupt or speak any ill retorts. “Why don’t we use a standard Quadrilateral Formation?”


The Standard Quadrilateral Formation is a formation that utilizes four groups which are advantageously positioned at each corner of a square, the leader or VIP usually stays at the middle of this formation to be protected or the ones who gives out instructions.


A smart thinking coming from Alfred, not only will this maximize my STAT Boost or my ability to protect them in times of trouble, this will also make sure that all students present gets to have a go for the leadership position.


“We can use colored magic signals to inform each team to help with coordination.”  Magnus also gave his input while looking as if inviting them the others to give their own.


“In that case Rebecca and I can set up a communication link using the wind magic –Whisper to aide with more accurate instructions.” Princess Hisui gave her suggestion while looking at the bewildered Rebecca who nodded at her idea. Not failing to look and interpret for her best friend, Sera, Princess Hisui also gave another good point.  “Then we should also probably decide hand signals, just in case we get into situations we are unable to speak or use magic.” 


Then why don’t we use…” everyone took turns and gave valuable inputs for their formation.


Thankfully, the formation they chose perfectly matched with the Perks and Permanent STAT Boosts that I will be giving them. Since the relationship is mutual learning, I also will be giving them a few of my Perks and Permanent STAT Boosts.


As long as they consider me as their Master and I continue to regard them as my disciples, they will gain a Source Level Experience Gain Link by 20% and an increase of Permanent STAT Boost by 80% which is my current level to their raw STATS.


After a few minutes the students then finalized their strategies and formation for the conquest. And so our Dungeon Run begins.


Ensuring that we have strength in Mid-boss and Boss battles, the students had decided to rest and do maintenance on the floors before them. Knowing that this is a speed run, they decided to fight only battles they cannot escape and sped through the others.


‘I still need to have some inputs on my book.’ Speaking to myself, I started to hunt some monsters along the way.


Of the group, I was the only one busy killing off some monsters sneakily. Throwing ‘KI’ infused throwing knives, shurikens and Kunais. So instead of equipping myself with the usual swords, I am with a Long Bow to hunt down monsters at a distance.


With their formation and the strategy, we made it through 34st floor on the third day of our exploration. You think it too fast? Well it should be as their strategy is fleeing until the 50th floor. There was no need to fight the Boss or Mid-boss.


Thankfully, Mid-boss and Boss rooms in the first and second areas (first 20th floors) allow fleeing or passing through. The 4th area however, should start disallowing it and we will have no choice but to battle through two Mid-Bosses and two Bosses to get to the goal which is the 50th floor.


Right now we are entering our first Mid-boss Battle, a Monster Rank C Threat demi-human –OGRE COMMANDER. Since this is a good time for it, I decided for all members to hunt at least 100 of these OGRES before we slay the commander. The objective:


.LOG {

  • After killing off 100 OGRES in one setting, you have attained the Title: OGRE KILLER
  • Captain, the OGREs are scary, we should dispose of them.
  • I wonder if they are tasty.



Like I said, Grim-chan sometimes is scary… really, tasty? I am hoping that the students got the title as well, since a stronger OGRE should be expected at the Boos Room. It will hasten their battles if they have increase affinity against these types of monster.


The 36st to the 39th floor were riddled with OGRE, but as if answering my query earlier, their battles against them if not too difficult became somewhat easy. The Bosses were Rank B OGRES, OGRE CHAMPION and SHAMANIC OGRE CHAMPION, since we had a larger subjugation party, split into two it was almost too easy.


The Mid-boss battle on a scorching desert at the 45th floor was a bit troublesome though, not only was the heat excruciating that would render anyone to lose ones composure. The Mid-Boss was a flying monster which was almost hard to combat, it was Monster with Threat Rank C -a GREATER WYVERN stood before us.


But, the monster had bad luck, if it were just me I might have trouble with it, which I immediately added on my mental note to find a good strategy against as soon as possible. But for these students who had among them water mages with great command of water spells to cool them down, and wind magic users to render the monster’s wings almost meaningless in the air the medium to mid-difficult difficulty level won against the GREATER WYVERN.


“Let’s tread with caution from here.” This goes without saying that a stronger WYVERN awaits us in the 50th floor. With their streak, there is a good chance they will defeat the monster. But in battles there is no such thing as certainty. I needed to make sure I could protect them when the time needs it. I need to think of an anti-air capability this very instant.


What skill should I create this time?