Chapter 216: Star Cove Dungeon ⑤ Ranka of Kings
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Chapter 216: スター・コーブダンジョン⑤王のランカ

To think work would not allow me to release a single chapter for the whole weekdays.

But it should be safe not to work Saturdays and Sundays so I will try to release as much as I can, will not promise anything though.


In contrast with my knowledge with Dungeons 46th and 49th floor that should have been riddled with Wyvern type monsters, the floors only had an average of 10-15 sightings with the longest respawn time I have encountered. This meant there was no way to get that WYVERN Killer Title even if we stick around.


Since our objective was just a few more floors away, we did not bother with the regular monsters and only hunted WYVERNS to have a feel in fighting flying opponents.


“Everyone…” after speeding through to the 49th floor, Alfred called for a strategy meeting with his classmates. “I would like to change our formation with the next Boss.”


“I agree.” Magnus also agreed with Alfred’s proposal. “The Quadrilateral Formation is not a good formation for a flying opponent.”


In the battle against the GREAT WYVERN on the 45th floor, we had still used the Standard Quadrilateral Formation since we did not know about what our opponent was, that said since we already know that we will be dealing with flying opponent it was a good chance to change it.


When we entered the 45th floor the Standard Quadrilateral Formation was immediately placed useless as it focuses more on combat for land battles. The Pyramid Formation however was geared more on Long Distance Combat, meaning the Bow Arts and Magic and should be advantageous against soaring opponents.


While the students were in their strategy meeting, feeling that I can’t afford to log behind. As their supervisor I also have my own pride to uphold and would instantly lose it when I fail to protect them. I should make my own preparations.


“This would be a good chance to increase my Rifle Arts.” Thankfully, I was able to have some epiphany while experimenting on my own.


After a night of good strategy meeting and a full rest in a safe zone at the 49th floor, on our third day of our dungeon siege we finally entered the 50th floor.


As expected since the Mid-boss -GREATER WYVERN was on the 45th floor then the Boss room on the 50th is one rank above it. Monster Threat Rank B an ELDER WYVERN.


X       X       X

X                                    X

X                 X                 X                 X


The students’ formation worked like magic against the single flying WYVERN. The 4 students composing Rebecca, Hisui, Sera and Samson at the back of the pyramid were for support both healing and buffs. The 2 at the lower middle with Kent and Ray were entrusted the protection of both the upper-middle and the back of the formation.


The three at the upper middle formation composing Claire, Magnus and Emi are Secondary Assault team that enhances and create openings for the Primary Assault with Alfred who had the strongest piercing magic of the group.


Whenever the formation is somewhat broken they immediately cast a blinding light and smoke screen to create a time gap to reorganize back to their formation. It was a solid strategy.


If this goes well, the battle should end in a few more hits.


“This is the final Strike!” Alfred who was spearheading the Pyramid Formation finally casts one of his ultimate magic to end the battle. “Burning Lance!”


The body of the WYVERN got pierced with the lance made of brimming fire fell to the ground and continued to burn. With this it should be safe to say that victory was in their palms.


While the students celebrated for their victory, form some reason my Danger Perception keeps kicking in. This is a bit of a cliché, but in the RPG games I used to play in the previous world, after defeating the boss the music starts to pump lively as it sheds its first form to reveal its true form.


“Everyone gear up!” It looks like this is one of those bosses. We need to get ready for round two. “The battle has yet to end!”


“W-what the hell!”


“Are we fighting a Dungeon Lord!?”


It was not the time to panic but somehow I can sympathize with their thoughts. While I would expect a Dungeon Lord to pull this kind of stunt, this should have been just one of the 7 bosses and completely overwhelming.


“HOWLLLLLL!” The Boss monster in front of us was no longer the Rank B monster we had fought, but one rank higher, a Ranka of Kings.


.LOG {

  • Received a Race Specific attack from WYVERN DRAGON KING, 《GREATER HOWL》
  • Induced with fear, all STATS are lowered by 75% for 1 Hour
  • Due to FEAR RESISTANCE LVL 9 recovered 50% of the stat and reduced duration to 30 minutes
  • Induced with panic100% resulting to confusion for 1 hour
  • Due to PANIC RESISTANCE, slightly recovered from confusion, reduced ailment to 50% and duration to 30 minutes
  • Captain, another dragon has stood before us and used howl, I will take the troublesome ailments.
  • Due to unknown reason confusion and panic is forcefully cancelled
  • … … …



“Everyone, heed my words!” Thanks to Grim-chan taking away my confusion, I was able to recover immediately and called for the students. “We will now hunt the WYVERN DRAGON KING, move in formation!”


I made sure to activate my Intimidate Skill so that they will be drawn to me. Confusion is a mental attack this should be easily dispelled when an external stimuli removes it, this is evident when Grim-chan takes away that effect from me.


“Everyone I will handle the Dragon.” Then I pointed to the monsters that appeared from the howl earlier. “Can you take of them?”


I smiled as if to assure them that everything is fine, and the three who the leader figure of the group finally recovers and immediately gathers the rest to begin their battle against the horde of LIZARDs Demi-Humans.


Sighing to calm myself and immediately directed my attention to my soaring opponent. “Looks like I will be able to use the tactics I thought off before entering the boss room after all.”