Chapter 217: Star Cove Dungeon ⑥ Sky Warrior
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Chapter 217: スター・コーブダンジョン⑥空の戦士

Gotta keep on writing while my brain is active.


The night before.


While everyone was busy with their strategy meeting, I was also busy coming up with strategies to counter flying opponents. I never had this problem in the nameless dungeon as the monsters I have fought there were land creatures.


While there were flying monsters like the bats and the imps on the 31st and 34th floors on the Nameless Dungeon, none of them exceeded a height which I could not reach by jumping from tree to tree.


The WYVERNS however could easily break that height which I could not reach by jumping. The desert with no trees made it even worse as it can pick us easily in an open area.


So coming up with counter measures against flying opponents now is perfect chance. Even if the students defeat the boss monster tomorrow, I can’t very well rely on them in my journey.


While fiddling with some experiments, I manage to utilize skills I already have and come up with new ones.


That countermeasure is to fly… more accurately stepping in air. Physics would tell you that the only way for one to run on air is to step on air molecule at a speed so fast that the air molecule doesn’t have time to move out of the way and basically acts like a solid. However, at this speed all air molecules should stop the same time and would be like creating a wall around you. So there should be no movement.



But in this world there is an extra element that is not found in the previous world which should allow me to walk/run on air. This is an application of on my Active Skill Crystal Barrier. First I needed to find a way to solidify the Wind MANA around the air then protect myself with a solidified KI.


After fiddling with the MANA and KI for about 30 minutes, I was met with success:


.LOG {

  • Due to active manipulation of MANA using MANA Perception you have awakened MANA Manipulation
  • Due to active manipulation of KI using KI Perception you have awakened KI Manipulation
  • Captain, do you think humans can fly?
  • I guess without wings, humans are not meant on air.



Grim-can has really been weird. First she goes philosophical about humans then she belittles them. I hope she really is fine. But with this, I should have a way to move in air


And now for the real thing:


“Princess Hisui.” I also made sure to come up with a safety harness is somehow my skill gets caught up against something. “I am about to use something I have never tried before. If you see me falling, please use wind magic to somehow break my fall.”


After seeing the princess nod, I then put theory into practice. First I need to solidify a small amount of Wind MANA using MANA Manipulation, with my MIS stepping on it is like stepping on landmine so I need to protect myself by wrapping my sole with KI.


The KI on my soles should destroy the crystallized MANA the instant I step on it, so I need to be fast enough to create a new foothold and step on that new foothold using Quick Step. Thankfully since this is not magic, there was no need for invocation and could only be done using imagery.


“Here I come.” As if to resolve myself in this dangerous Trial and Error, I activate Quick Step while imaging for those foothold I made it to the sky.


.LOG {

  • By creating air footholds and entering the Domain of the Sky you have created a new skill SKY STEP
  • Captain, you’re amazing! You are flying!
  • The greatest aspect of humanity is to use whatever means to achieve what they can think off.



I am glad Grim-chan likes it. While the air was refreshing and the experience amazing, I still needed to deal with the monster that keeps on howling to summon more hordes of LIZARDs.


One thing about sky opponents is that they take too much pride of their great wings, as if they feel no one can defeat them as long as they have that great height advantage.


So he did not even bother to look overhead, where I was positioned and started to snipe for one of his eyes using the Musket I got from the SKELETON GUNNERS on the Nameless Dungeon.

While I could have used the bow and arrow to do the job, I had two reasons why I needed to use the Musket. One is that I also needed to level-up my Passive Skill Rifle Arts. Thankfully, my Sharpshooting Passive skill will always activate as long as it is a long range tool so I should not miss as long as I am concentrating.


The second reason is due to the attributes embedded on the bullets of the muskets. One of the Bullets were somehow special, an Item Rank C with an attribute that Ignores Mag RES.


And so I sniped while moving towards the WYVERN, this should be hard, but I can’t fail or the students will suffer instant death and so after breathing hard and focused on aiming, I took the shot.


No matter how tough the eyes of the WYVERN DRAGON KING, the velocity of the bullets had broken it. There was a magic Barrier -which should be the Mag RES, but since the bullets ignored it, the bullet pierced through and rendered its right eye unusable.


Since the Musket requires a lot of time to reload, I then switched to my bow and render the remaining eye ineffective. He should have been able to detect me using his own MANA or KI perception, but by activating ERASE EXISTENCE his MAN and KI Perceptions are also rendered ineffective.


With his main senses out, I took the opportunity and take away its greatest advantage.




A wind arc sliced its left wings;




A rush of lightning burnt the right;


Without its wings, the WYVERN for the second time falls to the ground, but not just any normal ground.




Protruding rocks rise from the grounds and impaled the falling WYVERN killing half of the Hordes as well.


“Make sure it can’t regenerate.” Although my Danger Perception was no longer kicking, I still needed to make sure nothing can rose from its ashes.


The students were at first too amazed with the feat I had pulled off, but soon awakened with my voice and launched their strongest magic on the fallen dragon taking out the remaining Hordes with it.


“T-that was over kill…” the students sighed, even I felt bad at the guy, but I just don’t think that I will be able to peacefully collect my ingredients if that Boss keeps coming back.


“It is time to go back to the surface.” With the entrance and exit opened, I then instruct the student to head back up while I collect the things I needed.


Crystallized RESMERIAN ESSENCE get.