Chapter 218: In Between Chapters G・Dungeon Guard
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Chapter 218: 章の間G・ダンジョン・ガード


“Gavil Francia, how long do you intend to become a solo Hunter?” this again, whenever I get called in the Guild Hunter Regional Office, the elderly Supervisor would chew me out. He is not exactly bad, but he should just leave me alone. This is my life and I will live the way I want it.


“Knowing him, you’re probably chasing women again.” One of the Elder Hunter claimed.


“How many woman has he chased out in his party.” Another butted in.


Well, they are not exactly wrong. For me there are only two types of people I want to ever associate with:


First Category involves ladies with big boobs, they tend to stray away from me they are probably too shy from my handsome looks. One of these days I will get a glimpse of those holy mountains.


The second category involves people (men /women) who are strong that would will awaken my inner combat instinct, but most of the people that are strong have either toxic attitude or too uptight so they dissolve my interest.


“If you had me come here just to preach, I am going home!”


“Haaaaa. We’re giving you a Commissioned Quest.” If the Quests are commissioned through the Regional Office, then the Quest Giver is probably Royalty, a High Ranking Noble or a Monser Threat B or A. Now, I wonder which is it.


“The Quest giver is Levantis Royal Academy.” It would seem that the Princess Hisui, will have a Dungeon Siege Exercise in the Star Cove Dungeon located in the resort town Mary Cove in the Dukedom of Limris.


While I do not have to worry about Her Highness’s protection, one of my duties is to insure that there are no abnormalities in the Dungeon, before during and after her visit.


“A dungeon guard, is it?” Normally, protections of royalties are usually given to knights, but as she is posing as a student, the regular knights are not allowed to be commissioned. I believe the reason is to show the citizens that she is being treated just like everyone else, at least to some extent. “What’s more, kids…”


Since this one is commissioned directly to the Hunter’s Guild Regional Office, there is no way I can dismiss it. So I am left with no choice to go through with it. Thankfully Mary Cove is a resort town and should be flocking with girls with large packs. I can always have a glimpse on them, maybe even get laid…


Star Cove Dungeon is a Rank SS Dungeon that should have 8 Areas (80 Floors). I am being ambiguous because no one has gone past the 50th floor due to its difficulty. After all it is being guarded by an ELDER WYVERN which would become a WYVERN DRAGON KING when killed. Well, the student will probably not be going there. Their limit should be at the 3rd Area so there is no need to investigate the 4th and 5th areas.


The 3rd day, after my investigation ended students came with a bombshell in tow. I am really glad that I took this guard duty. She was a little bit hard to approach since she would disappear when she senses me. Thankfully she allowed me to look at her from a two meter distance.


She was strict as well as she was kind, she did not discourage her students instead build up their confidence, she is indeed a teacher making her students feel like they can take on the world by themselves. While there is nothing wrong with this, the students might become too accustomed to this and will grow too big headed.


After getting to the second floor however, the students had a devastating look on them, I am guessing the first floor was to give them confidence while the second floor was to make them realize not to get too big headed. I guess she is my ideal woman now… and those breasts… are so…


The second day, when I thought that she would be back, another batch of students came, with a male instructor in tow. Meh, I have no interest in men or children. But since, there is a chance that the princess is among the students, so I have to make sure to guide them to the second floor.


The male instructor was more than what he acts though, in the first floor he had already shown them how weak magicians are and made sure they overcome it first before going to the second floor. He was an interesting guy… I am equally sure he is strong. The fact that I am not sensing his KI means he is strong enough to hide it from me a Gold Rank Hunter.


Night came but students who went in still did not come out, I wonder if they are going to the 1st Area Boss. Since I can’t leave my post, I can’t go to them unless there is a bigger reason to go through it.


The second night after the students went to the dungeon and that very reason for me to intervene came.


“Who goes there!?” while these guys where erasing their presence, they came knocking at the front door. They were masked individuals wearing black garbs I don’t know if they are idiots or plain stupid but I was saved because of it.


“We have come to take the crown with us!” at first I could not get what this guys are saying, but I remembered that the princess is among the students who should be here in this little Dungeon Siege Excursion. They were definitely talking about her.


I knew from my instincts that they were beyond me; in fact I could already feel deaths door inching closer as they took steps towards me. But I was not going to be outdone just as easily, I am after all a Gold Rank hunter, I should be able to take down one of them, if I get lucky at least a second.


“My students are inside. I will not let you do anything to stand in their way.” Just when death was imminent, a strict yet kind voice I heard a day ago came to my rescue. Along with it is her bombshell of a body, a seductive breast and a white light that separated me and the 3 black garbs people. “Gavil, I doubt they are friends of yours.”


“White Witch Sara.” Eh, a Title from my beautiful Sara. I knew she was strong but a Title means she has power that brought upon that title. I wonder if she is out of my league after all. “It looks like there is trouble whenever it involves dealing with that school, retreat you three.”


And just like that, the three people left together with the voice that instructed their retreat. Looks like this mission just got dangerous in a whole lot of ways. How is that old man going to make up for it?