Chapter 219: End of Excursion
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Chapter 219: 遠足の終わり


We Speed Run on our way back to the surface, this time fighting only the Boss and Mid-boss Monsters on the 3rd, 2nd and 1st Areas. The 45th and 40th and 35th floor bosses have not respawned yet so we got passed them immediately.


On our way to the entrance, a commotion seems to have started and as soon as we got out, a knight battalion was waiting for us.


“Princess, we are glad you are safe.” The knights genuflected in front of Princess Hisui.


“Commander, why are there so many knights when I am just a normal student.” There was frustration in the princess voice, which I have not heard in this 3 day excursion with her.


“It was I who summoned them, Your Highness.” Sara made her way through the knights. Her usual mischievous side was gone as she gave Princess Hisui a rundown of what happened the night before, only then did the princess usual calmness returned.


“We will leave for school noon tomorrow.” For some reason she was looking at me when she said that, I guess I’m running out of time… and I don’t think I can master Spiritual Blacksmith Craft in just a fortnight, too bad I have no choice though.


While the students were a bit sad to hear it, most of them got to enjoy the beach for the whole three days… three days… why the repetition?


“Ace, what took you so long, did you have them gather something on the second floor?”


“Ha?” Now I was confused.


“Ha?” and she responded me with her own confusion.


To bring light to this confusion, I told her that to defeat ‘Group A’, we went down on the 50th floor. Then she told me the main reason for this excursion that was definitely a waste of time if I had not needed to get to the 50th floor.


“The objective of this excursion is to let them feel real battle.” While it was the same as what I did, there was something different. On the first year of Advanced Schooling, the students are just meant to learn to detect danger and their own helplessness as pure mages.


While they are indeed to be trained with basic Combat Training, is imbedded in their curriculum but they will undergo it on their 3rr Year Advance Schooling, which made almost my endeavor meaningless.


“I guess they are somewhat refreshed. So all things ended as planned.” She probably left me with them not because of my strength and while my strength did knock some sense to them, her ultimate goal was a change in their behavior, and for that she needed a complete outsider who is not familiar with the students’ background to go with them. Meaning she wanted to give them a real change of environment.


The students were too familiar with her, and they would not be able to go past that if Sara also brought another teacher that was familiar, I was perfect because she knew I did not have some ulterior motive and I had the strength to topple the students or protect them when needed.


“Ne!” this time a familiar ikemen approached me. He is the Dungeon Guard who had guided us to the second floor, Gavil Francia if I am not mistaken. “You said 50th Floor… what happened to the Boss?”


“We defeated it.” there was no other way to put it. I mean you can’t leave the room as long as the guardian was alive after all.


“Of course you did…” I am guessing he had a hard time convincing himself that we did defeat the Dungeon Boss. While I did possess proof, there was no need to push it so Sara and I left the entrance to pack our things.


Since there was little time, I left the group at noon break and headed to the mountains.


“Looks like you got what you need and fast too.” This time I got there before it got dark as I sped my way through the mountain using SKY STEP and met up with Evanus. Unfortunately, I could not get his instructions since we will be leaving tomorrow.


“I guess trouble is going where ever you go. Here.” As I was melancholic that I won’t be able to learn Spirit Blacksmith Craft from the Sage, he tossed me something like a crystal ball. “I have transcribed my thoughts on basic Spiritual Blacksmith there, before you sleep, break it and it should give you Sleep Training.”


In the previous world, there was a theory that studying in your sleep would merit you faster results, this should be the same. The difference is that in the previous world, audio is just played in the background so that you can subconsciously listen and learn from it in your sleep. This Crystalized Ball is probably going through my dream to teach me there, or so that is how I had inferred from Evanus’ explanation.


Too bad though, if I had gone through the whole 5 days to give him the Crystallized RESEMRIAN ESSENCE as we had agreed upon, I would have gotten 5 Crystalized Ball instead of only 3. “Thank you I will put your lessons in good use.”


“No, I should be thanking you.” Well I did save him and all, his bow was unnecessary. But his next words finally made sense to this whole affair about being in the beach near the Sage of Blacksmith Craft. “You have taken good care of my two nieces, Sara and Sera after all.”


I later learned that he is the brother of both Sara and Sera biological mother, and that the two are actually half-sisters born from different fathers with a very huge age gap. How huge… well I have learned in my previous world never to touch on women’s age so callously if I still want to live, so left the matter untouched.


That day the students played a beach volleyball competition and a party with the whole tourists ended the night. The next day, we left Mary Cove heading back to the Liedenshaft or more commonly known as Levantis Royal Academy.


The identities of the black garb individuals were never revealed, but I am guessing the Knights and the Hunter’s Guild will look on it for us. We should just be thankful they did not do any big maneuvers that could have led to disasters.


I am guessing we will be hearing and seeing them soon, I should prepare myself for when that time comes.