31 Sandy and Annie
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"Ooohh fuck, fuck my ass mmm~" Sandy moaned.

"Sandy loves anal fucks? Or you just don't want to feel my cock inside your womb and forget about Mike's dick?" Jay asked as his cock went in and out of Sandy's ass.

When Sandy did not answer, Jay slowed his movements. "No! Fuck me in the ass deep and fast, please!" Sandy pleaded.

"Then answer my question, I want the truth. If you lie, there will be punishments." Jay said, then he ordered Kyle to make Sandy's sensitivity double everytime she answers a lie.

"I love being fucked in the ass!" Sandy answered as she didn't want to admit the scary truth but then her body suddenly climaxed catching her off guard because of the immediate doubled sensitivity.

"Looks like Sandy is a liar. So it seems you don't want to forget your husband's small penis." Jay said as he continued drilling inside her ass. With her sensitivity doubled, every thrust of Jay brought her to climax.

"No.. no more.." Sandy pled with the last bit of her mind as Jay thrusted faster and deeper into her sensitive ass. Sandy felt like being fucked senseless in her vagina instead from too much pleasure.

"No can do Sandy, this is what you wanted right? Fast and deep. Just let go and cum with me! Ugh!" Jay said as he released his load inside her tight clenched back hole as Sandy climbed together with him, making her faint from too much pleasure.

He removed his cock in Sandy's ass and seeing her faint, he let her rest first on the kitchen table as he had other things to do.

Kyle, is Annie in place?

Yes Master.

Good. Look after Sandy, find a good position for her, you can tease her well until she begs for me to fuck her but make sure to stay invisible to her and can't see and hear what's happening on the couch. Jay said as he gave cuffs for Kyle to keep Sandy in place but before playing with Annie, Jay made a detour and entered Marie and Greg's room.

He bought a curse tattoo from the VS and put it at the back of Greg. Then he watched as Greg transformed from a handsome guy to a seductive beautiful girl. Jay carefully looked for clothes that match Greg.

Kyle, Leon, Carl, who wants to fuck Greg turned woman? Or watch over him getting fucked?

I will watch over him, is it ok if its a gangbang? I will also borrow some bondage materials. Leon answered after the silence. It seems no one wants to fuck Greg turned woman. It seems next time Jay must purchase bisexual slaves to add more fun.

Yup! Sure. Make sure to have a video. We might earn a lot from our new pornstar. Jay said as he waved his hands and left some toys for when Leon pick Greg up. Oh, mind control is ok, pregnancy is not, at least not yet but just make sure he retains his memories. And the curse is only until dawn. You can train him or whatever you want to do every night, nine to six. You know what to do. Jay said before going back to play with Annie.

A muffled moan and a watery sound was heard by Jay as soon as he neared the couch evoking a smile on his face. Annie was so engrossed that she didn't notice Jay getting closer until he talked.

"What do we have here? A masturbating peeping tom?" Jay said, startling Annie lying on the floor covered by the couch.

"Jay!" Annie blushed as she was caught and without any explanation.

"Did you enjoy watching me fuck Sandy in the ass?" Jay asked as he carried Annie and let her straddle him, sitting on the couch.

"I'm sorry, I won't tell anyone what I saw, so can we both keep this a secret?" Annie said unknowingly grinding her crotch on his hard cock making her tremble and had a light acme.

"I don't mind but I can't turn away from someone who really needs some relief. Need help? We can also keep this a secret, I won't tell anyone." Jay whispered in her ear as Annie trembled again. And her lewd dreams of Jay, Jay fucking Sandy's ass and Jay's cock in front of her that can clearly help her reach the peak, Annie nodded. "Just touching okay?"

"Okay." Jay agreed then ripped her two piece bikini and guided her hips to grind her crotch on his cock. Soon Annie was moving on her own and Jay freed his hands and used this chance to play with her big bouncy tits. He took one nipple on his mouth, circled it with his tongue, suck it and flick it from time to time as one of his hand did the same motion on her other nipple. Jay alternated in sucking and playing both her nipples as his other free hand made its way to her back.

Jay lifted his head and smiled at the blushing Annie. "Is this what I think it is?" Jay asked as Annie slightly nodded.

"Uhh, Annie, you make me want to fuck you."

"No, you can't!"

"If not your cunt then at least your ass. Lemme fuck that ass Annie, I'll make you feel good." Jay saw lust and slight hesitance in her eyes and continued coaxing her into agreeing, "Mark will never know, I promise." He said as he teased her clit gently and removed the dildo out of her ass making Annie reach another peak. 

"Yes! Nnngghh.. Fuck my ass!" Annie screamed as she arched her back and squirted her juices on Jay's cock.

Jay plunged half of his cock in her ass as soon as the dildo was removed. "Unngghh, big! So biggg ooohhh~" Annie moaned as Jay slowly inserted the other half of his cock.

"Fuck Annie your so tight, you feel so good!" Jay praised as Annie started bouncing up and down his cock while moaning, taking it bit by bit until it reached the bottom. Jay's hands played with her clit arousing her further.

"Annie, I'm cumming!" Jay groaned as he buried his cock deep inside her ass and shoot his load. The taste of his cum on her ass made Annie scream in pleasure as she climaxed together with Jay.

Annie rested her head on Jay's chest as she panted when she heard Jay asked, "Do you want more?" 

Annie shook her head, "No, I better get back to Mark and go to sleep."

"Alright, next time you feel pent up, you can find me." Jay offered to which Annie nodded shyly.

Jay then ordered Kyle to remove the memory of seeing him fucking Sandy on Annie's mind before carrying her back to her and Mark's bedroom. Jay gently laid her on the bed and kissed her deeply while his two fingers fucked her, poking her g-spot over and over until she climaxed and squirted on his fingers. Jay put his wet fingers from her cunt to her mouth as Annie reflexively rolled her tongue and suck her own juices before Jay left to go back to Sandy.