Chapter 742
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The assimilation system creator watched every single being that has mana in the universe explode without feeling anything. Yet, when those few thousand warriors that managed to scratch died, he felt disappointed. Not sad, just disappointed.

“I suppose it was only obvious considering that the origin of their power is me. I have all the knowledge related to mana; I can use all the techniques they also developed. Not to mention, I have a vastly superior nervous system. Yet… it intrigues me that not a single one of them decided to abandon their old bodies and became limitlessly powerful.”

The system's creator watched for a while the massive red cloud of flesh and blood that was quickly freezing in the outer space. The creator of the system realized they weren’t like him. Those little creatures didn’t suffer so many mutations over thousands of years to obtain their current form. They inherited from the ancestors what seemed to be the strongest body their species had obtained for many years. Yet… they didn’t evolve at speed as the creator of the system. Nor did they have the urge to abandon their old bodies… not even when their fellow allies by the droves. It was only natural, the creator of the system thought. Even though they didn’t obtain the power of pride, they had some pride in their current forms. The system's creator was the only one in that universe who obtained the power of greed… an endless greedy that made it a real monster with thousands of brains.

“It is time to go. I will have to start everything from scratch once I leave this universe, but that is the price I have to pay for my endless greed. How many universes are out there I wonder… how many of them will I have to investigate in order to find the creator of everything.”

The creator of the assimilation system decided to move on because it knew that all the universes are always expanding, and it couldn’t lose more time there. However, before it could Teleport and move to the ends of the universe, the system's creator felt something weird. For a second, it felt a weird energy coming from that massive red cloud of blood and flesh. The creator of the system also felt a slight movement coming from the frozen pieces of flesh.

“To think I would feel conflicted about this to the point where I would imagine things… Maybe I have grown fond of all those little creatures. I have been watching them for a very long time, after all. Despite their struggle, most of them never tried to become something else. Something that they judged as evil or immoral… They sure had weird standards.”

The system's creator faced the direction of the nearest universe, but then it was forced to turn around because it felt that weird sensation again. It hadn’t been its imagination… the creature saw some pieces of flesh moving, blood as well. Several minutes had passed since the end of the battle, so it was impossible that someone managed to stay alive in that state. Besides, the system's creator made sure to destroy all the connections between their brain and heart to the rest of the body. Without those, none of them would be able to revive themselves. Yet… some pieces of flesh were moving and becoming a body again. Obviously, the reassembled body was a mess, but little by little, the body began to repair itself and unfreeze itself.

“This energy… this body… interesting. He managed to obtain new power and revive himself. Fascinating… Still, what is this energy? It is not mana.”

The creator of the system could have destroyed Leon’s body once more before it could recover itself. However, it didn’t. The creature wanted to talk with Leon, ask about the things he learned on the other side in just a few minutes, even though it was clear that Leon’s goal didn’t change.

It took him a few seconds for Leon to repair his body completed. It was only natural since that had been his first experiment in manipulating reality from the void. Yet, instead of doing things slowly to prevent failure, Leon decided to try to succeed on the first try. Repairing his body was difficult enough, now making it withstand the new type of energy and then teleport his soul from the void to reality had also been very complicated. However, after a couple of minutes, Leon opened his eyes and confirmed that he had revived.

“Incredible. You always surprise me, Leon. If you change your mentality a little, perhaps this time, you will be able to defeat me. However, before we fight, let’s talk a little more. I’m quite curious about your new power.”

Leon stared blankly at the creature in front of him. There was no hatred in his eyes. There was no fear; there was no sympathy. There was nothing in his eyes… In the blink of an eye. The creator of the system understood the nature of Leon’s power. He lost his memories to revive itself and obtain a fount of energy that would never end. The creator of the system then, for the first time, showed some signs of boredom in its eyes. That had been foolish. Leon was back, but he had to sacrifice everything to return. The person who he once was and all the knowledge he obtained. That was something incomprehensible for the creator of the system. At the very least, the massive beast wouldn’t do the same thing. Knowledge was the most valuable possession that it had ever had.