Chapter 745
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“Interesting. The price you all paid was quite high, but all of you obtained rather interesting and powerful energy. I suppose it only is natural. Even though it lost its properties, your memories are still trying to protect all of you and…”

Before the giant beast could complete another sentence, Leon, Ilyana and Tyrselle flew at their max speed and hit the monster with their fists. Surprisingly enough, the whole body of the monster trembled and even moved backward a little bit. The monster opened all its eyes widely in shock for a short brief moment, but then it quickly recovered.

“As I thought, we should sacrifice more memories,” Tyrselle said. “This much power isn’t nearly enough.”

It was weird. Even though they attacked with all their might, Leon, Ilyana, and Tyrselle’s attacks didn’t wound the beast. It caused a massive impact to the point where it moved the monster's whole body, but there was no sign of wounds. After analyzing that for a while, Leon understood that it was due to their mastery over memory energy. Since their control was low, the energy was dissipating upon the impact. Leon concluded that after all, the energy returned to his body from all directions.

“Thank goodness this energy always returns to our bodies,” Leon frowned. “If that weren’t the case, it would be extremely impractical to use it even if it is practically infinite.”

“Focus on the enemy ahead, Leon,” Ilyana said. “It isn’t time to be monologuing and analyzing our new powers.”

“It can’t be helped,” Leon shrugged. “I’m not an instinctive type when it comes to magic. I need to analyze everything carefully, and then I need to make small steps at a time.”

While Leon and Ilyana were talking nonchalantly in front of a massive monster, their allies were left wide open. It was only for a brief moment, but they did notice the expression of shock on the monster’s face. However, they were more impressed that only a few punches managed to move a body that was as big as a planet. The first one to recover was Hector. As usual, his usual behavior always helped him with that. He put a hand on Amanda and Maya’s shoulders and then smiled.

“Let’s go,” Hector said. “We can’t let Leon and his new companions hog all the glory for themselves. This is a historical moment. We can’t fall behind, or we will regret it later.”

“Yeah,” Amanda nodded. “I only had a few chances to fight alongside brother, this is the final battle, so I can’t lose this chance.”

“You are getting too sentimental with old age, mother,” Maya said. “You too, father. Don’t be reckless.”

“We are not old!” Amanda and Hector protested in unison.

Before Leon, Ilyana and Tyrselle could attack again, Hector, Amanda, and Maya charged. As expected, their attacks didn’t have as much energy as Leon and the others, but the creature's whole body trembled.

“Well, if they can do it, I can do it too,” Gisela said while biting her lips and smiling at the same time. “Rather, if I don’t do it, I will only embarrass myself. All of you who still have enough balls to fight, follow me!”

“Gisela… that isn’t something a woman should be saying,” Lennart frowned.

“A fistfight with a new type of power?” Tom grinned. “That is what I was looking for!”

Those three attacked the massive beast, and the body of the monster trembled again. At that point in time, there wasn’t any point for the assimilation system's creator to hide its surprise, and that enough had been enough to raise the morale of those thousand warriors.

“Tsk. Gisela… that brute always rushing ahead without thinking,” Yuki said while clenching her teeth. “How dare she do something as cool as that before me? Ren, follow me! We have to defeat the monster before she does.”

“Yes, Your majesty!” Ren nodded.

Following those closely behind were Sasha, Betty, Crik, and all the other warriors. Despite having been revived, all of them had some doubts in their minds that everything was a waste of time, but after seeing the results of a few attacks, they changed their mind.

A massive barrage of punches and kicks landed on the monster’s body. Even though they barely had any experience using memory energy, they quickly managed to push the monster backward constantly with their attacks. Leon's memories about his allies were quite fuzzy since the ones he had belonged to Ilyana, and those happened before the first Reset. Despite all that, he felt a weird feeling in his left chest while watching all those people fight. Not only that, Leon caught himself smiling amidst all that. However, not for long. Despite everyone attacking the monster, the creature has yet to retaliate. It didn’t even try to defend itself. Something was off, and if anything, Leon knew that such a beast wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Leon, Ilyana, and Tyrselle prepared themselves to launch another attack with all their might, but suddenly, the monster's body began to tremble in a weird fashion. Something was coming. Even Leon felt compelled to retreat a little, but what came next was beyond his wildest expectations.


The monster laughed, and everyone stared at it in shock. They didn’t expect such a monster could laugh like that. For a second, they thought that perhaps that thing wasn’t so much different from, but then everyone changed their minds again.

“Interesting… Interesting! To think a bunch of ants like yourselves could make my blood boil like this. Come! Please show me your true potential! Kill me and show me that perhaps all my knowledge is worth sacrificing to obtain the same power!