Chapter 746
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“Now he sounds more like the last boss, all right,” Leon frowned after hearing the monster’s speech. “Now I’m kind of scared of getting close to that.”

Leon was a mage. Even though he fought with his fists plenty of times in the past, he wasn’t that skilled at it. However, Leon wasn’t sure if he could create a ranged attack using the memory energy. He managed to use that energy in the void to search for all his allies, but it required a lot of focus and time. Doing the same in the physical realm wouldn’t be any easier. In fact, it would be much more complicated. Before Leon could think of a way to use memory energy outside his body, he saw the giant monster's numerous arms moving in a weird way. From up to down and left to right. The next moment, Leon saw the little mana that he had recovered inside his body getting out of control again. However, this time, it wasn’t about to explode. Instead of that, it controlled Leon’s body from inside to outside.

“What is this…” Tyrselle muttered while her arms were trembling and trying to resist the manipulation.

“What do you think of my Absolute Manipulation? As the creator of mana, I already can drain the mana from every single being in the universe, but all of you already know that. However, that is not the only thing I can do.”

Although memory energy was protecting everyone, it was only protecting them from outside threats. Besides, it wasn’t like everyone could discard their mana either. At that moment, they were only able to survive in outer space because their mana was being used to generate oxygen constantly and to create a Mana Barrier around their bodies.

Leon frowned when he saw both of his hands moving toward his neck. It was obvious what the monster was trying to do. If killing them seemed a waste of time, the beast would demoralize all the troops by forcing them suicide. Since they were using mana to survive, mana's level was low, but they wouldn’t last for long.

“Well, looks, we don’t have time to think. Since we can’t use our arms, let’s kick the crap out of that monster,” Leon said.

“I don’t think so.”

The next moment, Leon felt his control over his legs decreasing. However, he also noticed something else. The monster had lost almost half of its power on controlling his arms. Although the skill had a powerful name, nothing was absolute. The monster was using mana, and since the mana within their bodies was limited, it was only obvious that its control over them was limited. Leon and the others gained a few more seconds, but that was it.

“Well, if we can’t use our arms and legs, then…” Leon said but then was interrupted when he saw Tyrselle headbutting the massive monster. “… we can headbutt them.”

The monster trembled, and for a fraction of a second, the creature lost its power over the mana inside everyone’s bodies. Leon, Ilyana, and Tyrselle noticed that and decided to use it in their favor. However, before doing that, they had to discover how Tyrselle moved her body when she couldn’t control her mana.

“Hey, Tyrselle, how did you-” Leon said.

“Just wish for it,” Tyrselle replied after clicking her tongue. “This energy is our energy; it can obey every single one of our thoughts. Just like that disgusting mass of flesh can learn everything related to mana, we can do everything with memory energy.”

“I see… so the best thing you could think of considering that was to use a headbutt?” Leon frowned.

Tyrselle glared at Leon. It was a joke, at least it was a poor attempt, but it was evident that Tyrselle wasn’t someone who would feel embarrassed by it. Regardless, despite what Tyrselle said, Leon knew that it wouldn’t be so easy. Even if it was a power developed by him, it needed to be trained properly. Given that Leon didn’t have time to create something fancy and useful, he decided to go for the easy route.

Suddenly, the space around Leon begun to vibrate, and the red aura around his body begun to shine much more intense. Leon wasn’t doing anything special; he just made his memory energy move within his body as fast as possible. When Leon felt that he would be able to use all his energy in a single attack, he disappeared, and at the same time, he disappeared, he appeared headbutting the massive monster.

In the next moment, everyone felt their bodies becoming light again. Leon’s attack disrupted the monster’s actions. Not only that, it made the creature fly backward for an unknown distance, but just judging by the fact that the creature seemed to have decreased in size by the moment, everyone realized that the attack had been colossal. However, that hadn’t been the only thing that happened. The impact almost destroyed Leon’s head, and at the same time, it made thousands of the monster’s eyes explode.

Leon’s body didn’t fly backward. It stopped moving at the same spot it had hit the monster. Ilyana quickly approached to heal him, but she saw Leon moving and then standing before she could do so. His head was a mess, but she could see it recovering at an astonishing speed.

“As I thought, fighting melee doesn’t suit me,” Leon said while cleaning the blood from his face.

“Have you gone mad?” Ilyana asked, and before Leon reply, she punched his right side, making him lose the air in his lungs. “Just because you revived once, it doesn’t mean you will succeed again. This time, I bet that monster will destroy our bodies down to an atomic level if we lose, and before you try to repair it again, the monster will stop you.”