Chapter 747
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Leon had to listen to Ilyana’s lecture for quite a while, but he didn’t have any other choice since he sent the monster flying away from them and because he needed to heal himself. However, thanks to all that, they noticed that the memory energy could even heal their wounds. Still, unlike any other convenient healing method, memory energy was simply sticking the destroyed pieces together. Even the blood that Leon lost was returning back to his body. It was like time magic, but at the same time, it wasn’t.

“This so weird,” Leon frowned. “But not as weird as that.”

While everyone was flying to approach the monster, they saw the creature regenerating its eyes. It was a truly gruesome sight since a lot of its blood still could be seen along the way. Just seeing the monster heal itself like that was enough to put some doubts in the minds of many. Hector, Yuki, and Gisela, who fought leading thousands of soldiers many times, soon realized that. Yet, despite their experience, they didn’t know what they could to increase the troops' morale.

“Leon,” Hector said. “We have to cause more damage. We have to attack faster than that monster can regenerate. That way, our allies will fight more fiercely.”

“I don’t think that is possible,” Leon said. “Did you forget that that monster has control over all the mana in the universe? Even if its body is huge, it can heal itself in a single instant if it uses magic. What we see right now are only the results of its natural recovery.”

“That is right,” Ilyana nodded. “That is a monster that can survive in outer space without the protection of any spell. We also know that such a monster is very old and had to survive many mutation stages to become as powerful as that. Not to mention, that thing can also change its body at will. That is why the monster has so many brains. That thing will probably find a way to change its body and then become immune to our attacks and memory energy. We can’t expect anything from that creature.”

“If that is the case, what can we do?” Yuki asked. “A battle of attrition against such a monster would only demoralize our troops, and considering what you said, a fight like that is exactly what that monster wants.”

“Although I was expecting to fight a long battle and make that monster give up, I suppose we are not resilient enough for that,” Leon said. “I have an idea… we shouldn’t rely too much on mana right now, but we don’t have any other choice. Ilyana and Tyrselle, create a replica of yourselves.”

The very moment the replicas appeared, they disappeared soon after, thanks to Leon. As usual, it was another crazy idea, but at that point in time, Leon didn’t know what else he could do to defeat such a monster. He spent all his time in the void looking for his friends and collecting energy, after all.

“… What are you going to make them do?” Tyrselle asked without hiding her frown.

“The usual, our replicas will try to develop a crazy technique to end this once and for all,” Leon replied. “After that, I will pass the knowledge to everyone.”

“Another special technique developed by Leon, huh,” Hector said a little pale.” I wonder if we will be able to use it.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Leon said. “This time, this technique won’t have any weakness or drawbacks.”

“Why are you so certain of it?” Tyrselle asked.

“Because this one will be a special collaboration between you, me, and Ilyana,” Leon replied. “You can feel proud of the final result because you will be the one responsible for the success.”

Tyrselle didn’t like those words. Her mortal enemy was just saying without a hint of hesitation that thanks to her, they would be able to develop one hell of a technique that would help them to defeat the worst monster that they had ever met. It was a weird feeling… to consider someone who was once a mortal enemy, a comrade, but it wasn’t a bad feeling.

“… Let’s just hope we will be fast enough,” Tyrselle said after a few moments of silence.

“Ah, we will, without a doubt,” Leon said. “That was why Ilyana is there to make sure that we will succeed in time.”

Ilyana shrugged after saying that, once again, it looked like she would be the main support for Leon’s plans. After comings this far, she liked to be on the front line where Leon would support her. However, she wasn’t dissatisfied about it because, in the end, the final result would be a collaboration of everyone’s hard work. Besides, she was more interested in the aftermath of the war instead of the end itself. Ilyana was drooling, just thinking about how things would proceed once things return to normal. However, she shook those thoughts out of her head when Ilyana saw Leon frowning while looking at her… lust was a powerful double-edged sword…

Leon and the others finally arrived where the monster was. The creature was back to normal. The wounds caused by Leon’s attack had been healed. Yet, the creature didn’t try anything. It was only natural that such a monster wouldn’t take them seriously so soon. However, Leon was already sick of that attitude.

“It looks like you are preparing something for me. Very well, it is time to face all of you with a bit more respect. You deserve that after pushing me this far… However, don’t regret it later.”

The monster’s body began to shine in orange tone, and then all the mana inside it exploded. In the blink of an eye, the monster became a massive fireball that was continuously expanding. The monster itself had become a sun… a sun that was expanding at an astonishing speed. Leon already knew what would happen afterward…