Chapter 748
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Everyone was ready to attack, but as one would expect, they hesitated when they saw a sun suddenly appearing before them. Although they obtained a new and very convenient power, there was a limit to the things they could. Punching and kicking a sun wasn’t one of them.

“Now what?” Yuki asked.

There weren’t many things they could do that. Yuki just asked because someone had to. Even though she was fully aware that asking what to do in such a moment was unreasonable. In fact, everyone knew what to do, but they only moved away from the beast when they felt their mana being drained at an astonishing pace. The system's creator still was draining their mana, but the sun was the main cause of their loss of energy. Even without hitting them, the massive ball of fire was damaging their Mana Barriers.

Leon didn’t have to order a retreat. Everyone quickly moved backward. That being said, the troops' speed was barely enough to avoid them getting swallowed by the huge fireball. Leon, Tyrselle, and Ilyana could teleport everyone away to a safe spot immediately, but by generating that much mana, it only would increase the monster’s power.

“Shit… this is so bright that I can’t even tell how much big this fucking sun is,” Hector protested while turning around and covering his eyes due to the massive light behind him.

“Don’t turn around, you fool!” Amanda said. “Although you can heal your eyes, we don’t have time to waste looking behind. Focus on getting the hell out of that.”

“What do you think of this, Leon?” Ilyana asked.

“I don’t like this,” Leon replied. “This attack can wipe out all of our forces, but given that the sun has to have a spherical form to stay stable, all of us can outspeed this attack. That is what logic says… but a monster like that should be able to create such a thing without worrying about logic. Not only that, we need time to develop this new technique. That monster knows that and still is giving us the time we need anyway.”

Something was off. Everyone knew it. Despite all that, they couldn’t do a single thing to stop that sun from expanding until it goes supernova. Even if the system's creator was in the center of the attack, the creature was confident that it would survive no matter what happens. That kind of arrogance could be deadly, but it looked like that arrogance in Leon’s eyes was just confidence in the system's creator.

After a while, Leon and the others finally returned to the point where they could see the remaining of all the monsters and sapient beings in the universe. Despite all that, they were forced to leave those behind and be destroyed by the massive sun. That dropped the morale of the troops, but everyone was smart enough to understand that they didn’t have time to look after those. However, after a while, everyone was already tired of running away. Since they were using the bare minimum of mana to keep themselves alive, their minds were already reaching the peak of exhaustion. In the distance, everyone could already see the near starts with the naked eyes. They had fled away quite a distance, and that only showed them the difference in power between themselves and the creator of the system. After all, the sun that the monster had created was already much larger than an ordinary solar system.

“This is bad,” Ren muttered. “It may happen at any moment, and if something like that big explodes… Leon, are you not ready yet?”

“I’m ready, but our replicas aren’t,” Leon shrugged. “They aren’t developing an ordinary technique, so there is no point in getting flustered. Just wait patiently.”

Everyone wondered why Leon could stay so calm in a situation like that, but the answer for that was simple. If the worse comes to the worst, he could create and use enough mana to teleport them away to the other side of the universe. That would strengthen the massive monster, but it was necessary. They needed to buy time, after all. However, considering the power of the system's creator, he wondered if that would be enough. Discover what Leon was thinking should be pretty simple for them, yet, the creature seemed unfazed by the things Leon could do. Unless… the monster was preparing an attack that could decimate the entire universe and everything in it. The possibility was low of that happening, but if someone could do that, someone was the system's creator.

“A supernova capable of destroying the entire universe…” Leon muttered. “Just thinking about that makes me feel chills.”

However, even after quite a while, the replicas didn’t develop the technique that Leon wanted. Nor did the creator of the assimilation system made the sun go supernova. Leon wasn’t that knowledgeable about stars, but it was hard to believe that an ordinary star could expand like that and not explode. Still, that only showed to them how awesome that monster was at controlling its own power. After a few hours of running, the sun was the size of a small galaxy, and yet, there were no signs of the supernova.

“That thing doesn’t want to destroy us with that sun,” Tyrselle said. “It doesn’t want to kill us by causing a supernova either.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Leon frowned. “Although that isn’t a star per se. There is only so much a physical being can do using mana in our reality. By the look of things, we aren’t watching a sun expand.”

Only a few people understood the meaning behind Leon’s words. It was very clear that the monster was now trying to fight them for real and what they were seeing was just a diversion of the real attack.