Chapter 749
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“I shouldn’t have given so many orders to my replica,” Leon said, a bit annoyed while watching a planet being engulfed by the monster’s attack and then feeling its mana increasing even further. “Creating a perfect technique that had no drawbacks and can be used by everyone is not a simple task, but…”

Indirectly, the creator of the assimilation system showed to everyone another power. The power to destroy matter and made it become mana. That was what just happened. Even though the creature didn’t create a proper sun, there was a lot of power behind that thin superficies. Just by touching anything, it could destroy and even make planets explode. However, that didn’t happen. All the planets and stars that got touch by the fake sun only got absorbed by it. Even planets that didn’t have mana could be absorbed and further strengthen the creature.

“Master,” Sylas said while he approached Tyrselle. “At this rate…”

“You don’t need to tell me something obvious, Sylas,” Tyrselle said while biting her lips.

It was weird that Leon could feel that the monster wanted to wipe them out as soon as possible, but such an attack only strengthened the creature. Although that was troublesome, Leon was more worried about the reason behind the creature’s actions instead of its power that was growing at an astonishing speed.

Leon was starting to consider increase the speed in his mindscape instead of just relying on Ilyana’s replica to that. Although she was far more skilled than him at manipulating time, even a little bit more help would be welcome… even if that only makes their replicas finish their task one second faster. After all, the monster was already devouring planets and increasing its mana thanks to it, creating more mana to help them wouldn’t affect the final outcome all that much.

At the same time Leon decided to do that, he felt the mana behind him getting more intense. Leon didn’t even have to look behind to tell that the expansion speed increased almost three times. By the look of things, the system's creator managed to absorb more than a few planets on the sixth stage of assimilation. Leon didn’t expect that, but it was only obvious that something like that would happen on the stars and planets near a fake black hole that contained a stupid amount of mana.

“Hey… this is bad,” Hector muttered. “We can’t increase our speed like that without increasing our mana.”

“Then create and use all the mana you can,” Leon said. “We are facing the last move of our final enemy. It is time to go all out and not worry about small details.”

Even if Leon’s allies were the best warriors of the entire universe, they couldn’t produce a planet's mana equivalent. So, it doesn’t matter if the mana they are using will strengthen the system's creator. The only thing they needed to worry about right at that moment was to survive until Leon obtains his new technique from the replicas. After receiving the order, all the warriors increased their speed. However, even at their max speed, they wouldn’t last long. Perhaps using memory energy would be the best alternative to escape, but that was something they couldn’t do with their level of mastery.

Leon’s notion of time started to deviate since he and everyone else were flying in outer space, but after what seemed to be several hours later, the speed of the expanding sun increased once again. The ability of the creator of the system had already decimated dozens of galaxies, and now the mana over its control couldn’t even be compared to before. Not only that, Leon confirmed with that amount of mana, the monster could really destroy the whole universe.

“I guess that creature wasn’t planning to do this all along,” Leon said. “It probably didn’t try to absorb all the matter in this universe because that thing thought it would have an easier time in the other universes. That monster finally accepted that we are worthy opponents and that it may find others in the other universes.”

“That is all very nice and good, but we have more pressing matters than worrying about what that thing thinks of us,” Ilyana said. “Just what the hell you made our replicas create? More than one hundred years must have passed in your mindscape.”

“I can tell that five hundred years have passed,” Leon forced a smile. “As usual… I went too far.”

Leon’s allies opened their eyes widely when they heard that. They couldn’t imagine a technique that would cost five hundred years to be developed. However, given that the replicas themselves didn’t cancel the spell, they didn’t give up, and they probably obtained some results. It was possible to accomplish what Leon wanted… it was just a matter of time. Unfortunately, time wasn’t something that they had.

Suddenly, the expansion of the sun increased many more times. Leon and his allies saw themselves about to be engulfed by the flames of the massive attack. Thanks to that, Leon noticed something. Not only Leon noticed it, but Ilyana and Tyrselle noticed that the expansion's power had decreased the power of that attack quite a lot. To the point where their allies could endure it.

“Brace yourselves!” Leon shouted using Telepathy. “Use the memory energy to protect yourselves! This attack cannot harm us!”

Leon’s allies thought that he was insane, but there was nothing else they could do at that point in time. So, they just used the memory energy to protect their bodies. It only lasted a single moment, but the surface of the fake sun damaged everyone's bodies to the point where some even lost their limbs. However, no one died, and soon they began to heal themselves when they noticed that they were back to that space where they couldn’t see anything.