Chapter 751
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Leon grinned from ear to ear while the information of the skills he obtained was getting absorbed by his brain. After almost eight hundred years of non-stop experiments, the replicas finally developed the skill that Leon wished for… the skill to become a real dragon.

“It looks like they had to divide the experiments into several phases because even with the memory energy, it wasn’t possible for us to become real dragons,” Leon said. “Regardless, we finally obtained that power.”

Ilyana and Tyrselle opened their eyes widely when they received those notifications. It was insane… not only Leon managed to develop a system that was very similar to the assimilation system using memory energy, but he also managed to create a skill that changes their DNA. The name was fit for the skill. Using it, they would become real dragons, and they would benefit from all the dragons' natural talents. As if that wasn’t enough, the skill had no real cost since the memory energy wouldn’t leave their bodies, and to make matters even more insane, they could return to their previous forms without any issues.

“I see now…” Ilyana said. “No wonder you said that Tyrselle would be the main responsible for this skill. You used all the knowledge she had about dragons to develop this. This skill is absolutely perfect… there are no weaknesses.”

It was only obvious that such a skill would be perfect. That was what Leon wanted from the very beginning. Regardless, it wasn’t time to feel impressed by it. Everyone already was at their wit’s end thanks to the situation, so, without wasting any more time, Leon passed the knowledge of that skill to everyone. The panic gave room to surprise. They couldn’t believe the information they obtained. However, the surprise disappeared the very moment Tyrselle used the new skill. The red aura formed by the memory energy began to expand at a fearsome speed, and in the blink of an eye, Tyrselle disappeared, and a fifty-meter-long red dragon appeared where she once was. The red dragon scales weren’t that sharp, but those looked sturdy as hell, sturdier than anything Leon or everyone else had seen before.


The red dragon screamed in rage… Leon began to think that the skill probably wasn’t perfect. The rage he could feel coming from Tyrselle wasn’t anything like he felt before. It was powerful enough to make him sweat cold. However, it seemed that he was just overthinking as usual. After her hoar, Tyrselle looked at Leon with her new red eyes and then nodded. She did the same thing to Sylas and her followers that were still alive behind them. After that, she began to fly toward where the system's creator was supposed to be at a fearsome speed. Tyrselle was fast enough to make the space around her distort.

“Let’s go!” Sylas roared. “We can’t let our master face that monster alone!”

Without a hint of hesitation, Sylas transformed into a fifty meters long silver dragon. His eyes were also silver, but his scales, instead of sturdy, they were razor sharp. Unlike Tyrselle, Sylas didn’t let the dragon's blood that he had now control its emotions, but Leon already could feel the crazy torrent of feelings inside him about to explode. However, Sylas managed to contain those and let them explode once he reached the last boss. Sylas began to fly toward Tyrselle, and so did all her followers.

“Wow…” Hector said, astonished. “I didn’t think they could become even more powerful, but they are much more powerful than before. To be honest, I’m quite scared of this sudden power-up. Unlike you guys, I built my strength so far steadily.”

“You don’t have to worry,” Leon said. “If someone as bloodthirsty as Tyrselle still is capable of keeping her sanity, then you should be fine. By the look of things, the dragon’s blood enhances all our basic status immensely, but we also have to become a bit more savage, just like real dragons. I don’t think we will be able to use our language in that form, so use Telepathy.”

Even Leon didn’t know everything about his new skill because the very moment his replica learned that, it passed the knowledge to him. However, despite by that, one by one, his allies begun to transform into dragons. They noticed that the effects of the destruction of the physical realm decreased a little when Tyrselle and her followers used the skill. Not only that, in their new form, they didn’t look bothered by the destruction of reality. At least not directly.

When everyone transformed, they felt those heavy sensations decreasing. Their lives still were in danger, but the agony disappeared. However, they didn’t charge forward. They were waiting for their respective leaders to take command as usual. Upon noticing that, Leon’s friends lost all their hesitation. Hector and Ren transformed into red dragons, Yuki and Gisela turned into wind dragons. Strangely enough, Amanda and Maya transformed into water dragons… and so on, until Leon and Ilyana had been left behind.

“It looks like we did it, Leon,” Ilyana hugged Leon and then buried her face on his chest before taking a deep breath.

“You just raised the biggest death flag ever…” Leon frowned. “Well, I’m quite a bit confident that we will win as well. No… we will win, and then we take it back our lives.”

After saying that, Leon kissed Ilyana’s forehead. For a normal life where both of them, his children, his friends, his allies, and everyone else can be happy, they will defeat the creator of the system. Ilyana nodded, and then their bodies began to shine until they also transformed into real dragons.