Chapter 752
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When Tyrselle finally saw the massive beast, she didn’t think twice about attacking it. The creator of the system frowned when it saw an unknown dragon approached. Since the creature was too busy preparing the biggest spell that he had ever use, it didn’t notice what Leon and the others were up to. Using magic to stop the dragon would only slow down the spell, so the creature only moved several of its arms to stop the dragon. The monster succeeded in blocking the attack, but not at nullifying the power behind the dragon’s charge. The arms that had been used to stop the dragon exploded in several pieces. Not only that, the creature was sent flying backward for who knows how many light-years. Several of its eyes also exploded, and that damaged many of its nervous systems.

“What? Who… Tyrselle?”

The massive beast recognized those eyes full of hatred, the tone of the eyes changed, but the creator of the system would never forget those eyes of the woman who caused the destruction of so many sapient races. Tyrselle was the creature that the system's creator had admired the most since she rarely hesitated in doing what was necessary to achieve her goals. However, the current Tyrselle was different from the one she knew. Her goal was right in front of her. All that she had to do was to let loose and defeat the monster in front of her.

The system's creator analyzed the figure in front of itself and then understood what Leon, Ilyana, and Tyrselle had done. They developed a technique that granted them the power of the dragons, temporarily. They decided to become monsters, but they didn’t abandon their previous selves. It was exactly because of that; they took so long to retaliate. However, the surprises didn’t end there. Several other dragons appeared, and they followed Tyrselle’s lead and attacked the massive beast. Those weren’t as powerful as her, but they still managed to damage them and make the whole body of the beast tremble.

“This is… this is…”

For the first time, the creator of the system felt its life at risk. Those puny creatures were cutting, piercing, and destroying massive chunks of its flesh faster than the creature could regenerate. Even with all the mana's power in the universe, the creature couldn’t recover naturally faster than they could damage it. Still, that was just the first wave of attack, the humans joined the fray, and the beast's damage increased once again.

“My life is… in danger?”

The monster joined several of his hands together and clapped them. Causing a massive shockwave of mana that made all the dragons, with the sole exception of Tyrselle to fly backward. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, all the wounds disappeared from its body. Tyrselle clicked her tongue in annoyance and attacked again. With a single swing of her claws, a huge chunk of flesh in the size of a mountain was cut off from the monster’s body. However, in the next moment, the wound disappeared.

Tyrselle clicked her tongue in annoyance, but she didn’t stop and resumed her attacks. Despite being a bit surprised that the monster could recover instantly, all the others didn’t lose the will to fight.

“Don’t stop!” Hector shouted. “Keep attacking! This creature won’t be able to destroy the universe faster if it is busy healing itself!”

“I wonder about that.”

Although Tyrselle and everyone’s attacks decreased the pressure, they felt before. The same pressure returned much more powerful than before. The monster joined all of its hands for a reason, and that was to raise its focus. Thousands of warriors were attacking at the same time, but the wounds were vanishing instantly. Not only that, for the first time, since everyone revived, they could feel that same sensation that they felt in the void—the feeling of inexistence and weakness. Small distortions appeared around them… it was clear what would happen if any of those get too close to it… they would return to the void. However, the tension only made everyone fight even more fiercely. Every time Tyrselle attacked, the monster was sent flying backward quite a bit, and its focus would decrease, but it wasn’t enough. They needed some extra power…

Suddenly, the creator of the system and everyone else felt some presence approaching. Before they could think of who’s those presences belonged to, two massive rays of light hit the massive beast. The impact had been so powerful that the monster lost control over its spells for several seconds. Not only that, all of the eyes of the creature exploded. It was quite a gruesome sight, but Leon’s allies didn’t have to look at that for long. The monster was sent flying backward and quickly disappeared in the distance. After that, everyone saw two dragons, a black and a white one. The white dragon seemed like a sculpture that had come to life. Despite being a dragon, the creature didn’t make those who looked at it feel fear. The eyes of the white dragon had a glint of resolution but also gentleness. The scales weren’t razor sharp like others, and the surface of its body was quite even, but they emitted so much light that anyone could see and feel how powerful the creature was.

On the other hand, the black dragon looked like a fearsome creature. The creature had sharp scales everywhere. Not only that, but the teeth of the dragon were so big that they couldn’t fit inside its mouth. The red eyes of the creature showed to everyone only two things, madness, and savagery. Needlessly to say, those were Leon and Ilyana.