Chapter 753
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“What are you guys looking at?” Leon asked via telepathy. “I didn’t make my body become like this to scare everyone. It just became like this when I activated the skill. You guys think I look scary, but I think this form is pretty cool.”

Everyone sighed in relief when they heard Leon’s voice. He hadn’t become a demon lord, even though he looked like one. Even in Tyrselle’s eyes, Leon looked quite fearsome… and that was the opinion of someone who created millions of dragons. Perhaps she wasn’t the best person to give her opinion about it since all her dragons' forms and shapes were pretty generic.

“We can do this, everyone,” Ilyana said. “That monster is trying to take everything away from us, but that monster isn’t immortal. We can defeat it!”

After hearing Ilyana’s words, everyone roared. It was insane, but the roar of dragons even in outer space could make the space around them vibrate, just like the monster’s ultimate attack. Although that was a first since Ilyana only fought by Leon’s side until now, her speech raised all warriors' morale. They could do it; they could defeat the beast.

“We need some plan,” Tyrselle said while she was watching the beast recovering from Leon and Ilyana’s attack. “The power of everyone increased, but it is not enough. We have to finish this in just a couple of minutes.”

Leon nodded at her. He could feel the void growing larger and larger around them. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much they could do instead of keeping attack. However, after a while, Leon smiled, thinking of the best way of using everyone’s strength.

“Stand in line!” Leon shouted via Telepathy. “For a single line and stand side by side! We will attack at the same time.”

It was a straightforward plan, but it was the best. The enemy was just a single massive beast, while on his side, Leon could count on the courage and the power of the best warriors of the entire universe. There was no need for a complicated plan. Instead of that, everyone would solve that by using their strengths together.

“I feel a bit silly doing this,” Hector said. “However, it isn’t a bad way to end this once and for all.”

“Another death flash…” Leon sighed. “Shall we give our hands and raise this death flag even more?”

“We better not,” Amanda smiled despite her answer. “Honestly, I’m not a person who believes in that kind of thing, but since the stakes are so high right now, I won’t take any chances. Let’s just do our best, and that will be plenty.

The creature was just a tiny point in the distance, but Leon could tell that the monster was trying to speed up the process of destroying reality. Somehow, Leon could tell that they only had sixty or so seconds. The cold of the void was already penetrating even his thick dark scales, so the chances of him being wrong were quite small.

“This is it, everyone,” Leon said. “This is the moment where all of you should use all of the feelings you cultivated since the monsters appeared in your worlds as fuel. We have to do that because it is the only way to achieve victory and because we will need to get rid of all the dark feelings that we all have inside of us… we need to get rid of them for a fresh new start. Attack with everything you got. Attack with all your might. Attack as if your future depends on it because it depends.”

Everyone nodded. Now it was the time to let loose all the feelings that they kept stored inside themselves. Everyone who survived until now did everything they could to survive and wait for a peaceful future, a future where they wouldn’t have to fear losing everything they held precious. Now was the time to give shape that future instead of letting it happen.

“Concentrate… and let the energy inside of you explode…” Leon said and then took a long and deep breath. “CHARGE!”

Although the speed and power of that army of dragons varied, strangely enough, everyone moved toward the beast at the same speed. All of them had thought the same thing. They would fly at the same speed, and then when they were about to crash against the massive creature, they would make their memory energy explode… all at once to cause massive damage.

The creator of the assimilation system, for the first time, felt shivers when it felt what would happen if it is attacked by so many of those dragons. The result would be disastrous, and perhaps, the creature wouldn’t even have time to heal itself. Recognizing the threat, the beast clenched its massive mouth before opening widely. In the blink of an eye, several small suns and dark holes had been shot by its mouth. The creature knew that wouldn’t be enough to kill a single one of them, but the creature needed to buy time, just a few more seconds, and then it would succeed in destroying the universe. However, all of its attacks got repelled by the army of dragons… their energy began to flow in unison as if it was forming a single being.

That surprised the beast, but it didn’t make it give up. The creator of the system changed its plan. If attacking wasn’t enough, then making time move backward would do the trick. The creature tried that, but given that Leon and everyone else had little mana inside of them, its actions were futile.

“Are they no longer bond by my mana? Did their newfound energy occupies more space inside them than mana?”

For the first time, the creator of the system begun to doubt if winning was still possible. The creature just needed a few seconds, but the dragons wouldn’t die by a half-assed attack. Yet, the creature couldn’t stop the destruction of the universe from trying anything else. The creature… didn’t do know what to do.


The creator of the system roared. It was the first time since it created the system that such a creature didn’t know what to do. To think that its own actions would make such puny creatures grow and even create their own source of energy… one source of energy that would give them the chance to win against itself…

“I won’t accept this!”

The monster decided to buy some time by charging toward the dragons. By doing so, the creature imagined that it would decrease its power without losing its focus… However, that wasn’t the only thing the monster planned. All the remaining mana inside its body begun to concentrate in the center. Leon felt that and soon concluded that the mana there was the equivalent of several Big Bangs. Was it a suicide attack? Leon doubted that the monster would do such a thing. If anything, the monster knew it could survive anything caused by mana. However, Leon paid no mind to it. Now that he had access to another kind of energy, he could tell the difference between them. He won’t lose… together with his allies, Leon won’t lose.


When the massive monster entered their range of attack, everyone roared and let their energy explode. The system's creator did the same, and the two massive waves of red and blue energy collided against each other.