Chapter 60
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It didn’t look like the trolls learned their lesson. Although they managed to escape a few holes, when he returned, Leon saw them stuck in metal spikes. Those started thin but eventually got thick, and thanks to the massive weight of the trolls, they got impaled in many places very deeply… it wasn’t a pleasant sight for the eyes. Leon killed those who got stuck and, whistle doing so, the blueish cave was becoming red.

Leon killed ten trolls, faster than he thought, but the remaining ten stayed at the end of the dungeon near the crystal. Seven resumed their task of dropping blood in the crystal again, and the other three stayed behind to attack Leon if he approaches.

“Half of them died in a single minute, and they still underestimated me… how foolish.”

Leon retreated and started to meditate, he just needed to recover his mana and use the Magma Spear to kill them little by little, but he stopped when he heard loud footsteps approaching from the direction the trolls were supposed to be. When Leon went there, he saw that the damn monster was creating another layer of ice over the holes. Not only that, but they also imagined that Leon had made more holes, and they created another layer of ice on the path ahead of them.


Leon hurried and filled his spears with mana again, without traps, he had no chance against them. He didn’t have enough spears to kill those three, so he attacked their heads to blind them; after that, he made them fall on the holes by shooting the Fire Arrows under them. The monsters fell, and Leon obtained enough time to finish them off.

“Phew… don’t scare me like that.”

Things could have gone very wrong if those monsters were a little smarter if they had all gone together. Leon wouldn’t have any choice but to run away. Even though they could manipulate, control, and create water, they were quite stupid….

“Only seven to go… better not drop my guard.”

Leon decided to meditate in front of the corridor, he couldn’t see the trolls completely, but they were still in that foolish task of theirs. Every minute a new troll appeared, but Leon could kill them easily with his new spears. When his mana was full again, he decided to go all out.

Leon shot three magma spears and destroyed the heads of three trolls; after that, he pierced their hearts with his steel spears. The trolls finally noticed that they didn't stand a chance in a ranged confrontation, and they also understood that Leon was weak at close quarters since he always kept his distance. So, they used their magic to block the corridor.


Leon tried to attack the new wall, but since the four trolls combined their powers, it wasn’t something Leon could break that easily. He only had mana to use two Magma Spears and to control his steel spears for less than a minute, to make matters worse, Leon was forced to make a decision when two trolls pointed their hands toward him.

Spinning two spears vertically in front of him, Leon managed to protect himself, but when he went to counter-attack, he saw the other two trolls with massive ice clubs protecting themselves and their companions.

“Tch… I don’t have time for this.”

Leon shot several Fire Arrows toward the ice clubs, and that made some steam appear. Leon used that opportunity to move to the monster’s side, where they were unprotected. Without wasting time, Leon made his spears pierce the heads and hearts of two trolls. The other two finally noticed that Leon had moved, but he blinded then with Fire Arrows. A few seconds later, Leon killed them.

“Phew… this is too much for my heart.”

Leon feel on his butt, but since the floor was too cold, he got up immediately. Although he could use stupidly powerful magic, the battlefield wasn’t the place for him. He always tried not to get caught off guard, but monsters surprised him time and time again.

“Whatever, my job here is done…”

Leon thought of using fire to melt the ice wall, but he recalled that fire burns oxygen, and since he was in a confined space, he would eventually run out of it. Instead of that, he used his spears to break the ice. While he was doing that, he saw three items on the floor.

Troll King’s Ice Sword

It grants the user the skill Hail Lv 20, Strength + 20, Mana + 30.

Cost: 150 mana

Cooldown time: 120 seconds.

Troll King’s Ice Armor

It grants the user Health +50, Endurance + 25, Recovery +25.

Troll King’s Ice Club

It grants the user the skill Snow Storm

Cost: 150 mana

Cooldown time: 120 seconds.


“I won’t use the club, but I will definitely use the sword and the armor. I need to increase my health and endurance, after all. With those, I will be able to look a little fiercer.”

Although the skills were useless since Leon couldn’t level up them, it was a good idea to have a melee weapon, even though the sword was his size… Strangely enough, despite the name of the armor, it fit Leon’s size, so keeping it was a given. Now he just needed a cape, gloves, boots, perhaps a helmet, and everyone would see him like a survivor. However, what he truly wanted was not to stand out.

While making a mental note to learn swordsmanship and practice whenever possible, Leon headed toward the entrance of the dungeon using an earth platform since his new luggage was too heavy.