Chapter 62
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Ren was already outside and ready to work when Leon appeared. Although his appearance was slowly changing thanks to his new equipment, Leon’s tired face after clearing a dungeon never changed. That itself made Ren feel kind of relieved; it looked like not even the holy sword Excalibur wouldn't make Leon change.

“I always chose the left side whenever a bifurcation appeared,” Leon said. “That should help you guys find the ectoplasm more easily.”

“Got it, leave the rest to us.” Ren nodded.

It looked like Ren’s subordinates had increased, but Leon wasn’t sure, he never counted them, and he was too tired to do that now. In the end, he slept in the cabin of one of the trucks. Leon only woke up when the cargo truck started to move; Ren was driving the truck and humming.

“I take that you guys finished the work pretty fast this time,” Leon said.

“Ah, yeah, sorry for waking up,” Ren said. “We just had to pick the ectoplasm; it was much easier than collecting blood or cutting wings. Anyway, two to go, huh? Your work pretty fast.”

“I could be faster if I had a map of those dungeons,” Leon said. “Or if the others don’t cause trouble.”

“Shall I ask for a map?” Ren asked. “I bet the groups near the dungeons must have pretty decent maps.”

“I don’t want to owe any favors to anyone,” Leon frowned. “Much less to people like those guys we saw in the palace.”

Usually, Leon would leave the truck and fly using an earth platform to save time. However, he decided not to do it. Once they left the Tokyo region, Leon began to practice his ice pillar. He had a feeling that it wasn’t powerful enough to kill the golems in a single strike since that was the only weapon he could use against the golems and earth dragons he had no other choice but to do it.

“What parts of the golems can we use?” Leon asked while he was smashing the monsters which approached with his ice pillar.

“… Like slimes, golems also have cores,” Ren frowned. “They work like the harpies wings, they make objects sturdier and heavier, and it also grants protection against earth attacks.”

It looked like Leon was bullying the velociraptors, Ren couldn’t help but think that while seeing those massive pillars making the monsters turn into a pool of blood and destroyed bones. Leon didn’t seem like a person who would do something like that to relieve his stress, but… Ren decided not to comment about it.

“Did you receive any message from Makoto?” Leon asked.

“Only when you were in the harpies’ dungeon,” Ren answered. “Since you stayed so long there, he asked if you needed some help, but I said you were just preparing yourself to clear the other dungeons. I didn’t want to refuse his help… but I imagined you would. By the way… don’t call him by his name when there are people nearby, okay?”

“Okay… well, you did the right thing,” Leon frowned. “Although his help can be useful, I’m worried about who he might send…”

After a brief stop in the port to check how things were with his soldiers, Leon and Red arrived at the golems’ dungeon the next day. It was a pain, but Leon had to wait for Ren fill several carts with mana potions, the workers would transport them while Leon opens the path. Although Leon didn’t like to fight in front of the audience, he had no other choice.

“Do you know if I can buy a magic bag somewhere?” Leon asked. “Doing this kind of thing is too troublesome.”

“In all Japan, I only know one person who has an item that can store a lot of things like that,” Ren answered with a serious expression. “It is in possession of the Imperial family.”

“If I ask His majesty, do you think he can lend me that?” Leon asked. “Just for a few days?”

“…The magic bag belongs to princess Yuki,” Ren sighed. “And she received as a gift from her brother, the late prince Takeshi.”

“… I guess I will have to do things in a hard way.” Leon sighed.

The golems' dungeon wasn’t being used, so after filling several carts with potions, Leon, Ren, and the workers entered the dungeon. The workers didn’t stop trembling a single time because that was a high-leveled dungeon. They had an easy time in the other dungeons because Leon opened the path killing all monsters, but things would be different this time.

Regardless, even though Leon was paying them a lot, he wouldn’t let anyone get hurt. They weren’t soldiers, so he had to provide the necessary conditions for them to work.

Health: 75 +

Mana: 1625 +

Stamina: 70 +

Strength: 64 +

Dexterity: 10 +

Speed: 35 +

Intelligence: 267 +

Endurance: 62 +

Control: 113 +

Mentality: 97 +

Luck: 01 +

Recovery: 527 +

Willpower: 75 +

Coins: 415682

Status: 00


Skill List

Active Skills: Strong Arms Lv 11, Throw Lv 9, Analysis Lv 4, Bash Lv 1, Dash Lv 19, Mana Transfusion Lv 9, Mana Reinforcement Lv 31

Earth Manipulation Lv 56, Water Manipulation Lv 32, Wind Manipulation Lv 29, Concentrated Shot Lv 1, Fire Manipulation Lv 29, Earth Transformation Lv 33, Water Transformation Lv 23, Wind Transformation Lv 26, Fire Transformation Lv 26, Earth Creation Lv 35, Water Creation Lv 31, Wind Creation Lv 24, Fire Creation Lv 31,

Freeze Lance Lv 7, Water Bullet Lv 7, Ice Bullet Lv 7, Wind Bullet Lv 7, Fire Bullet Lv 22, Earth Bullet Lv 7, Lightning Lv 20, Magma Spear Lv 33, Fire Arrow Lv 17, Ice Pillar Lv9, Hail Lv 20,

Passive Skills: Fear Resistence Lv 9, Mental Fortitude Lv 18, Pain Resistance Lv 17,  Fire Resistance Lv 22, Poison Resistance Lv 33, Wind Resistance Lv 04, Ice Resistance Lv 11, Curse Resistance Lv 20, Underwater Resistance Lv 19

Accuracy Lv 32, Perception Lv 10, Rage Lv3, Craft Lv 53, Farming Lv 7, Cook Lv 38

Archery Lv 6, Martial Arts Lv 1, Spearmanship Lv 51, Staffmanship Lv 4, Meditation Lv 51, Trap Creation Lv 7, Blacksmith Lv 42, Swim Lv 21, Alchemy Lv 51,