Chapter 461
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“It looks like you are struggling to obtain status points as of late,” Ilyana said after another training session.

“You can also tell that, huh?” Leon said, not even a little bit surprised.

“Obviously,” Ilyana said. “Since you already summoned the ten thousand slimes, that I recommended you to summon, I guess I can teach you some spells that will help you to increase the power of your summoned creatures and allies. The cost will be high, but those are very useful.”

“Really? I’m getting interested...” Leon said.

“However, since you are a stubborn and prideful idiot, it will take a while to learn all of them,” Ilyana said.

Leon frowned when he heard that, it was actually the first time Ilyana blatantly insulted him... even though she only told the truth. As if that had never happened, Ilyana explained how to learn the spells, and Leon listened to it.

“This kind of spell belongs to the emanation series, you emit your mana to an area around yourself and with it your recover one type of your allies energy or increase one of their statuses,” Ilyana explained. “Fortunately, you can keep more than one skill at a time active, so eventually you will be able to increase all the status and regenerate the energy of your allies and monsters. However, it will take a long while before you obtain the power to keep such skills active at all times.”

Based on what he heard, it looked like a type of active skill that also resembled the passive skills. It was also a buff, but Leon was more interested in the speed he could level them up. Leon just needed a few more points, and he would be able to learn of how to summon a golem, and he couldn’t wait to outsource his job of creating mana liquid.

“Let’s start with the basics...” Ilyana said. “Try to combine Regeneration and Mana Shield.”

Leon frowned when he heard, but it kind of made sense... Ilyana wanted to learn something that basically was the combination of two things that Leon already knew. Unfortunately, Leon had no idea how to combine a defensive spell and a healing one. Besides, they worked in different manners. Mana Shield worked around Leon, while Regeneration did its magic healing his wounds.

“You can train outside, and once you learn it, I will teach you the other skills,” Ilyana said.

Leon left the castle in a hurry since Ilyana still was in a bad mood. Although she only explained the basics and couldn’t say that she teaches anything, Leon couldn’t complain since it was his idea to learn new skills without relying on tomes.

“Let’s see... since it is a skill that heals everyone around me overtime, I don’t have to make the mana thick like Mana Shield... but I also have to heal everyone nearby me, unconsciously. This is more complicated than I thought.”

“Not really,” Undine said. “You just have to emit your mana to your surroundings while intending to let anyone nearby absorb it. However, you have to make sure that the mana would heal the wounds and not be absorbed completely. That is the logic of the skill to recover your allies' health, not mana.”

“I see... Thanks for the tips,” Leon said.

Although it was weird for Undine to be so cooperative and not mess with Leon for a change, he decided not to complain or make jokes. Otherwise, she would never do that again... possibly. Besides, the insight of spirits was more than welcome since they were essentially beings made of mana.

Regardless, Leon started his practice. Just like always, things started very slowly because healing was one of the skills that he was really bad at... since he couldn’t heal anything without touching it. Although Leon’s intelligence was high, healing spells didn’t rely on that. They relied more on control and mana. Thanks to his increase in control, Leon was obtaining results faster than he had had expected... but emitting mana while trying to make the mana heal everything nearby was complicated because a lot of mana was continually being consumed.

“Even though she said that this spell would consume a lot of mana, I didn’t expect it would be so much... I guess this one of the spells that only become useful at high levels.”

Fortunately, Leon’s plantation of blue angel leaves was nearby to solve that problem. That being said, it took Leon three days for him to learn that... three days where he didn’t do anything but to practice that spell. So, when he finally received the notification, Leon didn’t feel like celebrating, because he could have obtained the status points he needed to learn to summon golems.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Health Zone.

Cost: 100 mana per second.

Effects: Restores 01 health per second to all allies in a ten meters radius.

You obtained 01 status points.


“No wonder it took so long to learn this... the radius of the skill is insane. But considering what Ilyana said, the radius of the skill will also increase a lot.”

After studying that skill for a while, Leon also understood that the skill had a lot more potential than he had imagined. Although the healing effects probably wouldn’t increase a lot, it wouldn’t decrease the more monsters or allies were within the range of the skill.

Congratulations! The skill Health Zone has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! The skill Health Zone has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! The skill Health Zone has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.



“Well... at least the number of monsters being healed also increase the growth speed of the skill. It also levels up even when the monsters’ health are full.”

Although Leon had to work quite fast to harvester the plants and make the mana liquid, in just a single hour, the skill reached level fifty because the radius of the skill increased by ten meters with each level up.