Kigal-Note: Introduction
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The Kigal-Note

The Kigal-Note is the Unique Item of the Champion of Alvatria. It is named after a certain demon race that the goddess has a liking to.

It is a grimoire that takes the shape of a black notebook with a lilac strap and lock. The book can change in size according to the wishes of its owner.


The Kigal-Note can be used to read up on every subject, item, and species on Terra Sol. Simply asking the grimoire will have it automatically find the page you seek.

It is also impermeable to any kind of damage, as it turns itself into an aether form to escape damage. It can be stored inside the body of the Champion by using the aether form. 

The book can also store living creatures into it, and then use whatever abilities those creatures may have, for a payment of the owner's MP. 

Some creatures may resist the absorption, as the effect requires the MP from the owner. If the creature is too strong, then the owner's MP may not be enough.

Alvatria's comment: "Well, all the Unique Items have some whacked-up effect after all."

Garami's comment: So she writes, but isn't this depending on me to be whacked-up?