Kigal-Note/Demons: Lesser Succubus
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Name: Lesser Succubus
Rank: E
Type: Demon
Lifespan: 200 Years
Attribute: Heretic
Traits: Lesser Demon, Lewd Demon


A Lesser Succubus is a demon that lives of the sexual energies of humanoids. They are all females, with the male specimens being considered a different race by others and go by the name "Lesser Incubus". However, there are no biological differences between the two except their gender.

Lesser Succubi are considered weaker demons due to not being physically stronger than regular humans and only having the ability to easier inflict Charm than other demons. Despite that, it is a common occurrence to discover Lesser Succubi and Lesser Incubi in the royal demonic family lines. Most likely due to "Lewd Demons" being used as consorts. 


Lesser Succubi and Incubi have the appearance of normal humanoids with various skin- and hair colors. They also have a pair of batwings on their back, too small to let them fly, and a slim tail and batwing-like appendages on their head that replaces the horns owned by proper Succubi and Incubi. All the extra appendages are pale white in color.

An important note to remember is that all Lesser Succubi and Incubi are considered sexually beautiful. A Lesser Succubus will have the appearance of a beautiful woman, while a Lesser Incubus will be a beautiful man. Another interesting fact is that if the Lewd Demon in question has a mentality that is opposite of their gender, they will grow attractive as both a member of their real gender and the one they recognize themselves as.


Average HP: F+ Average MP: E+ Average SP: E+
Average STR: F+ Average VIT: E Average MAG: E+
Average RES: E Average SPD: F+ Average DEX: E
Average INT: C- Rarity: E- Danger Rank: F-

A Lesser Succubus has close to no natural combat abilities on her own. If they want to survive in the wild, they would need to train themselves with a class like how normal humans do it.

They are best recommended to become magicians, but their true talents lie in mental status ailments. The biggest contender is, obviously, Charm. Due to this, most Lesser Succubi prefer to stay in the safety of the big cities and take up classes like Courtesan. Not that there is a rule about it though.

Mira's comment: These girls have it lucky. There would be no Succubi in the slums due to how pretty they are. Can't say if their lives turned any better if they did get "picked up"...

Ciara's comment: I can't agree with this! Cute girls and boys need to be protected!! If not, then they should work under me! Work...*sluuurp*.

Mira's comment: And here's someone that definitely shouldn't be let near those poor demons ever!!