Kigal-Note/Demons: Elder Succubus
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Name: Elder Succubus
Rank: C+
Type: Demon
Lifespan: 666 Years
Attribute: Heretic
Traits: High Demon, Lewd Demon, Royal Monster


An Elder Succubus (or Incubus) is a greater demon of the Lewd Demon line. They are exceptionally beautiful and lustful by nature, so people are calling them the "Vanguard of Asmodeus", the Demon God of [Lust].

Elder Succubus is the top of the Succubus' evolution line, making them the last evolution for them if not counting mutations and EX-evolutions. They have all the powers of a Succubus and more too, and it is said that a single Elder Succubus only needs one day to take over a red-light district and become the top courtesan and the owner of the whole district.


An Elder Succubus, and by extension, an Elder Incubus, is a humanoid demon looking no different from a regular human except on a few points: they have six jet-black bat wings, four slender tails, an extra eye resting between their collarbones, and a pair of demonic horns that takes an appearance similar to a crown. Not to mention they are drop-dead beautiful.

They can also alter their appearance which they use to please their partners in bed, but it can also be used in battle, ignoring that it is incredibly rare seeing an Elder Succubus fight.


Average HP: C Average MP: C+ Average SP: C
Average STR: D+ Average VIT: D+ Average MAG: C+
Average RES: C+ Average SPD: C- Average DEX: C-
Average INT: C+ Rarity: B+ Danger Rank: C+

Elder Succubi prefers not to fight and are likely to be found with Artisan-line classes or Special-line classes like Courtesan. They use sweet words and their natural beauty to win over their enemy rather than defeat them. They possess a Charm that is closer to brainwashing and they have no restrains about using it.

Elder Succubi is more than just a sexy woman though. They can use magic as easily as they breathe, they have various special skills limited to the demon-races, plus they are masters in flying. Some are even masters in moving around stealthy, a feat they made possible by reverse-engineering their natural strengths of being a good-looker. The worst part is that they have the smarts to prevent getting into a fight and still obtain what they have. They are truly a clan of demonic women.

Ciara's comment: ...okay, this one may be too much for me.

Noire's comment: Glad to see you have some common sense left in that empty head of yours.

Ciara's comment: ...yeah...(can't say I'm scared that the Lilith race may have the same abilities, and seeing this girl is making me fear for my future if I should encounter someone from either species).