Kigal-Note/Demons: Lesser Lilith
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Name: Lesser Lilith
Rank: D+
Type: Demon
Lifespan: 500 Years
Attribute: Heretic, Darkness
Traits: Demon, Lewd Demon


Lesser Lilith. Lesser Succubi that have had their bodies encroached by the Darkness attribute. As if being infected by the attribute's Ultimate Goddess, the Lesser Lilith have a great lust, just like their previous evolutionary stage..., but for bloodshed and cruelty. They are true to their nature as demons, but of a different category than the Lesser Succubus, and one should stay as far away from one as they possibly can.

There exist no male Lesser Lilith, another point that makes people believe this race has been tampered with by the Ultimate Goddess mentioned before.


All Lesser Liliths are all humanoid females with beautiful appearances. They all have bat-like wings, a slim tail, and curved horns like a goat's. Unlike those of the Succubus, the Lesser Lilith's extra appendages are striking white, to the point of being unsettling. 


Average HP: D- Average MP: D+ Average SP: D-
Average STR: D- Average VIT: E+ Average MAG: D
Average RES: D Average SPD: D Average DEX: D
Average INT: C Rarity: C Danger Rank: D+

Lesser Liliths inherit their magical abilities and talent in using mental status ailments from their time when they were a Lesser Succubus, but after evolving, they start to heavily use the Darkness attribute in battles, and they gain the desire to crush the opponent in close combat, resulting in most Lesser Lilith taking up Warrior-line classes and mastering them.

If there is one thing that can be considered the Lesser Lilith's weak point, it's their frail physical defense. Their bodies are simply not strong enough to withstand hard attacks, so they rely on flight, illusions, or simply striking first so they can escape getting hurt by their adversaries. Worst of all, it works.

Flint's comment: this is how Filyn was in her youth...

Garami's comment: Hold your rat. It's gonna get worse.