Kigal-Note/Demons: Lilith
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Name: Lilith
Rank: C+
Type: Demon
Lifespan: 900 Years
Attribute: Heretic, Darkness
Traits: High Demon, Lewd Demon


A Lilith is a mutation of the Elder Succubus. They are living war machines that are aroused by bloodshed and war, but the worst Liliths you can encounter are those who have conquered their animalistic brutality. They are sharp, deadly, and have no amounts of mercy. If you come across one, do not pray for your life. They can smell the fear of a believer, and it excites them...

Albeit, in the latest years, there have been reports of a Lilith who, despite acting coldly to the public, has shown to be quite the goofball in private.


Like Lesser Liliths, a Lilith have the appearance of a human female, but with extra appendages. Specifically, they have six unnatural white wings with black claws at the tips,  a draconic-looking tail of the same white color, and black, curved horns with a golden tip. They are essentially getting closer in appearance to the dragons, the greatest fighting machines on Terra Sol. *Gulp*...


Average HP: C- Average MP: C+ Average SP: C-
Average STR: C Average VIT: D+ Average MAG: C
Average RES: C Average SPD: C Average DEX: C
Average INT: C+ Rarity: A Danger Rank: C+

Liliths have extreme fighting prowess, and they can easily take up any occupation without taking any damage, as long as it is not a job that forces them to act as a tank. Their physical defense is as frail as ever, so they would rather attack before eating an attack themselves. 

Including their prowess with the Darkness attribute, Liliths now make use of the Heretic attribute to devastate even the psyche of their unfortunate opponent. Those who face a Lilith in battle will either gradually lose all means of fighting back, or simply have their life ended before they can fathom what has happened to them. 

Liliths can fight equally well on the ground and in the sky, and since the Darkness attribute is not affected by its environments, they can score some points even if they have to fight underwater. Truly a living nightmare. Quite fitting that they will most likely end up with the [Nightmare Technique User] title due to their attributes: Darkness and Heretic.

Filyn's comment: HEY!! Who's the goofball that brings down the name of us Liliths!?

Garami's comment: ...(must...not...shout..."YOU!!").