Kigal-Note/Warrior Classes: Volcanic Combatant
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Volcanic Combatant
Type: Warrior Class
Rank: Intermediate
Unlock Requirements:
  • STR: 120 or more
  • VIT: 120 or more
  • Title: [Magma Technique User]
  • Clear the Quest: "Warrior of the Volcano".
  • Alters the growth of mentioned stats:
    • STR growth increase [Small]
    • RES growth increases [Small]
  • Improves proficiency with Magma attribute skills.
Skills obtained by advancing in the Volcanic Combatant Class:
Obtained from Main Class only: [Magma Reinforcement Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.1: [Volcanic Blow Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.1: [Close Quarters Combat Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.10: [Volcanic Weapon Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.20: [Volcanic Armor Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.30: [Energy Warfare Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.40: [Combat Reinforcement Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.50: [Weapon Reinforcement Lv.1]


Volcanic Combatants is a Warrior-line class for users of the Magma attribute. It may sound simple to obtain, but since one can only clear the "Warrior of the Volcano" Quest inside a smokin' active volcano, then you need more than just tough luck to survive.

For the hot freaks who actually do obtain this class, they are granted various warrior-related skills, along with the real stars of the show, the "Volcanic"-series. These skills are of the Magma attribute, but they only make the user's move be treated like they were of the Magma attribute instead of actually producing magma.

[Volcanic Blow] allows bare-handed attacks to inflict Magma attribute damage, [Volcanic Weapon] does the same but with weapons, and [Volcanic Armor] improves your defenses in the same way. The last one is not limited to just armor, but any defensive actions. 

Flint's comment: Ehm, to date, we have around 700 Dungeon Monsters with this class in their repertoire.

Garami's comment: Hmm, "Combatant"..., and "evil organization"...that works for me.